Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Review on Kji & Co's Pink Injection

One word. Eeeeuuuwwww!

Retails at MYR 68, SaSa

What is it?
Pink Injection 72 Hours Semi Permanent Lip Butter

Claims? (from their website)
Smear Proof, Water Proof, 50% - 80% longer lasting that conventional lipsticks (up to 72 hours), 100% natural ingredients, Made in Japan

How to use it? (from their website)
Keep on layering for color intensity. To build up the staying power apply 3 to 5 times a day for the first 2 days, after which the colour should remain on your lips for up to 3 days after.

Things to note?
On the packaging it states to "Store in a cool dry place to prevent from denaturalization".

My Review: It's a twist pen and I had to turn a fair bit before anything came out. The applicator is not a brush-type but its a fabric covered top and light pink cream is dispensed through it. Upon my first few applications I didnt notice any difference but to be honest my lips are pinkish so maybe its not visible. I tried it on the back of my hand and it shows pretty well- after a few seconds the light pink cream starts to skin into your skin and turn pink. There is a faint chemical-ish smell and a slight lipsticky taste but nothing unpleasant.

Fast forward 1 month later, it now smells kinda gross.. like it is turning sour and it even TASTES sour. I tried it on the back of my hand again and it did NOT turn colour even after multiple applications. Perhaps what they meant by 'denaturalization' is 'turning foul and stinky'. Definitely wont be repurchasing. That said, Kji & Co's Lip Spa is actually pretty good in terms of giving colour. Not sure if it turns stinky and sour after a while tho.

No love here!


  1. same thing happened to me with the pink injection. i thought it was just me. hehe I thought of purchasing the lip spa as my upper lips are quite dark in color. What's ur opinion on the lip spa?

  2. I just bought it today, and now only I saw the review from you. I keep turning it for quite long, and finally. And for the lip spa, it is actually quite good to lighten lips color, I have finish 1 set, and it last for about half year (I don't really use it daily) but I realize the lip tattoo turned out to be a bit "wet" after 3 months++, and the left over lip tattoo turns pinkish~ Not stinks but smells weird, and taste salty. I'm not sure whether it's my problem of taking care it or it is so called "denaturalized".

  3. wow thx for this review :)
    i almost buy it.. thanks, you saved me! :)

  4. Hi Xiao Vee, thanks for leaving a comment! (: This review was done almost 2 years ago, they may have changed their formula since.

  5. OMG!! I bought this thing yesterday and today I tried to use this product on my lip, I felt unwell and smell weird and I wipe it off (ii taste salty) as Cathie said.
    after that I tried it on my back of my hand...gosh!as you said 'after a few seconds the light pink cream start to turn pink' not dare to use on my lip anymore

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