Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project B

B for bows that is!

I was sticking a hairpin into my hair the other day when I realized that I didnt have a proper display for my bows. They just sat in their many boxes (which takes up space) and on top of each other. Most of the time I'll forget that I even have them. 

So this is what I did..

Leftover materials from Ikea.. sidetrack: I have a pretty new side table! 

Cut out a rectangular piece...

Wrapped it in black paper (I found an old roll lying around prolly from 5 yrs ago when I still made scrap books. haha)

Nice and smooth.. thats my pink yoga mat Im sitting on

Hunted for some ribbon/string/shoelaces to be used as holders.. I initially wanted to use leftover Chanel ribbon but figured it would be slippery for certain bows and it wouldnt clip very well..

In the end, decided on some unused shoestrings from who knows when. You can staple it to the board, I just taped mine and tied them behind.


Now it looks like I didnt have many bows to begin with..

No more fumbling around the boxes looking for bows!

That was easy. I think I'm gonna try making a headband rack next. 
Like my Hello Kitty bows? I got them here. Pretty pretty! I think I need more to add to my board now.. ♥ 

I think Im going to make use of the pool tomorrow. I hope I dont burn.