Monday, December 27, 2010

Time waits for no one..

2011 is approaching fast and I need to make amendments in my life pronto.

I will be starting Project365 come Jan 1, 2011.

Project Strawberries didn't quite make it, but I will dedicate time to ensure Project365 reaches Day365.

This blog hasn't been much to me- except to document my random thoughts, places I've eaten at and skincare I've used.

Over the last few days I have read so many inspiring and funny blogs, one of which belongs to Karen Cheng, and it made me realize that in the near future, I would come to cherish these memories penned albeit in the cyber world.

I want to look back in the years to come, and remember all the things which brought joy to me and smiles to my face. In short, I want it to be meaningful.

This isn't for anyone but myself. And if someone happens to come across my blog and read what I have to say, then I thank you for dropping by.

Every day isn't filled with toasted marshmallows and foie gras and cute little puppies; and I won't pretend that it is. However, I will focus on the positives in my life, for I know I have it better than a lot of people out in the world.

I want to really live and not just eat, sleep, work kinda 'live'.

In 2011, I would like to:
1. cook & bake more (I swear I turned on my oven less than 5 times this yr.. once to make garlic bread SMH)
2. travel to at least 2 international & 4 local destinations
3. take more photographs
4. lose more weight (I lost 10kgs in the past 6 mths.. YAY)
5. spend wisely and buy mostly classic pieces for my wardrobe
6. exercise at least 3x a week (yoga, swimming, morning walks..)
7. appreciate the people around me more
8. save more

I'm a few days early for Resolutions but it's always better to be early than late right?

-taken at 290/183 City Road, Southbank, VIC (2006)

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


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