Friday, April 22, 2011

Lusts of the Week..

It's Friday already! Been going through LV's website and am now lusting over these prettys..
Gamble Ring AUD310
".. golden brass decorated with CRYSTALLIZED™   Swarovski elements"
If you propose to me with this, I might say yes. Might.

Commit Bracelet in Blanc Corail AUD355
Commit Bracelet in Pomme d'Amour AUD355
".. adjustable triple-coil bracelet in glossy patent leather, hung with a lacquered heart or LV padlock charm.. shiny golden metal and lacquer"
So pretty, and so aptly named too. Haha. The red one would look nice with any outfit!

Mini Travel Key Holder AUD185
".. a slim snap hook with a screw closing system and a luggage address holder charm"
Perfect for keeping those tiny keys while travelling. Simple and sleek. 

Chain Message Key Holder AUD405
".. delicate pastel tones and pretty hand-lacquered charms - a winged heart, a letter and a dove. Golden metal and resin.."
So sweet, this doubles as a bag charm as well.

Although famous for their leather designs, Louis Vuitton actually does pretty decent jewellery (costume and fine) as well, but a little pricey in my opinion. 

Only 4 more Saturdays (including tomorrow) and I will be in Melbourne! *dances around*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Never fails to make me smile..

This is MummyBoy. My sister sent me this picture a few months back while I was at work. She was waiting for me to return home so we could open a parcel together.

Puts a smile on my face everytime I look at it (: I miss you, little sis!


Friday, April 15, 2011

High tea at Shangri-La

About a month ago we celebrated YL's birthday at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. We wanted something different from the usual fine dine, surprise party, group dinner, so we decided to have a High Tea celebration instead!
We kept getting carried away chatting about everything under the sun, and we had to keep reminding each other to order first, THEN talk. There were 5 of us and we decided on a Malaysian set and 2 English sets. Each set came with either a pot of tea or a coffee.

Sugar sticks!
English on the left, Malaysian on the right
The scones and little sandwiches were good but the macarons were a bit meh :/ I am picky when it comes to macarons and so far the best I have tasted in KL are from KL Hilton.

Pretty maids all in a row..
In the end we had too much food leftover, we should really learn how to control ourselves. No more over ordering! High tea at Lobby Lounge is actually pretty good, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's up for some tea.

After that we headed over to Pavilion for a little shopping, but not before we checked out Sno. They blend frozen yoghurt with various toppings- you can make your own combo or just pick from their list! All orders are put through via an iPad, they have up to 3 (or was it 4?) iPads built into their counters.
How cool!
 Pictures at Sno are taken from Jagi's blog. We each had one and it was pretty yummy and filling- I had an original froyo blended with twix and honey.

My look for that day was very simple, my highlight was actually a necklace my sister got me. 
no lippie..
with lippie..
My contacts look a little too large for me and in some pictures it is as if my eyes can't focus. What do you think? Chuck em or keep em? Also, I am trying to grow my brows out so I can reshape them like this blogger, Nic. And yes, I am aware that one side has an arch and one doesn't. But I swear it isn't that obvious in person.

It's Friday already and I can't believe it! 5 more Saturdays and I will be back in Melbourne for my yearly pilgrimage! So much to do and see.. and EAT :D 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

♥ Dearest Jagi.. ♥

♥ Before the day is over, I would like to once again wish you Happy Birthday! Over the years you have become one of my bestest friends, and also the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for.

Almost 10 years ago, we visited a beautiful place together and our friendship bloomed from then on.. from a close friend, you became a good friend and we took our friendship to a higher level and became housemates (: Most people walk away from their housemates with a sour taste, but you were such a joy to have around and you kept me up so many nights just laughing and enjoying your company, of course having little Melbie around made it even sweeter.

You are someone whom I admire and look up to, someone who is so compassionate and loving, and is so much fun to have around. Every time we get together you make me laugh till I cry, or even better, until I want to chuck up my meal because I can't breathe. Haha good times. I wouldn't change our friendship for anything, for it is perfect the way it is. Thank you for being yourself and making me a part of your life ♥

Xiao Chyn aka Jagi aka Jargs, Happy Xth 23rd Birthday!

Love always, Me ♥

...sent from iPad

Curls and pretty nails..

Curling my hair last night took about an hour -_-" I don't know if I've gotten slower or what, I was practically falling asleep by the time I was done. 
Yes, that's a pimple scar on my forehead :C
I was having difficulty photographing the length of my hair, but it is about 3-4 inches past my boobs. Long, but I've actually had it longer before. This is me on the last day of "no eye makeup" after work.

My definition of a *perfect* curl..
Volume please!
I love volume in my hair. This picture actually doesn't show how much volume there is because I didn't pull it all to the front.

 Here is how it looks on the right side, I actually have A LOT of hair.

I then proceeded to stick on some pre-glued false nails- but to my dismay they fell off straight after I washed my hands. I was thinking of sticking them back on with the nail glue but I decided to test out my Miss Tangerine nail set from Etude House instead.

 So sparkly and so easy to do too! I want to try this out with other colours  

I slept in my curls and awoke to softer and less volume (perfect for work). Here is my hair in Liese Ash Brown. I did this just 2 weeks back, I haven't decided if I actually like this shade- it's darker than before and it does have a tinge of ash but.. I don't know. I'll wait a month before changing colours I guess.

Alright, that's all I have today. Off to eat at Bubba Gump's with JagiBOY in a bit!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have had it with myself!

Tonight, after my dental appointment I am going to:
♥ do my nails..
♥ curl my hair..
♥ camwhore..

It's been so long that I have made any effort to do my hair/doll up. I find that once I started working, I have used my curling iron less than 5 times. Even on the weekends I barely dress up when on dates with my boyfriend!!

I can not allow myself to be this way anymore! I have fallen into a pattern and am getting lazy. Most days I either put my hair in a high bun, or straight. I wear light make up to work and sometimes I don't even use eyeliner! How could I let myself do that?? 

Dressing up, putting makeup and doing my hair is NOT about being vain or wanting to be pretty. It is about being presentable and enhancing what you already have. Of course, there are girls who don't have to do anything and they still look gorgeous as soon as the roll out of bed, but I wasn't born that way.

Am starting to feel grossed out by myself, so I am promising myself now to make a change from today onwards- I am going to start dolling up and putting thought into my outfits and how I plan to do my hair/accessorize.

When I was still in school, I had so much time on my hands to experiment with looks. Now that I have started working, I find myself not finding enough time to "beautify" myself. But not anymore. From today onwards, I will put more effort into it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Helping the economy out..


Read about Guardian's Makeover Event (now - 17th April 2011) here on Monday evening and I decided that I just HAD TO drop by One Utama after work. JagiBOY offered to pick me up as soon as I reached home and off we went to burn some cash.

So many masks to choose from!!
I called Jagi up, knowing she'd be interested to check out the Beauty Diary Mask booth. We usually take turns playing the role of "Instigator" (i.e: person who instigates purchases by either (a) owning similar item or (b) giving positive personal opinion regarding the item in hand. Sometimes, both). No guesses who played that role at that night.

When I was in Taiwan, I picked up quite a few boxes of these Beauty Diary Masks (Hello Kitty Limited Edition!!) but most were made souvenirs and I only managed to save a box for myself. Comparing the prices, these masks are being sold for only NTD199 per box in Taiwan, which is about MYR19!! So to see such a mark-up here was slightly appalling. I used to snub these masks in Guardian due to their price but seeing as they are really good, (they moisturize my skin well without causing irritation/breakouts) plus I will not be visiting Taiwan anytime in the next few months, what the heck I decided to take advantage of this promo.

One of the main reasons why I was so adamant to visiting this event was because I saw 2 words: Earl Grey and Macaron. Two of my favourite things in the world (next to Chanel hehe)! Plus I didn't want to miss out on whatever exclusive sets/freebies available. Here is what I walked away with..
Aloe cleanser, Vanilla Souffle face scrub &
Peach Soda eye makeup remover set
The SA demonstrated all products on the back of my hand, I like the texture of the Aloe cleanser and the Vanilla Souffle face scrub didn't smell as sweetly-sick as I expected it to. The Peach Soda eye makeup remover is pretty good too, she demonstrated with a Dior mascara and it glided off, the texture is less oily compared to a few brands I have tried. Will update it's performance on my eyes soon. You can purchase these items individually but as a set its cheaper, I got 2 sets- not to hoard, but one is for my sister.

MYR49 for a box of 10
Earl Grey Tea & Macaron   All Beauty Diary Masks smell delish and although I haven't tested these out yet, I am pretty sure they will too. If only I could eat this.

MYR 59.90 for a box of 15+2 masks
Got sucked in by the packaging and upon hearing the word "Collagen". Lately I am obsessing over beauty products with collagen. (Side note: the Hadanomy Collagen cream is actually pretty good!) This set is actually cheaper than the 10 pc set as it only equates to MYR3.50 per piece.

I also received some freebies:
6 pcs of Camellia Masks
6 pcs of White Truffle Masks
And another 4 pieces of the Bird's Nest Mask (pictured above). Wheeee~ On top of that, I also received a Guardian goodie bag! I am unsure if they give it out to all customers or for purchases above a certain amount because when I checked with Jagi, she didn't receive one! (It's okay Jargs, you got free movie tickets!! hehe)
2 more Beauty Diary Masks, talcum powder, prune essence, Maybelline lippie, Avene trial kit and a hand lotion.

Thanks to Jargs, I caved in and bought FOUR sets of stick on nails. Which are so pretty, I can't wait to wear them out. According to her, she bought a pair recently and they were more expensive than the ones sold at the Guardian event. JagiBOY laughed out loud when we gushed over how cheap and pretty the nails were. I ignored him and just rolled my eyes. Men!

We tried making our way back to the carpark but like a magnet we were drawn to Etude House. Haihhhhhhhh. But we were good today and only stood at the Miss Tangerine section, testing out the lipsticks and laughing at how each colour looked on us. I ended up with only a Nail Set, and a Lip gloss *pats self*.
And that, is how I did my tiny part to support the economy. 

Oh before I forget, apparently there are "fake" My Beauty Diary masks being sold online and at smaller shops, at a lower price too. One way to ensure that you are buying the real deal is by checking if they have this hologram..

My Monday wasn't so blue thanks to JagiBOY who waited ever so patiently while I shopped. You are the bestest!  ♥ 

Now, what's next?

La Risata, Ampang ♥♥

I managed to tick off another Restaurant on my "To Eat" list and I think I may have found my favourite Italian restaurant!

Finding a good Italian restaurant in Melbourne is easy, just stroll along Lygon and you are presented with a whole stretch of Italian restaurants, my personal favourite is Villa Romana. In KL, it's a little tricky finding good Italian restaurants because the "Italian cuisine" here doesn't taste like the fare I've gotten used to. So to me, it's not very authentic. In fact, I think the taste of the dishes have been tweaked to cater to the local taste buds. 

That was until I dined at La Risata in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Man, where have I been all this time?! I loved ♥ everything here, the decor, the food, the patrons (yes, this is important to me because I don't enjoy dining at places where I can't hear myself think or where it is so quiet, I have to whisper to my dinner date), everything! I don't think you can go wrong with any of their dishes but maybe except the Rib Eye- I guess steaks aren't their forte. 

La Risata
16 Persiaran Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Rose for my dinner date and I..
Looks like caviar! But it's really mashed olives.
Surprisingly YUM!!
Bestest Chicken Pate I have ever had.
The bread was toasted and so good on its own.
Sicilian Bombe

See, this is what I usually order- a platter to start, 2 mains and a dessert. Not like what happened hereEverything was YUM, except for the rib eye which was pretty blah. We asked for medium rare but there was no sign of blood anywhere. A little dry too.

Other than that, the bread basket which came with the minced olive spread was delish, we emptied the basket. Everything on the platter was so so so good, juicy mushrooms, lightly battered calamari with a hint of black pepper, sliced raw beef, and the mouth watering Chicken Pate served with toasted bread and garlic slices. I was so happy Jagi doesn't like Pate much, she claims it looks and tastes like Melbie's (her dog) food. Yay! More for me. (Btw, I am now craving for the Chicken Pate :C )

The Pasta Risata was also good, fresh seafood and the pasta cooked to a perfect al dente ♥ . We finished our dinner with a Sicilian bombe which was meant for 2, but in our opinion could easily feed 4. The taste of brandy is a little strong on the meringue but not enough to get you high, the lemon cream inside was absolutely deeee-licious! This place gets two thumbs up from me! LOVELOVELOVE!! ♥

Great place to catch up with friends and family, awesome food, and lovely ambiance. Can't wait to re-visit!

♥ Click here to read my DinnerDate's review.