Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Its meant to be..

I'm glad I didnt settle for whatever came my way. Might be too soon to say, but I think I've found my ideal working environment. Fashion+Beauty = ♥ Xen ! I will be joining a well-established Japanese company and I start on the 24th this month. Yayyy! I can't wait to start (: Now I have two things off my list of things I need to do. The other? I'll tell you in a few weeks.. ;D

So, I have 2 weeks left to do whatever.. this weekend, I'll be at the CAPSquare Bazaar in KL selling clothes for ♥DivaDollHouse. There's gonna be lotsa other vendors there too and not to mention pretty things to source out. So come take a look! Here's a map:

Saturday, 15th August 2009
More info: *clickclick*

This is super late but I just wanna share with you guys the lovely hair accessories I got from Eki! She makes really pretty bows and she's moved on to making bags now too. Anyone who likes anything hime-style should check out her blog.

a few headbands and bows..

♥ she threw in so many extras!! どうもありがとう!

you can adjust the bows to the left/right/center of the headband

I like them all but this is my fave..

you like? get yours *here*

More than half a year has gone by, and so quickly too.. I think time flies by even faster with each passing year. Time to prioritize.. some things will have to take a backseat for now. 자기정말미안해! 한국..년일에?기다리게해서쥐송합니다.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

right here, right now..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project B

B for bows that is!

I was sticking a hairpin into my hair the other day when I realized that I didnt have a proper display for my bows. They just sat in their many boxes (which takes up space) and on top of each other. Most of the time I'll forget that I even have them. 

So this is what I did..

Leftover materials from Ikea.. sidetrack: I have a pretty new side table! 

Cut out a rectangular piece...

Wrapped it in black paper (I found an old roll lying around prolly from 5 yrs ago when I still made scrap books. haha)

Nice and smooth.. thats my pink yoga mat Im sitting on

Hunted for some ribbon/string/shoelaces to be used as holders.. I initially wanted to use leftover Chanel ribbon but figured it would be slippery for certain bows and it wouldnt clip very well..

In the end, decided on some unused shoestrings from who knows when. You can staple it to the board, I just taped mine and tied them behind.


Now it looks like I didnt have many bows to begin with..

No more fumbling around the boxes looking for bows!

That was easy. I think I'm gonna try making a headband rack next. 
Like my Hello Kitty bows? I got them here. Pretty pretty! I think I need more to add to my board now.. ♥ 

I think Im going to make use of the pool tomorrow. I hope I dont burn. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009


"Wake up, put on my make up."

So true in my case.

I look about 17 here...

My last night out partying in Melb.. it was some Nerd themed night. Im gonna miss the non-smoking clubs.

Since Ive been back my skin is going from bad to worse :( its not overly oily but yet Im breaking out. Im even getting little bumps on my forehead which arent visible and I havent had those since I was 17! Im currently using Kawaii-Tokyo's range and Ive even started to double cleanse everynight, thing is this range is meant to brighten your skin- which its doing, my skin doesnt feel tight but it does nothing for my acne. I've tried Proactive, Mario Badescu, Biotherm, Clinique, Shiseido and who knows what over the years but nothing seems to work, they just made my skin really tight and sensitive. I need something which is for sensitive skin yets combats acne. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IM HOIIME(home)!!

No, that wasn't a typo- Australians tend to pronounce most words with 'O's with an 'I' after it. Confused? Put simply, home would be pronounced hoime, Coke would be pronounced Coike and 'I don't know' would be 'I doiiin't knoiiiii'. HAHA.

So yes, I'm hoiiiime! I've packed up 6 years worth of my life (11 pieces of luggage) and shipped it all back with the exception of some shoes and another suitcase of clothes still at my sister's. Its been 2 weeks exactly that Ive been back and the unpacking's almost done. I try to spring clean my wardrobe every 2-3 months but its amazing how much crap I still hang on to.

Believe it or not I brought back alllllll my cosmetics and even stocked up on some before coming back. And when I got back, I bought even more.. so much for trying to save up :( OH but good news they actually have Asience here now! YAYYYY!

Some new, most old.. and thats not even all of it :S

I used to have an obsession with lipglosses, then it moved on to shoes. I only have ONE pair of lips.. no more glosses/lip colours/balms for me!

Before I left I made it a point to try and dine at all my fave restaurants and do all sorts of tourist-ey things. I also FINALLY got to try Darren's dishes wf! Long overdue- about 2 yrs I would say. But the wait was def worth it HAHA mMMmmm (getting hungry thinking of the food) well, that's what you get when you know someone who works as a chef at the Hilton *nudge nudge* ;D

Chef at work.. he kept kicking me out of the kitchen

Salmon on a bed of crabmeat+potato(?) with asparagus and Bernaise sauce

rack of lamb with salad and cauliflower something (HAHA sorry I forgot what it was! but it was yummmmy)

mmmm.. fried icecream with strawberry coulis

Green apple sorbet! with the apple painstakingly carved out (:

Chef and I (: I was so full I had to remove my belt HAHA

OH before I forget, everything was made from scratch (: It was so good seriously. Now I know why he doesnt cook for people often. Mmmmm thank you, large meimeiiii!

Okay Im off to watch my fave K-drama of the moment 'Boys Before Flowers'! Anyone who knows me I have a thing for Korean boys HAHA. My eye candy in the drama? KIM BUM ! aka So Yi Jung..

Oh oh ohhh~

he plays a Casanova in the drama..

Okay just one more pic! HAHA Awwww♥.. who can resist that face?

Updates on my last 2 weeks in Melb next! (:

Monday, March 30, 2009

What I need..

"What you need isn't someone who will prove trustworthy so you can lie helplessly in their arms. You don't need someone who will make sure that you need them.

You need someone who builds you up..
And that means someone who will do everything that they can to make sure that you don't need them- and then simply hope.. of your free choice, that you won't leave.

Someone who they themselves don't worry about trust, but will fearlessly open up because he knows his heart is strong enough to survive even if you do choose to go."

You told me there is a difference between putting a wall up, and having your guard up. To me, its the same. You are still guarding one thing. Your heart ♥.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Two nights ago, I made roast lamb for the first time ever and it was a success! The ex-bf made it for me a few times (yeah, hes a better cook than I am) and I finally decided to make my own using his recipe. My sister and her boy lovedit so much that we're making roast again tomorrow. Yum!

rosemary so I used more than required..

may not look it, but it was really juicy.. mMmm

I got my wish, it rained the whole day and was cccc-cold!

its currently 10 degrees as I type.. (:   

my sister we used to be able to pass of as twins

Its going to be a cold week, cant wait to break out the jackets! Woohoo! I've also bought some diamantes and crystals online after reading this and having a look at her other projects. Inspiration (: Imma bling my nails and maybe my camera/phone. 

Moomba Waterfest starts tomorrow! Ive been going every year since Ive been in Melbourne, not so much for the rides/carnival food but more to see the lights, sounds and people. Feels nostalgic everytime Im there.. as if Im a kid again. Okay will post pictures after the weekend, hopefully roast tomorrow turns out good. My sis is going to attempt it this time because I have been making dinner almost everynight this week! Wish her luck!