Saturday, February 26, 2011

Change of heart..

..towards ZARA! I never used to like this brand because I felt most pieces were overpriced, mass produced, cheaply made and NOT fashion forward at all! I mean, once in a while there would be a few *okay* pieces in there but most times were huge disappointments, not to mention the horrible SAs who think it would hurt to smile a little now and then.

I am pretty sure I have less than 5 pieces of clothing from ZARA. But my opinion towards this brand has changed! The current collection they have in-stores is gorgeous! I saw so many pieces which I wanted (not needed). Am currently on a shopping ban at the moment so all I can do is lust over it.

Here are a few of my favourites:

♥ ing the shirt and skirt..
Dress with patterned hem
Skirt with pockets
Studio plain top
Accordion pleat skirt
Syudio Gaberdine cape
I also saw many lovely shirts in-store but I cant seem to find them online. Anyway, if you like clean, streamlined, stylish clothes, I suggest you pop in to your nearest ZARA for a look! A little pricey, but the quality makes up for it.

Sidenote: I am almost done uploading pictures from 2010 on my FaceBook, Taiwan pictures to come! I'll leave you with a pic of me taken in Dec (:

Have a good weekend! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sitting next to my sis..

when she is packing, and I get these:

- Liese Juicy Shower Refill (Half left)
- Etude House Sweet Heart Creamy Body Lotion (70% left)
- Etude House Creamy Peach Chou Body Cream (New)
- 2 packs instant Miso soup (New)
- Laneige Star White Cream (50% left? My new neck cream haha)
- YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation (not too sure how much left. Hygienic cause she squeezes it out on back of her hand)
- 2 McDonalds McShaker sachets which I saved for her and she's giving me back (would prolly throw it, I want to lay off fast food for a while)

Rejected items from my sister's luggage cause she's saving space. Happy that I received freebies but sad that she's leaving already :C 3 months went by so fast! Kitty (our latest pet name for each other, we have many), don't go Kitty!

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Ettusais Pore Care Wash Review!

Retails at MYR49, Ettusais @ ISETAN
What is it?
Pore Care Wash, 125ml
A cleanser with ultra-fine foam that prevents open pores and blemishes.

Claims?(from website)
It cleanses deeply thanks to fluffy foam that catches “unsaturated fatty acid”, the cause of enlarged pores, while gently lifting away impurities. It fights acne bacteria and moisturises with AC Control Oil. It also conditions rough skin with jojoba oil and does not rob skin of needed moisture.

How to use it? (from website)
Apply a small amount of Pore Care Wash in your palm (around 3cm will do) and lather up adding water a little at a time to create fluffy foam before cleansing your face in a circular motion.

Things to note?
Non-comedogenic, fragrance free and colourant free. The liquid is white-ish, a little runny and smells faintly of eucalyptus (I like!). Hygienic flip-top bottle.

My review:
I bought this because I was looking for a night-time cleanser to follow my make-up remover. At MYR 30 a pop (there was a promotion), it was really a steal. I have used this for about 2 weeks plus (before I went on my trip and resumed after I returned), and I have no adverse reactions to this cleanser. The foam is dense and fluffy, very nice! When I use a milk cleanser, I expect it to be somewhat runny and milky, when I use an oil cleanser I expect it to be thick and a little gloopy.. so naturally, my foaming cleansers would have to give me lots of fluffy clouds of foam! The first time I used it I was actually worried that it would strip my skin and leave it feeling tight. Most cleansers which foam well end up disappointing me, but this cleanser surprisingly didn't. Even after I dried my face and left it bare for more than 10 mins, I did not feel a tinge of dryness. Very impressed. Must be the jojoba oil. As for my pores- I have noticed less gunk coming out when I use the extractor, I'm lucky to not have obvious blackheads but I do have visible pores. Overall, a pretty good cleanser which didn't break me out, really cleaned my face and left it soft and supple.

Conclusion: Cheap, doesn't irritate my skin and much better than a lot of other drugstore/high end brands. I would purchase this again, but not at the moment as there are so many others cleansers to try!

More information? Check this site out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Edit: Picture changed to an even prettier one! :D
By the very sweet and pretty Lippi! Thank you (:
I've never done one of these before so I suppose it would be a bit of fun :D

Rules for the Award: 
-Thank the girl who nominated you and link it to her blog
- Share 7 things about you
- Nominate 15 other bloggers you have recently discovered
- Contact them to tell they got an award

 7 things about Me ♥  
1. My favouritest (is that even a word?) food in the world is Pan Fried Foie Gras
2. I have a very short temper (a firecracker)
3. I like to soak in the bath tub
4. I have a right leg injury from 2008 which still hurts
5. I love chocolate but not food which is "chocolate flavoured"
6. I have a tendency to like most things Korean- the food, the dramas, music, guys, GIRLS, their culture, EVERYTHING!!!
7. I can cook well (:

♥ Bloggers I am nominating  
Yun Seong *edited

Okay I have way less than 15 but it's quality over quantity right? Plus, they ARE fashionable & stylish bloggers, so do check them out!


Am going to try and finish sorting pictures tonight- I have so many I don't know where to start, the pics from Sen's DSLR are so awesome but resizing them is going to be a pain. What do I do?! Plus I still haven't uploaded pictures from Jagi's bro's wedding and that was back in Nov- so I have 4 months' worth of pics to upload on my FaceBook!! 

Woe is me. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Home, sweet home

Have been back since Sat noon but am only updating now because I have been busy catching up with girl friends, lover boy and trying to unpack!

Gosh how I miss Taipei already. I ate so much food, drank so many green teas and walked into so many 7/11s that I can almost memorize the prices of their drinks and snacks. Visited every.single.Watsons I came across looking for certain beauty products. Cosmetics is def cheaper in Taiwan. Expect a day by day update soon!

The whole of Sunday I spent it catching up with JagiBOY. He was sweet enough to wait in the car while I popped into SK-II for my follow up/skin consultation.

The SA scanned my face with a gadget and gave me a bunch of things to read, a sample and the price list. I really really want to swap over to this brand because it really works very well for me. I especially like the foaming cleanser. BUT I still hve so many products lying around plus the price tag isn't all that friendly. Sigh. I guess I will just hve to wait.

I then proceeded to pop into SASA whilst JagiBOY waited..

And walked out with the Kiss Me Heroine Eyebrow Pencil and the Dr. Young Pore Balm. I used the balm this morning and I must say, it's really good! On sale at SASA now for only MYR33, originally MYR72. Review later (: There are two of each item because one set is for my little sister Sen.

Alright, hopefully I will be able to finish unpacking soon and upload the 194879 pics taken on this trip.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project365: Day #44

About to board! Possibly no updates for the whole week, if I do get wi-fi I'll prolly just update on Project365.


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Project365: Day #28 - 43

Long overdue but I have been taking my daily pics!

Friday, 28 Jan- My friends took me out for dinner (my birthday was earlier that week) at Garibaldi. Thank you all (:

Saturday, 29 Jan- Celebrated Roy's belated birthday at Dish. The steak was soooo good!

Sunday, 30 Jan- I re-dyed my hair with Liese again. This time I went for Marshmallow Brown. Love it!

Monday, 31 Jan- Tried my luck at the Sanrio store in Lot 10. They have this lucky dip where you pay MYR30 for a draw and there are many cute and functional goodies to be won. I was very happy with my draws!

Tuesday, 1 Feb- It was a state holiday so the whole of KL had a day off. JagiBOY took me to this junkyard to sell off some old papers. It really was an interesting sight for me..

Wednesday, 2 Feb- The night before the Lunar New Year. Also the first time in at least 2 years that I've laid my fingers on the piano.

Thursday, 3 Feb- Happy New Year! I didn't take any pics today, the only one I received was from JagiBOY so it'll have to do.

Friday, 4 Feb- I nearly caved in and got this bag in purple. It's not expensive, but I don't need any more bags so the money goes into my BAG FUND hehe.

Saturday, 5 Feb- After much deliberation, I put in my first order at Sereni & Shentel. Gorgeous headbands, all handmade!

Sunday, 6 Feb- Had tea at Pastis cafe in Gardens, I like the food + presentation. Will def be back. Pictured: Virgin mojito in test tubes! Don't be fooled by the amount of liquid in the tubes- they may look little but there is quite a bit.

Monday, 7 Feb- A picture of my food/tea drawer. I am trying to drink at least one cup of tea a day when I am in the office. Preferably green.

Tuesday, 8 Feb- JagiBOY wanted to keep the dinner venue a secret but gave the plot away when he asked- Would you like Swedish food for dinner? HAHA. Where else?! IKEAs cranberry sauce is love.

Wednesday, 9 Feb- That block of cheese weighs 5 kg!! Huge as!! Can't wait for the cheese fair to start..

Thursday, 10 Feb- Fireworks outside my window.

Friday, 11 Feb- Reminiscing the moments captured by these instaxs..

Saturday, 12 Feb- All packed and ready to go!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sleepy Saturday..

.. took a nap but I think I'm feeling even more sluggish now.

Dropped by the temple early this morn, met up with a cousin who gave me a belated gift, lunch at home.. cleaning up my room cause we have a special guest dropping by later, and I'm also packing the remaining things for my upcoming trip.

A lovely lip colour and this lotion I got off my sis while she was cleaning up. Yayy! I'm a sucker for freebies (:

I am always too excited and can rarely sleep the night before I fly so I sure hope I manage to catch some zzz tonight. Don't wanna arrive looking all tired and haggard.

Will update later on Project365.. It's been too long!!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Skin treat!

Thank you baby sis!!

It's a free gift with purchase of MYR400 and above from Isetan and I can't wait to try it out.

Retailing at MYR49 a sheet, I really can't justify forking out that much for a mask. I feel like putting it on right now but maybe I should wait for when my skin is really bad so I can see how well it works..

Alright, I'm off to lie down- just finished a 11 dish dinner with 14 close friends. Absolutely stuffed!!

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Excess baggage alert..

..(in more ways than one)
By Sunday, I will be able to relish in all these *insert heaven music* :

Cups and cups of bubble tea..
Mouth-watering burgers from MOS.. /slurp
Shaved snow/ice.. 
Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe!!!
Juicy sausages..
Xi Men Ding..
Wu Fen Pu..
Taipei 101..
Sun Moon Lake..
Flying Cow Ranch..
My favourite..
 And of course, SASA!!

Can't wait to play dress up, eat, relax, go crazy shopping for cosmetics & skincare :D


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Korean goodies!

My colleagues Eva and Hayley just got back from Korea and I received a little something today..

Masks, scrub and snacks!

As I've mentioned before, I'm happy that the girls I work with are lovely people. Thank you!!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chocolate and baubles

Love tokens I received this week (:

Royce' Fruit Bar Chocolate from JagiBOY to make up for his long absence :D


Alex Perry for Diva from BabySen just because she loves me (:

Thank you, my loves!

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MIUMIU Leather Satchel, £1025
ANYA HINDMARCH Maxi Zip Satchel, £695 

GIVENCHY Woven Leather Wedges, £692 
GUCCI Ipad Case, £187   


♥ ♥ ♥