Friday, December 31, 2010

Social rebirth

I've been out late two nights this week which is a major improvement in my social life. Usually during weekdays it's Home >> Work >> Home.

Had dinner at The Pressroom tonight with some girlfriends. It was really good catching up and reminiscing about our days in Melbourne. The food was good too..

Everything was good! 2 Seabass, 1 small pizza, 1 Dauphinoise potato, Duck Confit and Lobster risotto.

I had the Duck Confit and a bit of everything else and I must say, I am impressed with this place.

We also had a Chocolate Volcano and a Lime & Thyme Sorbet. The former didn't quite cut it, I've tasted better. And the latter is something different- it's the first time I've had a creamy sorbet. Tasted pretty good too. (Jagi, we'll go again after the 49th day alright?)

When I got home Mama presented me and Meimei with these..

Hurrah for Clarins cardmember perks! I lovelovelove beauty products.

A new cleanser to try out!!

I also picked up 2 scarves from Zara during lunchtime. Btw, the Sale started today, but the only thing I was interested in was a Camel jacket with black lapels but they didn't have my size :C oh well, more money saved then.

I shall end this post with a picture of my shopping, eating, cooking, everything buddy in Melb. YL aka Misha. We used to see each other so often it was as if we lived together.

She's a real good driver.. steady, able to maneuver tight parking spots in a big car, plus she had an audience in Melb on Lygon street watching her park in a really tight spot without any assistance. She even got a round of applause when she got out. How many girls do you know who can do that? Love her!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feed Me!

Once I start, I can't stop.

Kellogg's LCMs Split Stix in Yoghurty

Used to pick them up in bulk from Safeway(now renamed Woolies?) and quickly rush home to break open a pack.

I can eat a whole box in one sitting. Disgusting, I know. Then I'd feel too sickly sweet and lay off it for a week or so then get right back to my routine.

Sooooo addictive! They come in many flavors but my faves are the pictured Yoghurt and the Strawberry. Available at most supermarkets. Yum!

I am eating my 3rd bar as I type with one hand.. SMH

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It's funny..

.. how this picture can bring back so many memories.

♥ The cool, crisp air ♥ The giddy laughters on Mt. Sorak ♥ Surprised to find that we were going to be sleeping on rolled up mattresses on the floor ♥ The vending machines ♥ My first breath. Chocolate? Or was it floral? ♥ The sweet buns ♥ Street shopping ♥ Street vendor who led us into a hidden store-alley, and we followed ♥ My first taste of 삼계탕 (Sam gye tang: ginseng chicken soup) ♥ The amusement parks. Gyro Drop! ♥ The gossips exchanged on the bus ♥ The juniors who became 'friends' ♥ Local 'karaoke friends' we made on Mt. Sorak ♥ Jagi's little rendezvouz with a song writer ♥ Midnight visits to the convenience store ♥ Stocking up on snacks and Qoo drinks ♥ Snooker centres ♥ Picking up XXX cards on the streets ♥ Midnight shopping ♥ Saying 얼마예요? (How much?) like a local ♥ Being mistaken for a local ♥ Being mistaken for a Japanese ♥ Late night horror stories with Wong ♥ Waking up to Jagi's nightmare (blood soaked pillow, was it?) ♥ Sleeping together in one room ♥ Buying phone cards which had cute prints ♥ Keeping phone cards ♥ Watching local students eat instant noodles outside a 7/11 ♥ Eating bulgogi almost every day ♥ Strolling arm-in-arm with Jagi and Wong ♥ More shopping ♥ The clean streets ♥ The night lights ♥ KOREA ♥

It has been 8 long years since I visited. When time and finances permit, I would love to start on a 'Learn Korean in Korea' program.

Korea, I'll see you in 2012 (hopefully).

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Haul 2010

I know I made a list and Santa totally did not visit me this year (is it cause I sang the Diarrhoea Song?) but who needs him when I have people in my life who get me these:

A 500GB portable hard drive! I don't know how I managed without one before. Now I can store the movies and series I copy off people..

A super cute thumbdrive- my current one is only 1GB and I have been using it for ages.

A new phone cover! And yes, I like Hello Kitty.

A book by one of my fave fashion icons which I couldn't bring myself to buy..

A pouch to keep all my pins and tiny bits in. This I received by courier from Japan so it's really special..

A sewing kit to shorten my sister's skirts..

This I got myself.. Couldn't resist the puff

A shooting star.. I love it! *shining a little diamond~

Hey Santa, I don't need you! I got this myself to keep it all in..

Okay this wasn't a Christmas present but a gift from YiLeng when she went to the States a week back..

I also received someone to sleep with. So soft! All in all, it was an awesome Christmas.

Thank you baby for helping scratch another item off my MateriaList.. I love it! And to my Secret Santa Sen, I love you long time too.. while everyone was busy opening ONE gift, I had THREE! :D and to Mama who shouldn't have got me anything, thank you.

Despite being showered with gifts left, right, up and down.. the Lee family has also donated 4 big bags of clothes, stationery, toys and some shoes to an orphanage. Of course, this is not a 'Christmas activity' for us. We do this every few months. Once in a while I clean out my wardrobe and remove stuff which I haven't worn or used.

I can't stop my excessive buying but I can make this situation a win-win for everyone. By giving my stuff a new home, I know that some kid isn't going to be in tatters. A lot of people turn into hoarders because they can't let go of their old stuff. But think of it this way- when you give away the old, you make space for the new.

Charity starts at home and people shouldn't just limit giving to Christmas time. There are many unfortunate children out there who need a helping hand, and if you could look into your hearts and wardrobes- you'll see that everyone has something to offer.

What have you given this Christmas?

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Time waits for no one..

2011 is approaching fast and I need to make amendments in my life pronto.

I will be starting Project365 come Jan 1, 2011.

Project Strawberries didn't quite make it, but I will dedicate time to ensure Project365 reaches Day365.

This blog hasn't been much to me- except to document my random thoughts, places I've eaten at and skincare I've used.

Over the last few days I have read so many inspiring and funny blogs, one of which belongs to Karen Cheng, and it made me realize that in the near future, I would come to cherish these memories penned albeit in the cyber world.

I want to look back in the years to come, and remember all the things which brought joy to me and smiles to my face. In short, I want it to be meaningful.

This isn't for anyone but myself. And if someone happens to come across my blog and read what I have to say, then I thank you for dropping by.

Every day isn't filled with toasted marshmallows and foie gras and cute little puppies; and I won't pretend that it is. However, I will focus on the positives in my life, for I know I have it better than a lot of people out in the world.

I want to really live and not just eat, sleep, work kinda 'live'.

In 2011, I would like to:
1. cook & bake more (I swear I turned on my oven less than 5 times this yr.. once to make garlic bread SMH)
2. travel to at least 2 international & 4 local destinations
3. take more photographs
4. lose more weight (I lost 10kgs in the past 6 mths.. YAY)
5. spend wisely and buy mostly classic pieces for my wardrobe
6. exercise at least 3x a week (yoga, swimming, morning walks..)
7. appreciate the people around me more
8. save more

I'm a few days early for Resolutions but it's always better to be early than late right?

-taken at 290/183 City Road, Southbank, VIC (2006)

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's Greetings..

Received this in the mail today..

It's good to be a loyal member of any skincare/cosmetics brand for all the freebies they send. Of course being nice and remembering the SA's name helps too.

Laneige offers one of the better rewards/product redemption when you join their club. I redeemed this set a few months back but I just haven't gotten round to using them..

Laneige Sliding Pact EX and White Plus Renew Eye Treatment which comes with 4 eye masks. Both are full sized products and I have used the eye serum before. It is realllllly good! This set sits on the highest redemption tier and I used all the points I collected for it.

I have tried quite a few products from this brand and to be honest, most don't make much difference to my skin. They did initially but after that, the results werent that obvious.

My star products would be the Eye Serum above, the Sensitive Dual Enhancing Cream which comprises of an eye cream and a face cream, the Power Essential Light EX toner and the Yoghurt Scrub.

I have tried almost all their products from the sensitive line to the anti aging so if anyone has any questions, fire away! :D

My skin type? Combination, acne prone and highly sensitive. Lucky me!

Christmas is a day away and I have opened all my presents!! :C how could I!! Maybe I should buy myself something so I won't feel left out..

Btw Santa, you still haven't brought me anything from my list! Hve you forgotten where I live??

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project:ProductPurge Update!

Remember this post?

Yea well #1 has now been replaced with:

Etude House- Strawberry Lollipop Hand Lotion,
about 25ml? Bought in mid 2009 (I remember cause I just got back to KL and got this when I went shopping with Jagi), still smells the same- sweet and delicious and leaves my skin smooth and non-sticky! Too bad its discontinued. About 50% left and is now my office hand lotion.

"With a sweet strawberry scent, moisturizing hand lotion contains strawberry water, shea butter and tea water."

1 handcream down, 1092834 more to go. Har har.

But #2 & #3 are still around -_-". So much for finishing the Laura Mercier spray by end Oct. There is still 40% left! Grrr..

Have not bought any 'un-useful' cosmetics since then. Only shampoo (which I really needed), the cleanser and blush from Shu Uemura, SK-II essence set and the Guerlain primer.

I've been good, Santa! So will you plsplspls bring me everything on my ChristmasList?

I promise not to sing the cursed 'Diarrhoea Song' anymore if you do!

*Dinner on Saturday was fun, ambience was great but food was so-so. I've opened a few early Christmas presents and thought they weren't on my list they ARE things which I really needed. Thank you Secret Santa!! ♥

Thursday, December 16, 2010

WonderGirls 2010

I'm always behind in updating my blog/pictures on FB.

I actually wrote an entry a week before I went for the WonderGirls concert held at Genting but now they've come and gone and my post still isn't up -_-"

Anyway, last Sat 6 of us were at the concert and thanks to Jarg's parents, we managed to score free rooms (thank you Uncle & Auntie!!) which was great cause it was PACKED the day we got there and all the hotels were all at full occupancy. Our rooms came with a tub and separate shower. I ♥ bath tubs!! Warm water, bubbles.. they really do melt away the tension in your muscles, and leaves your skin so soft. Okay before anyone jumps to conclusions that I use the bathtubs at all hotels- let me clarify that this bathtub was sparking- like real clean and there was no cracks, grime, mould etc. I miss the times when I would soak in the tub (when I lived alone).

Genting was actually much colder than I expected and remembered! Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain the past couple of days. For those unfamiliar with Genting- it's a little piece of highland a few hours away from Kuala Lumpur city where there's a resort, themepark, golf course.. you get the idea.

It was a short trip, but we had many laughs. Honestly, I was just glad to be away for the weekend.

Picture roll!
#1. Taken at someone's grave wf wf "JagiBOY: Gee gee gee gee~"

#2. It was so misty on the way up!

#3. Obligatory shot with the Caterpillar

#4. Twins!

#5. Inside First World. I reaaalllllyyy like this bow but everyone sniggered when I said I wanted to buy it :c

#6. Our "Eiffel Tower". The last time I was here was during a class trip in 2002!!

#7. We got hungry so we had a late lunch. BBQ + Hotpot. So-so. "Last Christmas, I gave you.. diarrhoea~" HAHA

#8. ".. but the very next day, you pooped it away~"

#9. Tickets to WonderGirls 2010!

#10. 6 people, 6 iPhones, 1 iPad. Apple consumers much? Some games are really much more fun on the iPad!! Jargs rememb to fully charge plsplspls so I can play on Sat :D

#11. Like Pictureka! Gosh we were like a bunch of kids.. -_-" Played non-stop until it was almost time for the concert..

#12. Sen and I outside the Arena ♥

#13. L-R: WS, who is Jagi's boyfie and who coincidentally is born on the same day as I!, Roy, my sis, Jagi & I.

#14. And the concert starts!

#15. Dessert after. Yums! The mango slices arranged to resemble a rose actually tastes pretty good!

#16. Green tea cheese cupcake..

#17. The never ending corridor!

#18. DAY2- Still very misty!

#19. Loving my blazer ♥

#20. ♥ JagiBOY and I (:

#21. I wanna pinch MeiMei's cheeku here!

#22. Very nicely done up inside.. made with recycled material- plastic bottles, bottle caps, etc.

#23. Lunch at the Mushroom Farm!

#24. BEFORE: House Special Fish

#25. AFTER!

#26. Possibly our only group shot.. touristy much?

#27. Still misty after lunch so we decided to linger awhile..

#28. OMG why is WS holding newspapers here?! HAHA didnt notice till now..

#29. Ravin Rabbids..

#30. Cheap thrill :D

#31. Jagi letting WS be a target..

#32. It hurts! :D

#33. Then they started throwing and kicking it mid-air -_-"

#34. Meimei said to look at the guy behind WS HAHA

#35. *Stomp*!

#36. On the way home- its just Grape juice!

Summary: WonderGirls were not as good as I had hoped- or maybe cause Jargs spoiled me with FRONT ROW tickets for Super Junior 2010 and now there is no other seat I can picture myself at after that (will save that for another post). Super Junior 2011, anyone? :D

The WonderGirls can sing and dance, but just not both at the same time. I mean, that is pretty hard to do unless you're Lee Hyo Ri. Other than that, it was pretty good- they CAN sing, So Hee isn't all that bad and they all can speak decent English. Overall, I enjoyed them and my short getaway! ♥


P/S: I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow's audition! :D exciteballs!!!