Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aesop's Fables

A rather misleading title for there are no fables about Aesop(the Australian brand). Everything positive I have heard about their customer service and products are true!

Okay I exaggerated, I have only tried 2 products long enough to judge, but still! I've only tried two and I like them both. That must mean something right?

Anyway, I bought Aesop's Bitter Orange Astringent Toner today by recommendation of their SA. Ive been longing to try this brand for a while because of the clean, no fuss packaging. And of course their quality products. But we all know what a sucker I am for packaging and pink, so we'll see how long I last. Haha.

It's funny that I never bothered to check out this brand while I was living in Melbourne. I bet it wouldve been cheaper there too! I am going to Google their prices in a while.

Here's what I bought:

Just one 200ml bottle of toner. I actually wanted to get the 100ml bottle incase my skin doesn't approve but it was only a difference of MYR60 (USD20) for the 200ml, so the Scrooge in me decided to pick up the bigger bottle. To my surprise, I was told that if I am unhappy for any reason, I could bring it back within 2 weeks for an exchange! I love Aesop already (:

The SA seemed very well informed about the products available and her analysis of my skin was spot on. Infact, she looked somewhat disgusted by my skincare regime and that i have been using so many different brands on my face in one night :C maybe I should seriously consider using everything from ONE brand. Right now, I am using up to 7 brands for my nightly regime. And here is what she suggested I try..

She gave me a total of 11 sachets of samples! And I didn't even ask! Or hint! HAHA. Well I was *going* to ask to try a cleanser but she went all out and gave me 3 sachets of cleanser, 2 serum, 2 exfoliator, 2 mask and 1 spot mask.

It is so rare for a company to be so generous with samples but my friends who use this brand in Melb tells me that their SAs always encourage you to try their products. Even if you don't buy anything! Wow! Brands like La Mer, SK-II and the likes should learn a thing or two.

I am def going to try out the samples soon and I sure hope my skin likes the toner because I dont want to return it!!

How many skincare brands do YOU have on your bathroom counter/dressing table?

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Love tokens!

A very thoughtful gift (:

A Crabtree & Evelyn hamper! Thank you, my mother loves it and I am sure my father would too when he sees it tomorrow morning. Knowing my parents, they would probably gobble everything up while I am at work. Food is NOT SAFE in the fridge unless you specifically say not to finish it! I call dibs on the toffee hehe :D

I told them that it's going to be one of their last hampers since they have both retired, so they better savor it. This gift basket was sent to my family as a token of appreciation (business wise) but it means much more than just a successful project to us. We honestly believe in the capabilities of this person and she showed us how right we were.

And of course, a little something extra just for ME. Thank you! You really didn't have to but I'm glad you got me something. I will try to forget that it was "free" but instead you got it cause you love me.

It smells lovely. But you know what would smell lovelier? The buttery leather scent of a Jumbo Chanel *inhales deeply* I'll be waiting! :D

You are the bestest friend anyone could ask for!


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Friday, March 25, 2011


Currently browsing Miijo.com and am lemming for these items..

thursday friday together bag in Camel or Blue
*All pics from their Facebook page. 
To buy, click here or at their Website (U.S.)

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian nugget ring, Gold plated
nugget ring, Palladium plated
 Buy it in Gold or Palladium plated

Disney Couture Gold Tinkerbell triple ring
Buy here

Ho-hum. All that's on my mind these days is being on a holiday, shopping, spending time with loved ones, TT* sessions with my girlfriends. 
*TT stands for tai-tai (in Cantonese) which basically means "ladies of leisure" who indulge in everything fine and all they do is shop, have massages, manicures + pedicures, fine dine, and are usually domestic goddesses. Well, according to me anyway.

Last Sunday we celebrated one of our dear friend's birthday. She is one of the sweetest and nicest people I know, albeit a little indecisive at times. Here's to our 14 years of friendship and counting!

*photo credits to Jagi
high tea for the TTs at Shangri-La Hotel.. 
 ♥ Only the best for the 5 TTs :D  
Happy Birthday!! 

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives,
where we're gonna be when we turn 25..
I keep thinking times will never change,
keep on thinking things will always be the same...
As we go on, we remember,
all the times we've, had together..
And as our lives change, from whatever..
we will still be friends forever.
- Vitamin C, Graduation Song 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse..

I am a self-confessed cleanser junkie and I haven't washed my face with just plain water since I was what, 10? 11? I started out using really gentle stuff like Simple, Clean & Clear and slowly graduated to higher end products over the years. I can safely say that I have never re-purchased any of the cleansers I have used. Not because they sucked (some did) but because I feel there are better products out there waiting to be discovered. 

The average duration a cleanser lasts me is about 3-6 months, depending on how much I use and if by the end of 3 months I don't see a visible difference, off I go looking for a new cleanser. 3 months should be sufficient time for you to know if a product works for your skin. I won't just "settle" because there are so many products/brands out there and I am determined to find my HG (Holy Grail) cleanser!

I don't usually return to a brand unless there is a selling point which interests me and one of them is Clarins. I have used Clarins' products on and off over the years and it is really gentle on the skin. A short history- the Clarins brand has been around since 1954 and their first Institute was opened on 35 rue Tronchet in Paris. Fast forward to the present, Clarins does not use any ingredient of animal origin in their formulas- which means all their products are plant based. My mother is an avid fan of Clarins (25 years+ and still going!) and she has bought me numerous cleaners from this brand to try out since I hit puberty-

Yes, I have *almost* tried all the cleansers Clarins has to offer. The only two which I really like are the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (with Marula oil) and the Gentle Foaming Cleanser (with Tamarind and purifying micro-beads). The former worked beautifully for me during Melbourne's winters- it took off all my make-up at the end of the day and did not cause me to break out/dry up at all. However when I came back to hot and humid Kuala Lumpur, my skin seemed to go crazy and rejected this product, causing me to break out almost everywhere! Not to mention it felt like it didn't remove my makeup very well. I don't think the product was the culprit, rather it was my hormones and the weather? The latter was purchased many months later as a follow-up to my make-up remover at night. I liked the scent and the little beads which dissolved as I rubbed into my skin. It was good, but wasn't fantastic- so I moved along and didn't repurchase it.

My mother on the other hand, has been using the Cleansing Milk and Gentle Cleansing Foam since before I was born and she still uses these products today. But of course, once in a while I pass along a few products which are too rich/moisturizing for my skin and she doesn't mind finishing them up for me. I have heard only raves about the Cleansing Milk and I was a bit disappointed that my skin doesn't like milk cleansers much (except for Chanel's Lait Confort, that would be another post), however that was years ago, I might give Clarins' Cleansing Milk another go now that my skin has "grown up" a little.

At the moment, I am using Clarins White Plus Pearl to Cream Cleanser in the morning (and this at night) and here is my review:
Clarins Pearl to Cream
Brightening Cleanser, 125ml

What is it? (from website)
Clarins White Plus Pearl to Cream Cleanser, 125ml

Claims? (from website)
A generous mousse which perfectly cleanses skin, tightens pores and brightens the complexion.

How to use it? (from website)
Morning and/or evening, work up a generous foam and apply with circular motions on a damp face and neck. Rinse well with cool water in the morning and warm water at night. Avoid the eye contour area.

Things to note? (from website)
Jua from Brazil- cleanses, eliminates impurities while respecting the hydrolipic film. Alchemilla- brightens. Flavonoids from parsley- stimulates blood and lymphatic drainage, enhances complexion radiance. Tannins from alchemilla- purifies and tighten pores. (Phew! Sounds like it does a lot.)

My review:
I got this as a gift from my mother so I am not too sure how much it costs. It has a nice scent to it, but not overpowering. It foams up to a rich, fluffy foam and it feels more moisturizing than the Ettusais cleanser I am using at night. After cleansing, skin is smooth and soft, there is no "tight, squeaky feeling" which is fine for me as I use it in the morning, not at night to remove traces of makeup. To be honest, it does do what it claims- a generous, rich mousse which cleanses and tightens pores. However, I am not too sure about the brightening claim as I have not been using it for very long (2 weeks). Overall, a nice cleanser to try if you are interested in Clarins products.

Plus points for being a plant based and gentle product, however I feel that it *might* be a bit moisturizing for me- my skin has not broken out or anything but I am constantly worried it might. And I don't like living in fear of that! Other than that, it is a nice cleanser- just not my HG morning cleanser. I might repurchase this in the future when my skin has mellowed to Dry/Normal instead of Combination.

A side note: there is one more cleanser I want to try from Clarins..
Detoxifying Cleansing Mousse
One more thing- although Clarins skincare products work well, their eye makeup removers are crap so please do not attempt any of them unless you wear little to virtually no eye makeup. They have two- the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and the Instant Eye Makeup Remover. Not only did they BOTH not work for me, one stung my eyes and the other gave me milia (oil seeds) near my eyes -_-". Definitely not recommended for people with sensitive eyes.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to the Universe and Mother Earth. I am sorry for everything mankind has single handedly done. I am sure I must have in some way contributed to this undoing as well. I know we have done you so much damage in the last decade and you have had enough of it. If this is your way of letting us know you are giving up, please don't. If you are cleaning our mess up and doing this to create a better tomorrow for us, then please be gentle. A lot of us are getting worried.

Love always.

Friday, March 11, 2011

All about my Hair.. ♥

I have decided it is time to share with everyone how awesome Kao Liese Bubble Hair Colour is! But before I do so, an introduction to the condition and colour of my hair 2 years ago..

Melbourne, Velvet fridays @ SEVEN
April 2009  
Hair Condition: Natural black roots, bottom half has been bleached at least 3x, dyed from blonde>black>ash brown>black. I wasn't being nice to my hair :S As you can see, the top part is smooth & glossy, but the bottom looks dry. I started colouring my hair back in 2006 (read post here), bleaching in 2007.

Melbourne, Brunch @ Mart130
August 2010
Hair Condition: This colour was done at a Salon, before I visited Melbourne. Sat in my seat for so long, mushrooms were growing out of my head. I forgot what colour I asked for, but I did bring a Japanese magazine as reference and just pointed.
Damage: Bleach + Colour + Treatment = close to MYR500.

Malaysia, PJ @ JagiBOY's 
Early Nov 2010
Hair Condition: 3 months since my last visit to the salon, my regrowth was SO GROSS! I don't know how I could let myself go like this.

Malaysia, KL @ Christmas Dinner
End Nov 2010
Hair Condition: Coloured my hair with Raymond from Shawn Cutler, he is the one and only stylist who assured me that IT IS POSSIBLE to have light hair without using bleach! Skeptical initially but he did say the colour wouldn't be 100% accurate. In my case, I was pretty happy with the results- very close match but under certain lighting you could tell there is a difference. As Jagi said, its probably cause we bleached our hair before. A little darker than before.
Damage: Colour + Trim = about MYR400, but I also purchased a shampoo.

Okay here is the part where my Kao Liese Bubble Hair Colour Review comes in! I first saw this back in 2009 when I visited Singapore with Jagi, but wasn't very interested because how vibrant can a non-salon dye job be anyway? Plus my hair is REALLY black!

If not because I saw my colleagues rocking their new colours and asking where they did their hair, I would've never guessed it came from a box!! They all had dark hair to begin with and thick too, and the colour was very vibrant and bright. I was SOLD! They had a tip for me though: to leave it on for at least ONE HOUR instead of the recommended 20 mins before washing off.

By early Jan, I already had about an inch of regrowth showing (my hair grows pretty fast) so I picked up the Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Chiffon Beige
It was the lightest colour in the range, I grabbed it thinking the colour would show the best since it was light, as opposed to a darker colour which might not show on my hair. 

The instructions are VERY SIMPLE, gloves and all are included in the kit so you just need some shampoo and mask to condition after. There is also a conditioner that comes with the kit but it didn't do much for my hair. Left the dye on for about 1 hour 10 minutes (yes I timed) and...

Liese Bubble Hair Colour- Chiffon Beige ♥
Jan 2011
Hair Condition: I never expected the colour to come out so well! I used the mixture from one and a half bottles, kept reapplying the solution when the bubbles disappeared and also kept massaging when it looked dry. Very even colour, and I was very happy! And there was no sign of regrowth anywhere!
Damage: Colour = MYR 34 x 2 boxes. So cheap!!

Just before the Lunar New year, I dyed my hair again to look pretty for my Taiwan trip! This time I picked Marshmallow Brown- a darker shade.
After having light hair for 6 months, I am thinking of changing back to a brunette gradually. My results as anticipated, we as good as the first time if not better..

Taiwan, Braving the rain @ Ye Liu
February 2011
Hair Condition: Colour came out very well, roots were coloured 100% I feel that the colours are very true to the box. It is more brown compared to the Chiffon (please excuse my stringy hair, it was very windy).
Damage: Colour = MYR 34 x 2 boxes (even with my length and thickness, I could only use 1.5 bottles maximum, and I was reapplying liberally) 

In conclusion of my Liese Bubble Hair Colour Review, I was initially apprehensive of DIY dyes before I tried Liese and I felt that only Salons could give you a light, bright colour. But I was SO wrong. I don't think I would be going to a Salon to re-dye my hair anytime soon. Which is a pity because Raymond was actually pretty good. Oh wells! More $$$ saved for my Material wants then :D

Some of my tips:
1. Do not wash hair for at least 1 day before you colour it. Also, do not use any product (gel, wax, hair serum..) as that would affect the performance of the hair dye.
2. Get someone to help you check if all strands of hair are covered.
3. Leave dye on for at least 1 hour and sit in a room which isn't air-conditioned. Heat helps the solution colour your hair faster and better.
4. Rinse with a shampoo formulated for damaged hair and condition with a very moisturizing mask. 
5. Do not wash hair for at least two days after initial dye.
6. Use your hair mask as a conditioner! 

Well, that's what I do at least (: 

Hope you found this post useful! For all you virgin DIY dye-rs out there, Liese is really easy to use- the colour is great and the price is awesome. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to listen! ♥

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project365: Day #53 - 63


Tuesday, 22 Feb- I will admit, I am not an easy person to shop for/surprise. I enjoy being surprised VERY MUCH, but it isn't an easy task. I can pick up on 'surprise' signals a mile away eventhough I don't do it on purpose. Little surprises always make me happy. Example of good surprises: cute/expensive lotion which I can't bear to purchase myself because I still have so many to finish up. Bad surprises: cute/expensive stuff which I have no use for. Really grinds my gears.

Wednesday, 23 Feb- I forgot to take a picture today! :S The living area was empty on that day and we had to sit on a carpet to watch TV. Pictured here is our new set. The old set is actually pretty new, only flaw is the leather on my dad's one seater was starting to peel. Such a pity, if I had space in my room I would've taken the 2 or 3 seater in. So off it went to the orphanage! 

Thursday, 24 Feb- I like the smell of food cooking in the oven and I can never say no to brownies!! (no nuts please). My little sister made these, although they were a bit underbaked- they still tasted awesome (: Btw did you know that underbaked brownies taste sweeter than fully baked ones??

Friday, 25 Feb- Totally broke my "Skincare/cosmetics ban" today. I don't even know when I will be able to start using these. *Looks at growing pile of products* T__T

Saturday, 26 Feb- Paid a visit to Strip. Supposedly one of the better waxing places around town. Had my initial doubts since I first heard of them but I was right. *Cringe* Never again will I step foot in ANY waxing establishment in Malaysia. Unclean job, pushy therapists, gossipy.. unprofessional!

Sunday, 27 Feb- Why hello there Indian Star Tortoise! I once contemplated buying one of these but once I found out they slept more than I do, I decided against it. Not to mention they can't snuggle up with me like how Luna can.
Monday, 28 Feb- Finally got started on my Sparrow Painting. I got this like 8 months back, but I feel like giving up after the first session of painting. Too hard compared to the previous ones I've done!! Grrr.

Tuesday, 1 Mar- Love at the airport. The ice cream we were having dripped and created this.   My family.

Wednesday, 2 Mar-  My heart and room felt so empty that day. This stool was my sister's laptop table for the 3 months she was back. Come home soon, Meimei!

Thursday, 3 Mar- Finally had some time to clean up my room and unpack my Taiwan shopping. Bought this iPad case off my sister at only NTD390 (less than MYR39, USD10). She claims it's too childish for her so I grabbed it :D

Friday, 4 Mar- I mentioned to Papa before that I would like to start a Herb Patch, and he gave me this to take care of in the office. It's a Lucky Bamboo, and when it gets bigger I will take it home to re-pot.

*Phew, Day #64 - 69 coming up soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project365: Day #45 - 52

Way, way overdue. I am now on to Day #68 already!

Monday, 14 Feb [Taiwan]- I am a sucker for cute packaging if you can't tell already. Frosted cornflakes with milk~ I can spend hours shopping for groceries and 24-hour convenience stores are Godsend! 

Tuesday, 15 Feb [Taiwan]- We visited a farm today, I loved it. I find it nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities once in a while. It was so quiet, the air was fresh, and I found out I actually like taking strolls (providing I don't have to break a sweat).

Wednesday, 16 Feb [Taiwan]- I don't mention it much, but I've rolled, yes ROLLED, down a flight of stairs before. I was in school, taking the first few steps down when I thought I heard someone call my name- I turned- before I knew it, I tripped and found myself at the corner of the stairs. No major injuries- just badly scratched up and I think I twisted my ankle. It is almost impossible for me to walk down the stairs without holding onto something now, unless I concentrate real hard on my steps.

Thursday, 17 Feb [Taiwan]- We ate at this place called "5 Dime Restaurant", the interior is AMAZING! The attention to detail is just crazy. I honestly felt like I was in another world.

Friday, 18 Feb [Taiwan]- Taken at the Taipei International Flora Exposition 2010/2011. So rare to see rows and rows of beautiful colours and arrangements. I want a beautiful garden in my future home too! And of course someone who can take care of them :D

Saturday, 19 Feb [Taiwan/KL]- I always try to save some money for duty-free shopping, instead of blowing it all on the first few days. In-flight shopping is like a little thrill for me, can't quite explain why. My sister and I really wanted the Swarovski pen (MYR75 only!!) but they didn't stock up on it for our flight. Oh wells! Serves me right for telling Jargs not to waste $$ on it.

Sunday, 20 Feb- Back in humid KL and brunch with JagiBOY. I love big breakfasts!

Monday, 21 Feb- I think I've found my next favourite tea- Earl Grey. Sun Moulin was also selling a Earl Grey Chiffon Cake. So delicious! The scent, the taste.. mmMmm. I wonder if they have any Earl Grey flavoured candies out there?

*Need to catch up on posting backdated pictures!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


28 Feb 2011
A fine lunch with fine company. Partners in crime: my twin (oh yes, we were asked at the entrance yet again) and Jargs.

BabySen has this theory that most people are racist and can't tell the difference when we have our hair down. But I dont think so! Just the other night I had my hair up, hers down, and an Asian woman (Sen's friend's mom) kept looking left to right at us and asked if we were twins.

(Fact of the day: Did you know that saying all Asian/White/Indian/Chinese/*insert race* people look alike makes you *gasp* RACIST! HAHA) Okay, I digress- back to the review.

We picked Il Lido because we wanted to have a nice meal with BabySen before she flew back to Melbourne to continue her studies. (She is now already back there. I miss you Kittttyyyy!!!)

We opted for their Daily Lunch Set which included an Amuse Bouche, Choice of Daily Soup/Appetizer, Choice of Daily Main Course and Daily Dessert Creation, which at MYR49.90 is really a steal. Thinking it wouldn't be enough, we decided to order an extra main to share- even before consulting each other. Great (greedy?) minds think alike!

I noticed they also cleared my utensils after every dish, impressive! Looking around, Jargs the interior designer (who heads her own company) pointed out that they 'spotlight-ed' our food. I think it enhances the presentation of the dish while allowing you to take nice pictures. I didn't even need a flash for the food pictures taken.

Complimentary bread
Once we placed our orders, we were served some bread. Tasty and it had a nice texture but a little oily.

Amuse Bouche- Deep fried eggplant with spicy tomato sauce
 This little cube was crispy on the outside, but gooey and juicy on the inside. Noms.

Appetizer- Crab salad with avocado and bisque jelly
I actually really like this! Very refreshing and sooo good, everything went well together. Have not tasted anything like this before. I love it when my taste buds are treated to new textures and flavours.

My main: Fettucine with wild boar ragout and blackberries
I couldn't detect the blackberries visually, but perhaps they were cooked into the sauce as there was a subtle sweetness. Again, it was tasty and halfway through this I was actually starting to feel full. Each mouthful of fettucine was well tossed with the sauce.

Grilled duck
My twin and Jargs both had the Grilled Duck which isn't on the ala carte menu. Juicy, but to be honest I dont really care for duck unless it is of the Peking variety or ginger braised.

To share: Sardinian roasted suckling pig with plum sauce
Our main to share looks like a normal piece of roasted pork, but the skin was SO crispy with just the right amount of fat and the meat underneath was tender. Thank goodness we each had a piece or we'd be fighting over it.

Dessert of the day was a Chocolate tart, very nice- gobbled up within minutes. Not too sweet or creamy, almost perfect really. The base, the chocolate. Mmmmm.

After that we were served tea and coffee, and Il Lido's Petit Fours (PFs). Almond Amarettis, Dark Chocolate drops coated with coconut flakes, and the best of the lot- White Chocolate squares. In my opinion, their PFs weren't on par with their other dishes.

From their website, "Il Lido promises an all-inclusive, stylish environment that is complemented by its impeccable cuisine and a touch of warm, personable service."

I concur.

Additional Info
Parking: FREE (lunch hour)
Service: Very good, the Maitre d' was very attentive & informative without bordering on hawk-like.
Portion: Good
Damage done: MYR100 per pax
Will I be back: DEFINITELY!!