Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's funny..

.. how this picture can bring back so many memories.

♥ The cool, crisp air ♥ The giddy laughters on Mt. Sorak ♥ Surprised to find that we were going to be sleeping on rolled up mattresses on the floor ♥ The vending machines ♥ My first breath. Chocolate? Or was it floral? ♥ The sweet buns ♥ Street shopping ♥ Street vendor who led us into a hidden store-alley, and we followed ♥ My first taste of 삼계탕 (Sam gye tang: ginseng chicken soup) ♥ The amusement parks. Gyro Drop! ♥ The gossips exchanged on the bus ♥ The juniors who became 'friends' ♥ Local 'karaoke friends' we made on Mt. Sorak ♥ Jagi's little rendezvouz with a song writer ♥ Midnight visits to the convenience store ♥ Stocking up on snacks and Qoo drinks ♥ Snooker centres ♥ Picking up XXX cards on the streets ♥ Midnight shopping ♥ Saying 얼마예요? (How much?) like a local ♥ Being mistaken for a local ♥ Being mistaken for a Japanese ♥ Late night horror stories with Wong ♥ Waking up to Jagi's nightmare (blood soaked pillow, was it?) ♥ Sleeping together in one room ♥ Buying phone cards which had cute prints ♥ Keeping phone cards ♥ Watching local students eat instant noodles outside a 7/11 ♥ Eating bulgogi almost every day ♥ Strolling arm-in-arm with Jagi and Wong ♥ More shopping ♥ The clean streets ♥ The night lights ♥ KOREA ♥

It has been 8 long years since I visited. When time and finances permit, I would love to start on a 'Learn Korean in Korea' program.

Korea, I'll see you in 2012 (hopefully).

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