Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project365: Day #10 & #11

Day #10- View from a hill at my housing area. I want to live in a 2 storey high rise in the same area hopefully in the near future.. Real estate prices are rising so fast here it's scary.

Day #11(today)- Went a little crazy during lunch and bought a bunch of bars to try. Ive never liked any form of nuts but these days I'm liking peanuts! In a bid to eat and snack healthier Im giving up on choc bars and keeping these in my snack drawer.

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  1. euuuwsss on the nutrigrain one! took one bite and threw it away

  2. but you said something about getting the one with yoghurt! and that was the only one i saw. in other words- i got it cause you said to!! but ive tried it.. a lil mushy but not THAT bad..

  3. its not a lil mushy...its HORRIBLY mushy! the one with yoghurt i asked you to try is called 'YO smtg' wth sorry cant remember its name