Monday, May 30, 2011

Love tokens and Replacements

From Hong Kong, Sanrio Dim Sum and soy flavored instant noodle..

From Papa, Starbucks vouchers!

From Jagi, a Chanel concealer & super yummy cookies!

From JagiBOY, bits and pieces..

Thank you all! I really appreciate the little love tokens you get me from time to time.

The replacements I speak of? Swapping Darphin for Aesop, and SK-II for Hada Labo Retinol lotion.

I have started using the Hada Labo lotion for about 5 days now and I must say that my skin hasn't felt this soft in a long time. Will wait for a month before I do a review.

By the way, did anyone else receive this? (looks at Jargs)

"Beauty in Bloom" by Chanel. The description is so vague and on the pink card there are notes such as ..

I know its definitely not about their Spring/Summer launch.. Its so intriguing! Or maybe its just to lure me into Chanel to buy something. But I would have willingly walked in anyway :/ Haha. Should I make an appointment? Hmmn.

Anyway, still working on my Melbourne post, I didnt forget! :D

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Retail Therapy..

.. a day before I left for Melbourne,
 I only paid for the Chanel Concealer, the Aesop Primrose Mask and the Anna Sui Gel Moisturizer. The rest are freebies!

and in Melbourne,
MUST BUYS in Melb:  Alannah Hill headbands, Peter Alexander PJs, delicious smelling body creams, Target opaque tights (LOVE this its great quality x value) and Garnier CleanSensitive Eye Make-Up Remover.

I realized I am buying less these days, counting every penny and thinking twice if it is something I need or just want. Can I wear this next season? Would I wear it more than once? Do I have something similar? I ended up saving so much that I could afford to splurge on a vintage LV (which looks totally new)  

It is time to throw out/donate some shoes again.. this trip, I brought back approximately 15 pairs of shoes. Only 3 are my sister's, 1 which I just bought and the rest were from when I left Melbourne in 2009. And after that, can you believe I STILL have stuff in my sister's apartment?

The whole week went by so fast, when I was taking my last shower it felt like I just landed. Holidays are much appreciated once you have to work and realize time is not at your disposal anymore. That said, I am happy to be home, though the heat is killing me and I can't wait for my next trip! 

Will update my activities for the whole week in the next post!


Thursday, May 19, 2011


My trip in Melb has been awesome so far, all I have been doing is eating, shopping, taking long walks and revisiting places I used to hang out. I was even at my old University today.

This time around my visit was less hectic, I had no itinerary- I just woke up when I felt like it and went wherever I felt like. The last trip I made sure we ate at different restaurants and covered my fave spots, but this trip I've eaten at Mart 130 twice and I feel like having breakfast there tomorrow.

Such a different vibe this time around. I am enjoying every minute of it.. Cold weather and all. Will be back on Sunday!

On a side note, here are two things which I can cross off my MateriaList..

A belated present from 3 dear friends before I left for my trip.. Thank you!

A black WII!! OMG! So excited! Ive been lemming for one since they came out YEARS AGO but I thought it was a passing fad so I refrained.

Until today! My sister's bf, Roy, informed me that Big W was having a great deal on (AUD 188!!!) but when we checked it out in-stores they were going for the usual AUD 298 for the black set. Roy was so nice to check with the SA and true enough, they had the deal advertised but just didn't display it! (Wii party, my dear friends?? :D)

So excited I'm going to test out the set in a while, I didn't get additional controllers and other accessories because it would be cheaper back in KL. There is a catch to this deal I scored though, but I will reveal it when I return to KL. No, my set isn't a display unit, defective or anything like that- it's just something between my Sis, Roy and I :D

So yeah people if you are in Australia, and are looking to buy a Nintendo Wii, check out Big W!

Note: Roy just updated me that Wii 2 may be out next year, but it's okay it's still a STEAL to me!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Am on the way to the airport now, I thought I would be deliriously happy, but it doesn't feel that way. I am happy to see my sister again and hug her and laugh till we cry but the discovery which I made earlier seems to have clouded such feelings.

"This too shall pass." Happiness is but an interval between two sorrows, as is sorrow is nothing but an interval between two happinesses.

I am capable of forgiving but I can never forget. Why should I? I can't seem to put into words how it feels. I dont enjoy doubting every moment or thought, it makes me feel insecure and i find myself wasting so much energy on it. If I can figure out the source, I will most definitely cut it off. Bad energy only attracts bad energy.

*Breathes in, breathes out* I will enjoy my week away. How i feel ultimately is up to me. Melbourne 2011 will be good (:

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Just a short one before I snuggle into bed. The last two weeks (and upcoming) have been hectic for me, and I find myself with so little time to really unwind and take deep breaths.

My social and work calendar has been so packed, I haven't even started packing for my trip. (WHICH IS NEXT WEEK!! Omg!!) I usually start packing AT LEAST a month before I fly. Slowly adding and removing articles of clothing, shoes, and what not until I am completely satisfied with my selections.

Right now my luggage has stuff in it but none belong to me! They are for my sister and some friends. Because of my packed schedule, and me realizing I dont have much time for myself, I have become cranky and highly irritable for the past week.

JagiBOY knew how much (or rather how little) time I had to do my own things, he even agreed to let me celebrate his bday 2 weeks early. I honestly couldn't find time to throw him a party closer to his birthday. He's such a dear (: He also knew I've had a rough week and cheered me up with a little luxury and laughter..

Thank you bee!

I also did a mini haul earlier tonight at SASA, two Kao Liese bubble dyes and a Sexy Girl set. I have just Liese-d my hair, and yes I used 2 bottles this time as my hair is getting very long and used the remainder on JagiBOY. He looks hot! Haha. After trying Marshmallow Brown and Ash Brown, I have to say I love Chiffon Beige the best. Comparison in my next few posts hopefully!

I wish I knew how to make better use of my time. It's not that i haven't sat down and thought about where I've wasted time but I have, and I honestly dont know to stretch it out.

Okay my quickie didn't turn out to be so quick afterall. I'm off to bed now, early seminar tomorrow till 5pm and then off to run some errands before meeting up with friends for dessert/second round dinner. I think I need to start taking Multivitamins.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Are meant to be time for some R&R but I haven't been feeling 100% the past two Saturdays and did a bit of shopping in a bid to cheer myself up.

I was previously on a makeup/cosmetics ban but I don't know when it lifted because for the past month I have found
myself at home with small bags of cosmetics, somehow unaware of how I let myself go. As of today, the ban is in effect again.

Last week I checked out MAC's Quite Cute collection with Jagi..
Everything was really quite cute, I didn't take pics of the canapes but we had heart shaped smoked salmon on bread, macarons and a few other types. I managed to control myself from any impulse purchases and kept telling myself that I should check out Chanel first before deciding.

I told the SA I was looking for a natural lip colour, she tried Fanfare on me and I was sold! This was the only thing I picked up.

A tiny GWP, I am a NC20!

My colorful meds..

After MAC, we headed to Chanel and my fave SA informed us that the Spring 2011 makeup collection was going to be in 1st May! She told us to check it out online and if we liked anything to give her a buzz and she'd hold it. One of the reasons why I keep going back to her is because she actually remembers me, my name, my sister, and the last time I bought from her was almost a yr ago! It's been almost 3 yrs now since I was first served by her. Great customer service always gets me returning!

What we saw today..
I had already done some research prior to visiting today so I knew exactly what I wanted plus I had called up a few days ago to reserve it.

Rouge Coco Shine in BOY (finally back in stock), Morning Rose polish, Bronze Corail bronzer and a Vitalumiere Eclat refill (this product is LOVE). The rest were GWPs and samples.

Sucha pretty colour, I knew I had to grab one the minute Jargs swiped it on her nails.

We also dropped by Daiso and I bought a bath bomb (but no bathtub, who wants to take me on a holiday/to a hotel room?) and a makeup brush/sponge cleaner. Initially decided against it as I usually use the MAC brush cleaner or a face cleanser, but Jargs said "antibacterial..." and I said OK! I think I am a bit of a germophobe.

Last purchase of the day, a pair of shoes at 50% off!

There were so many men spotted sitting on the couches/benches at the mall today, no doubt there to carry shopping bags. I even saw a few sleeping!

It's a public holiday tomorrow but I will be working because I need the replacement leave for my Melbourne trip! Thank goodness my boss doesn't mind. I might probably be the only one in the office tmr besides the Japanese managers. Okay, no more shopping until Melbourne!

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