Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project365: Day #5


I am a hoarder of many things. 30 lip colours/glosses and 9 lip balms in the picture.

Estimated stickcount= well over 50 including palettes and the ones left at work, plus in random bags. That's a scary amount for me cause I never knew a small box could keep so many!


Which leads me to my post for today- I will not open any new balms until I make a dent in this Milk Screw (har har who named this?) from Etude House.

I will apply this left right up down when I wake up after I brush my teeth while I drive to work, yea okay you get the gist.

And after a month, I will take another picture to see what's left. I desperately want to open the ice cream balm!!! But I shall refrain.

For now.

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  1. thanks for your well wishes! wow you have such self control with the lippie, I wish I could refrain myself from using all my purchases once I receive them too~.~ I love the layout of your blog... Please tell me more about your projects - I'm curious

  2. You are such a hoarder that you even have Lucas Paw Paw...