Monday, March 30, 2009

What I need..

"What you need isn't someone who will prove trustworthy so you can lie helplessly in their arms. You don't need someone who will make sure that you need them.

You need someone who builds you up..
And that means someone who will do everything that they can to make sure that you don't need them- and then simply hope.. of your free choice, that you won't leave.

Someone who they themselves don't worry about trust, but will fearlessly open up because he knows his heart is strong enough to survive even if you do choose to go."

You told me there is a difference between putting a wall up, and having your guard up. To me, its the same. You are still guarding one thing. Your heart ♥.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Two nights ago, I made roast lamb for the first time ever and it was a success! The ex-bf made it for me a few times (yeah, hes a better cook than I am) and I finally decided to make my own using his recipe. My sister and her boy lovedit so much that we're making roast again tomorrow. Yum!

rosemary so I used more than required..

may not look it, but it was really juicy.. mMmm

I got my wish, it rained the whole day and was cccc-cold!

its currently 10 degrees as I type.. (:   

my sister we used to be able to pass of as twins

Its going to be a cold week, cant wait to break out the jackets! Woohoo! I've also bought some diamantes and crystals online after reading this and having a look at her other projects. Inspiration (: Imma bling my nails and maybe my camera/phone. 

Moomba Waterfest starts tomorrow! Ive been going every year since Ive been in Melbourne, not so much for the rides/carnival food but more to see the lights, sounds and people. Feels nostalgic everytime Im there.. as if Im a kid again. Okay will post pictures after the weekend, hopefully roast tomorrow turns out good. My sis is going to attempt it this time because I have been making dinner almost everynight this week! Wish her luck!

Monday, March 2, 2009


A new year, a new start (albeit being 3 months late)! This blog will mainly be about my day to day activities, what I wore, where I ate and other things which I heart. You can have a peek into my past *here* where I wrote for 5 years.

To start off this blog, I'll be showing what I wore today to the city. Its still warm though autumn is approaching.. I can't wait to put on jackets and leggings and wear boots again (: mMmmm

the neckline on this dress

Put my hair up in a bun..

and went out like this (:

I'm sure most people in Melbourne are aware of the extreme weather expected tomorrow. VicPolice have been sending texts out to the public; apparently there is going to be high winds and fire risk. Hopefully the weather gets better soon. Too many people have lost their homes and loved ones.