Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Etude House Milk Screw Review!

Retails at MYR 12.90, Etude House

What is it? (from website) 

Milk Screw No.5- Mango Milk: A "Lip Care & Tint Combination Lip Balm", 3.5g

Claims? (from website)
It is a lip damage cure and prevention balm, as well as moisturizer.

How to use it?
Apply on lips after you brush your teeth, after meals, before you sleep and whenever lips feel dry and unloved.

Things to note?
For a Mango Milk Screw, it doesn't smell very mango-ey but a little like berries? But nonetheless yummy.  Ingredient list is in Korean, so I'm not sure if there are any questionable ingredients.

My review:
I started using this about a month ago (read here) and half the tube is almost gone- that's cause I've been slathering it on 24/7. Scent wise, it's nice and sweet, tastes OK too- not waxy and gross. Most lipbalms I've tried from drugstores give me scratchy throats- Mentholatum, Nivea (sometimes) and BonneBell (used this ages ago). I think it may be a reaction to an ingredient they have in common? 
As a tint, this product works really well! I initially thought it was a lipbalm and applied several layers (without using a mirror) and happily trotted off to work, until I caught a glimpse of my lips in the toilet mirror! HAHA. So THAT'S why my mother was asking why I looked so dolled-up for work. ONE application is good enough to give your lips a nice hint of colour. Apply a second or third layer and you could *almost* use it as a lip gloss but without the high-shine. Moisturizes chapped and dry lips well- the balm sorta melts into your lips. The texture of this Milk Screw is nice too- it glides on your lips smoothly, but does not leave it looking like you smeared chicken grease on them. Pretty!

Conclusion: ♥ it! Cheap, works as a balm+tint, no scratchy throat. Might repurchase after I finish the rest of the balms sitting around.

Other flavours: No.1 Lime Milk, No.2 Apple Milk,
No.3 Berry Milk, No.4 Coconut Milk &
No.5 Mango Milk.


  1. i feel like getting one later :D

  2. have you opened the peach lipbalm i got you LAST YEAR? haha