Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Empties/Project X Pan

I actually wanted to blog about my new regime (sidenote: so far so good! someone in the office commented on my skin condition yesterday and actually asked if I was doing anything different. YAY!), but before I get to that post I want to share what I have been doing with my beauty products for the month of February.

Not too long ago, I put myself on a shopping ban. I was not to pick up any bags nor cosmetics/beauty products. While I did very well in the bag department, I still found myself splurging at almost every Chanel makeup launch in 2011 on top of the occasional body lotion here, mask there, kinda purchases. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a bag of unopened products while I was cleaning out my room and rearranging furniture. By the way, I am finally getting customized wardrobes for my room, with help from Jagi (where are my 3D drawings?! Haha) and I can’t wait to have them ready!! Anyway, I digress.

I honestly don’t know if I should be happy for “rediscovering” those products or feel guilty for making purchases I don’t remember. Even though I’ve been buying much much less, I’m definitely not using as much/fast as I should.

Quite a few beauty blogs spring clean their stash by doing monthly “Empties” or a “Project 10 Pan”. As the name suggests, Empties is where you’ve managed to “empty” a product and Project 10 Pan is where you “hit-the-pan” on powder pressed products such as eye shadows, powders or even palettes. It’s a great way to finish up products and also keep track of what you’ve used before.

I am thinking of doing this instead and writing shorter reviews of the products. February ends in a day, so we'll see how many products I have gotten through (:

P/s: Project365 has not disappeared, it has just been moved to another site :D


  1. I would love to see your empties! And sometimes it takes a few tries (or more lol) before we succeed in our plans. Keep at 'em & good luck to you!

  2. Hi Liz, thanks for your words of encouragement (:

  3. this sounds like a great thing to do! i should try this out, once i have moved into my new home. btw I FINALLY GOT MY KEYS! hope to get your wardrobe done asap too <3