Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love tokens!

A very thoughtful gift (:

A Crabtree & Evelyn hamper! Thank you, my mother loves it and I am sure my father would too when he sees it tomorrow morning. Knowing my parents, they would probably gobble everything up while I am at work. Food is NOT SAFE in the fridge unless you specifically say not to finish it! I call dibs on the toffee hehe :D

I told them that it's going to be one of their last hampers since they have both retired, so they better savor it. This gift basket was sent to my family as a token of appreciation (business wise) but it means much more than just a successful project to us. We honestly believe in the capabilities of this person and she showed us how right we were.

And of course, a little something extra just for ME. Thank you! You really didn't have to but I'm glad you got me something. I will try to forget that it was "free" but instead you got it cause you love me.

It smells lovely. But you know what would smell lovelier? The buttery leather scent of a Jumbo Chanel *inhales deeply* I'll be waiting! :D

You are the bestest friend anyone could ask for!


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  1. your gift was topped up with MYR67.. still need to pay for it :D i have one too~! what jumbo u talking bout? haha! xoxo