Thursday, December 16, 2010

WonderGirls 2010

I'm always behind in updating my blog/pictures on FB.

I actually wrote an entry a week before I went for the WonderGirls concert held at Genting but now they've come and gone and my post still isn't up -_-"

Anyway, last Sat 6 of us were at the concert and thanks to Jarg's parents, we managed to score free rooms (thank you Uncle & Auntie!!) which was great cause it was PACKED the day we got there and all the hotels were all at full occupancy. Our rooms came with a tub and separate shower. I ♥ bath tubs!! Warm water, bubbles.. they really do melt away the tension in your muscles, and leaves your skin so soft. Okay before anyone jumps to conclusions that I use the bathtubs at all hotels- let me clarify that this bathtub was sparking- like real clean and there was no cracks, grime, mould etc. I miss the times when I would soak in the tub (when I lived alone).

Genting was actually much colder than I expected and remembered! Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain the past couple of days. For those unfamiliar with Genting- it's a little piece of highland a few hours away from Kuala Lumpur city where there's a resort, themepark, golf course.. you get the idea.

It was a short trip, but we had many laughs. Honestly, I was just glad to be away for the weekend.

Picture roll!
#1. Taken at someone's grave wf wf "JagiBOY: Gee gee gee gee~"

#2. It was so misty on the way up!

#3. Obligatory shot with the Caterpillar

#4. Twins!

#5. Inside First World. I reaaalllllyyy like this bow but everyone sniggered when I said I wanted to buy it :c

#6. Our "Eiffel Tower". The last time I was here was during a class trip in 2002!!

#7. We got hungry so we had a late lunch. BBQ + Hotpot. So-so. "Last Christmas, I gave you.. diarrhoea~" HAHA

#8. ".. but the very next day, you pooped it away~"

#9. Tickets to WonderGirls 2010!

#10. 6 people, 6 iPhones, 1 iPad. Apple consumers much? Some games are really much more fun on the iPad!! Jargs rememb to fully charge plsplspls so I can play on Sat :D

#11. Like Pictureka! Gosh we were like a bunch of kids.. -_-" Played non-stop until it was almost time for the concert..

#12. Sen and I outside the Arena ♥

#13. L-R: WS, who is Jagi's boyfie and who coincidentally is born on the same day as I!, Roy, my sis, Jagi & I.

#14. And the concert starts!

#15. Dessert after. Yums! The mango slices arranged to resemble a rose actually tastes pretty good!

#16. Green tea cheese cupcake..

#17. The never ending corridor!

#18. DAY2- Still very misty!

#19. Loving my blazer ♥

#20. ♥ JagiBOY and I (:

#21. I wanna pinch MeiMei's cheeku here!

#22. Very nicely done up inside.. made with recycled material- plastic bottles, bottle caps, etc.

#23. Lunch at the Mushroom Farm!

#24. BEFORE: House Special Fish

#25. AFTER!

#26. Possibly our only group shot.. touristy much?

#27. Still misty after lunch so we decided to linger awhile..

#28. OMG why is WS holding newspapers here?! HAHA didnt notice till now..

#29. Ravin Rabbids..

#30. Cheap thrill :D

#31. Jagi letting WS be a target..

#32. It hurts! :D

#33. Then they started throwing and kicking it mid-air -_-"

#34. Meimei said to look at the guy behind WS HAHA

#35. *Stomp*!

#36. On the way home- its just Grape juice!

Summary: WonderGirls were not as good as I had hoped- or maybe cause Jargs spoiled me with FRONT ROW tickets for Super Junior 2010 and now there is no other seat I can picture myself at after that (will save that for another post). Super Junior 2011, anyone? :D

The WonderGirls can sing and dance, but just not both at the same time. I mean, that is pretty hard to do unless you're Lee Hyo Ri. Other than that, it was pretty good- they CAN sing, So Hee isn't all that bad and they all can speak decent English. Overall, I enjoyed them and my short getaway! ♥


P/S: I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow's audition! :D exciteballs!!!

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