Saturday, May 14, 2011


Am on the way to the airport now, I thought I would be deliriously happy, but it doesn't feel that way. I am happy to see my sister again and hug her and laugh till we cry but the discovery which I made earlier seems to have clouded such feelings.

"This too shall pass." Happiness is but an interval between two sorrows, as is sorrow is nothing but an interval between two happinesses.

I am capable of forgiving but I can never forget. Why should I? I can't seem to put into words how it feels. I dont enjoy doubting every moment or thought, it makes me feel insecure and i find myself wasting so much energy on it. If I can figure out the source, I will most definitely cut it off. Bad energy only attracts bad energy.

*Breathes in, breathes out* I will enjoy my week away. How i feel ultimately is up to me. Melbourne 2011 will be good (:

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