Friday, September 21, 2012

Nail ♥: CHANEL Beige vs DIOR Safari Beige

Finding a flattering beige/nude nail polish has always been a bit of a problem for me. Most made my hands look dull and sickly- they were either too yellow or too dark, plus some were really sheer and needed more than 2 coats. 
Naturally, I looked to Chanel's colours first and I thought I found the perfect beige in Inattendu after scrutinizing many pictures online. It was beautiful on so many fingertips and I assumed it would work the same magic on me. I was so wrong! Swatching it in-store, I quickly realized how orange-y and dark it was on me. Chanel or not, I only buy colours I would wear.

I also watched my sister swatch Dior's Safari Beige, and fell for the colour, but when I tried it.. it was just blah. It just didn't look as good on my tips. And then Chanel launched Beige, a limited edition colour (only sold online in US then)- I looked at a few pictures online from different blogs and quickly struck it out of my list. Reason being it looked.. common.

About a month ago, my sister called to inform me that Beige was available in-stores and asked if I wanted it. I frantically searched for more pictures online and finally found ONE blogger who said it was her perfect beige. Maybe it was because she's Asian, coupled with the fact that I hadn't bought any polish in the past 3 months that made me say yes without even trying it. 

No regrets though. I LOVE it. My pictures don't do this colour any justice.. it is almost the exact shade as the Chanel handbags in beige. Swatched below are Dior Safari Beige (index and middle fingers) and Chanel Beige (ring and little fingers). Two coats for both but the Dior could definitely do with one more.

Dior Safari Beige  (index & middle), Chanel Beige (ring & little)

The only other polish that I wanted even before I tried it was Frenzy. My sister rolled her eyes and said I was crazy when I told her I wanted a backup bottle... before opening my current one. She has only had 3 manicures done with her bottle and now she wants a back up too. Welcome to the club.

Chanel Frenzy
A "good" thing transcends into an "awesome" thing when you can't quite find the right words to describe it. I tried describing Frenzy (is it a light taupe/milky mushroom/what is it?!) and I just couldn't. Frenzy is that awesome and goes with just about anything.

Call me crazy/a hoarder(?) but I might just get a second bottle when I pick up the Chanel Fashion Night Out 2012 colours I have on hold. Just incase. Is this how hoarders usually start out?!