Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Product Purge

Amidst moving rooms, I have come to realize that I may suffer from mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

What is it? Wikipedia describes its symptoms as follows ".. (OCD) includes repetitive handwashing; extensive hoarding; preoccupation with sexual or aggressive impulses, or with particular religious beliefs; aversion to odd numbers; and nervous habits, such as opening a door and closing it a certain number of times before one enters or leaves a room".

I used to display 5 of the above symptoms.. but I have somehow stopped the "nervous habits" bit. When I was younger, I used to turn the tap on and off 7 times before walking off. Just to make sure it wouldn't leak. If I have to help myself at meals, I would only take 7 scoops of soup from the pot and rice from the rice cooker. Even if my bowl was overflowing- I would scoop tiny scoops just to hit '7'- because if it wasn't done 7 times, something bad may happen. Weird, right? I feel silly even writing about it now.

I don't remember much but while moving my stuff, I've discovered the extent of the stuff I hoard.. I may be able to give away my clothes but mags, toys and cosmetics/skincare I tend to buy and keep and buy and keep. I have decided to donate some toys to an orphanage, re-read and throw out old issues of the mags and I am going to finish up all the cosmetics/skincare products.

Obsessive compulsive buying can be stopped and I am going to control myself (with the help of jagiBOY- I have told him to go strict but soft or I will be angry! haha). I can easily fill up four A4 paper boxes of NEW and unopened products. Body wash, cream, eye cream, face cream, serums.. you name it, I have it. It wouldn't be so bad if I have actually opened and tested it out. Therefore, I have put myself on a ban- and I am not allowed to buy any cosmetics/skincare unless I totally run out. They include items such as:

1. Lip balms/glosses/sticks
2. Concealer
3. Foundation
4. Face wash/mask/toner
5. Moisturizer
6. Shampoo/Conditioner/Treatments
7. Body Wash
8. Body & Hand Lotion/Cream
9. Hair styling products
10. Mascara
11. ANYTHING to use on the face/body/hair!

Eyeliner is not on the list because I don't experiment with other brands anymore. I've been using Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner for 5 years and I ♥ it! In a bid to finish off some products, I have even brought some to use at work:

1. CLARINS HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 30ml- I use this on the back of my hands cause it is too moisturizing for my face. I actually got it for Winter in Melbourne but it didn't suit my oily skin so well. About 10% left so, yay! I can open another product soon!!

2. CLARINS Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask 30ml- This product made me cry- literally. Didn't work so well over my sensitive eyes so I now use it as a hand mask 3x a week. Routine: turn on comp>> slather on mask>> sign in gChat >>read and reply work emails>> wash. It leaves the back of my hands reaaaallly soft ♥ Can't see how much is left though..

3. LAURA MERCIER Geranium Essential Water 100ml- It's supposed to be an astringent and to purify my skin in Summer, but it made my face itch! So now it's a body mist. I spray on throughout the day. 50% left, with daily use hopefully to finish by end of Oct?

I need to get my act together- time to declutter and start saving for the big picture! That said, I just remembered I signed up for a WATSON's Card last night- good luck and all the best to me with my ban.

Melbourne trip highlights & Poco Homemade next!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


One of the things I ♥LOVELOVELOVE♥ to do!

I used to do it once every 4-5 months when I had my own place *insert happy face* but since I've been back, I havent had a chance to do so. Mostly cause I live with my parents and I dont get full control of where I want what to be.

My sis and I were away for quite some time so we decided when we moved into our new home, to share a bedroom and to convert the other room to a Dressing Room! So the Sleeping Room is all white, with much sunlight and our sheets are covered with roses. Think Shabby Chic. While the Dressing Room has a deep red wall with dark wood wardrobes, dressing table and a lazy chair even.

But all that's about to change now cause we're going to split the rooms! My sister will be back for Summer and I have to work- so we dont want to get into each other's schedules and disrupt sleeping hours.

So! I am excited because I loveeee rearranging furniture. I love making a space look new and fresh which is why I move stuff around/buy little deco items every few months. I want my new room to look something like this..

white, (look) clean, fresh, shabby chic..

with a corner to snuggle up with a good book..

this is overdone.. are the 2 little beds supposed to be for their pets? maybe Jagi would be interested for Melbie and Coco.. haha

We've taken one bed out of the room and I'm hoping to finish by end of next week? It should turn out better than the current layout. YAY!

Also, I get to arrange my sister's room so- DOUBLE YAY!

Funny how such a mundane thing to most can actually get me excited. I'm not planning to replace any furniture or buy anything major- just a few small things here and there. I do need a nice alarm clock though. Been searching for one since I moved back A YEAR AGO. I want something old looking and classic.. these days everything looks so modern.

"Rouge" launch at work today. Wanted to put on red pumps instead but my feet might hate me by the end of the day- so comfy wedges I decided on!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

WishList ♥

I have a wishlist on my old blog.. and 90% of the things on that list, I actually still want this very day.
Today, I crossed two items off that list.. one can be bought with money while the other cant. It's been almost 2 years, and there really isn't anything I would add to that list.

I've finally ordered my copy of "Alice of Wonderland in Paris" after so long. I love cartoons like such- old, and musty yet there is a charm like it. I first watched it on late night telly during my travels and fell for Anatole's stories..

Alice of Wonderland in Paris (1966) by Gene Dietch

I just got back from a short trip to Melb with jagiBOY and 2 friends. I miss that place so much.. we took so many pictures for once I had to change my memory card! My sister and her boy were an absolute dear, they put us up for the entire trip- their home is lovelyyyyy. We ate, laughed, played WII & watched Korean shows almost nightly, ate some more, drank, caught up on 'current news' and shopped so much I had to sit on our luggage to try and shut it. By the end of the trip, I gained 5kgs SMH -_-"

♥ The original Jagi and SY..

For those who dont know, I've relocated back to Kuala Lumpur after spending almost 6 yrs there. Pictures to come soon (:

I'm having dinner tonight with a very old friend- its been so many years but something clicked a few nights ago.. we were both looking to contact each other- she was asking Jagi for my number while I was looking her up on FB. We're both not psychic, so I guess it means we're just in-tune with each other's thoughts? The only people I usually have this connection with is my sister, jagi, and jagiBOY.

The company I work for has everyone work alternate Saturdays so yeahh, this week kinda sucks cause I worked onThurs, then Fri was a PH (Public Holiday), I work this Sat, and Sun is the weekend. Geeeez.

Oh well, at least I got some reading done. Too many magazines stacking up on my desk! 2.5 more hours till I get to leave!!