Thursday, April 14, 2011

Curls and pretty nails..

Curling my hair last night took about an hour -_-" I don't know if I've gotten slower or what, I was practically falling asleep by the time I was done. 
Yes, that's a pimple scar on my forehead :C
I was having difficulty photographing the length of my hair, but it is about 3-4 inches past my boobs. Long, but I've actually had it longer before. This is me on the last day of "no eye makeup" after work.

My definition of a *perfect* curl..
Volume please!
I love volume in my hair. This picture actually doesn't show how much volume there is because I didn't pull it all to the front.

 Here is how it looks on the right side, I actually have A LOT of hair.

I then proceeded to stick on some pre-glued false nails- but to my dismay they fell off straight after I washed my hands. I was thinking of sticking them back on with the nail glue but I decided to test out my Miss Tangerine nail set from Etude House instead.

 So sparkly and so easy to do too! I want to try this out with other colours  

I slept in my curls and awoke to softer and less volume (perfect for work). Here is my hair in Liese Ash Brown. I did this just 2 weeks back, I haven't decided if I actually like this shade- it's darker than before and it does have a tinge of ash but.. I don't know. I'll wait a month before changing colours I guess.

Alright, that's all I have today. Off to eat at Bubba Gump's with JagiBOY in a bit!


  1. i agree with being presentable at work :)so i should expect some ootd updates from u soon? hoorah!

    i did my nails with miss tangerine too! with 39deg fever lying down flat on the bed.. how sad and sorry right.. but it's so easy and awesome!

    naga stuck quite tight on mine, but i didn't wash my hands before i removed it. it really just fall off like that?! should i wear them on sat then? or add my own glue?? :S

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  2. cute hair ~! wish my hair would grow as long and healthy like yours ~

  3. xc: hehe OOTDs? I don't like taking them in my room cause the outfit isnt complete with shoes, and in the office the only place I can shoot full length is in the fashion room and there are people in there 24/7 :C ya I love the nail kit.. no regrets!

    my naga nails seriously just popped off one by one, i am not exaggerating. Maybe my box was old? Well if you arent gonna wash your hands the whole day/night(?) then I guess you dont need the extra glue :D

    fiona: hehe thank you! i actually use hair masks as a conditioner so i guess that helps a little with my dry ends (:

  4. Beautiful curls! And I love your hair color!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. wow you have pretty long hair! it looks great in curls! Thanks for the comment.. My brows aren't done professional :) I just trim and shape them myself :)

  6. wow! i love your loose curls! :) i saw the miss tangerine nail color set but found them too sheer for my liking. they are nice for gradation nail art though :)

    RYC: i try to use different lipsticks every week and be diligent in reapplying all throughout the day. i also do an inventory of my stash frequently to see if im buying duplicate shades already. but so far, all are unque. thank goodness :D

  7. Hello!! we have to be always prettu and presentable even for work!
    love your nails and your hair!
    take care!!
    a hug from Chile!

  8. nic: thank you! i havent actually had a drastic cut in a long long while hehe. I am jelly.. I want brows like yours!!

    georgina: yea it is sheer, but perfect for me because i always end up with chipped nails- not so noticable then :D

    camii: thank you for dropping by! i am trying to be more presentable for work now hehe

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