Thursday, April 30, 2009


"Wake up, put on my make up."

So true in my case.

I look about 17 here...

My last night out partying in Melb.. it was some Nerd themed night. Im gonna miss the non-smoking clubs.

Since Ive been back my skin is going from bad to worse :( its not overly oily but yet Im breaking out. Im even getting little bumps on my forehead which arent visible and I havent had those since I was 17! Im currently using Kawaii-Tokyo's range and Ive even started to double cleanse everynight, thing is this range is meant to brighten your skin- which its doing, my skin doesnt feel tight but it does nothing for my acne. I've tried Proactive, Mario Badescu, Biotherm, Clinique, Shiseido and who knows what over the years but nothing seems to work, they just made my skin really tight and sensitive. I need something which is for sensitive skin yets combats acne. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IM HOIIME(home)!!

No, that wasn't a typo- Australians tend to pronounce most words with 'O's with an 'I' after it. Confused? Put simply, home would be pronounced hoime, Coke would be pronounced Coike and 'I don't know' would be 'I doiiin't knoiiiii'. HAHA.

So yes, I'm hoiiiime! I've packed up 6 years worth of my life (11 pieces of luggage) and shipped it all back with the exception of some shoes and another suitcase of clothes still at my sister's. Its been 2 weeks exactly that Ive been back and the unpacking's almost done. I try to spring clean my wardrobe every 2-3 months but its amazing how much crap I still hang on to.

Believe it or not I brought back alllllll my cosmetics and even stocked up on some before coming back. And when I got back, I bought even more.. so much for trying to save up :( OH but good news they actually have Asience here now! YAYYYY!

Some new, most old.. and thats not even all of it :S

I used to have an obsession with lipglosses, then it moved on to shoes. I only have ONE pair of lips.. no more glosses/lip colours/balms for me!

Before I left I made it a point to try and dine at all my fave restaurants and do all sorts of tourist-ey things. I also FINALLY got to try Darren's dishes wf! Long overdue- about 2 yrs I would say. But the wait was def worth it HAHA mMMmmm (getting hungry thinking of the food) well, that's what you get when you know someone who works as a chef at the Hilton *nudge nudge* ;D

Chef at work.. he kept kicking me out of the kitchen

Salmon on a bed of crabmeat+potato(?) with asparagus and Bernaise sauce

rack of lamb with salad and cauliflower something (HAHA sorry I forgot what it was! but it was yummmmy)

mmmm.. fried icecream with strawberry coulis

Green apple sorbet! with the apple painstakingly carved out (:

Chef and I (: I was so full I had to remove my belt HAHA

OH before I forget, everything was made from scratch (: It was so good seriously. Now I know why he doesnt cook for people often. Mmmmm thank you, large meimeiiii!

Okay Im off to watch my fave K-drama of the moment 'Boys Before Flowers'! Anyone who knows me I have a thing for Korean boys HAHA. My eye candy in the drama? KIM BUM ! aka So Yi Jung..

Oh oh ohhh~

he plays a Casanova in the drama..

Okay just one more pic! HAHA Awwww♥.. who can resist that face?

Updates on my last 2 weeks in Melb next! (: