Monday, March 30, 2009

What I need..

"What you need isn't someone who will prove trustworthy so you can lie helplessly in their arms. You don't need someone who will make sure that you need them.

You need someone who builds you up..
And that means someone who will do everything that they can to make sure that you don't need them- and then simply hope.. of your free choice, that you won't leave.

Someone who they themselves don't worry about trust, but will fearlessly open up because he knows his heart is strong enough to survive even if you do choose to go."

You told me there is a difference between putting a wall up, and having your guard up. To me, its the same. You are still guarding one thing. Your heart ♥.


  1. eheh thats confusing. but its like that isnt it. but i like the second paragraph a lot.. someone who builds u up so u can be ok on your own but hope u dont leave.. so gd..

    BTW! thanks for answering my Q:) i've been to tsumiki before and latt in the city one, but the first time i went didnt like it cos another girl cut it only cos i couldnt request taka! thanks for the reco again, i actually went there today bcos i also wanted good hair treatment and they got good japanese products :D yay.. thanks sweetie! x

  2. hello :) i see you haven't updated hehe hope everythings ok!

    the salons pretty good but i must say, i wana try a diff one nxt time just to experiment! hmm pics.. my hair looks the same haha x