Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aesop's Fables

A rather misleading title for there are no fables about Aesop(the Australian brand). Everything positive I have heard about their customer service and products are true!

Okay I exaggerated, I have only tried 2 products long enough to judge, but still! I've only tried two and I like them both. That must mean something right?

Anyway, I bought Aesop's Bitter Orange Astringent Toner today by recommendation of their SA. Ive been longing to try this brand for a while because of the clean, no fuss packaging. And of course their quality products. But we all know what a sucker I am for packaging and pink, so we'll see how long I last. Haha.

It's funny that I never bothered to check out this brand while I was living in Melbourne. I bet it wouldve been cheaper there too! I am going to Google their prices in a while.

Here's what I bought:

Just one 200ml bottle of toner. I actually wanted to get the 100ml bottle incase my skin doesn't approve but it was only a difference of MYR60 (USD20) for the 200ml, so the Scrooge in me decided to pick up the bigger bottle. To my surprise, I was told that if I am unhappy for any reason, I could bring it back within 2 weeks for an exchange! I love Aesop already (:

The SA seemed very well informed about the products available and her analysis of my skin was spot on. Infact, she looked somewhat disgusted by my skincare regime and that i have been using so many different brands on my face in one night :C maybe I should seriously consider using everything from ONE brand. Right now, I am using up to 7 brands for my nightly regime. And here is what she suggested I try..

She gave me a total of 11 sachets of samples! And I didn't even ask! Or hint! HAHA. Well I was *going* to ask to try a cleanser but she went all out and gave me 3 sachets of cleanser, 2 serum, 2 exfoliator, 2 mask and 1 spot mask.

It is so rare for a company to be so generous with samples but my friends who use this brand in Melb tells me that their SAs always encourage you to try their products. Even if you don't buy anything! Wow! Brands like La Mer, SK-II and the likes should learn a thing or two.

I am def going to try out the samples soon and I sure hope my skin likes the toner because I dont want to return it!!

How many skincare brands do YOU have on your bathroom counter/dressing table?

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  1. i LOVE how in asia, they just give you samples. here in melb its so hard to get samples haha!

    btw, i wish nxt time i visit KL i can meet all my blogger friends haha that would be so fun!! which part of KL are you from? i know some places now its so coool i loved it hahaha. i think my interest for malaysia has grown so much after physically being there. great experience! x

  2. only one :) and its Aesop. try their face mask and hair mask, they're both super good.

    the price differential isn't that big btw, cause AUD is really high!

  3. Shizuka: Yes please! I would love to meet you :D well, you probably wouldnt know where I live but as a rough gauge, it takes me 10 - 15 minutes to get to Pavilion/KLCC if there is no traffic. Hopefully you'll visit again soon!

    Ally: Which mask do you use? I am trying out the Primrose mask and it's pretty good!! I actually googled the prices and guess what? It's actually cheaper in KL by a few dollars!! *score* haha :D