Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project365: Day #15~18

Saturday, Sukiyaki with the best company in the world. I am glad that Jargs gets along so well with my sis and vice versa. No awkward moments at all. Love you girls to death.

Sunday, wasn't having a good day and JagiBOY allowed me to get this huge as tub of Cookie Dough (my fave!) flavoured ice cream. You prolly can't tell but its the size of my face. Feel like having some now.. What jargs says is true- it doesn't take much to make us smile again. Good food always does the trick (:

Monday, my first early night in possibly since I started working.

Tuesday, took a stroll around the lake where I live. I have been back for almost 2 years but i have NEVER circled the lake. Nothing lasts forever, I should appreciate it before it is all gone.

It's another early night in for me, gotta catch up on my sleep. Good night!

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  1. Don't worry if the ice cream finish already I get another one

  2. are you planning on finish that yourself?? >:C