Friday, December 31, 2010

Social rebirth

I've been out late two nights this week which is a major improvement in my social life. Usually during weekdays it's Home >> Work >> Home.

Had dinner at The Pressroom tonight with some girlfriends. It was really good catching up and reminiscing about our days in Melbourne. The food was good too..

Everything was good! 2 Seabass, 1 small pizza, 1 Dauphinoise potato, Duck Confit and Lobster risotto.

I had the Duck Confit and a bit of everything else and I must say, I am impressed with this place.

We also had a Chocolate Volcano and a Lime & Thyme Sorbet. The former didn't quite cut it, I've tasted better. And the latter is something different- it's the first time I've had a creamy sorbet. Tasted pretty good too. (Jagi, we'll go again after the 49th day alright?)

When I got home Mama presented me and Meimei with these..

Hurrah for Clarins cardmember perks! I lovelovelove beauty products.

A new cleanser to try out!!

I also picked up 2 scarves from Zara during lunchtime. Btw, the Sale started today, but the only thing I was interested in was a Camel jacket with black lapels but they didn't have my size :C oh well, more money saved then.

I shall end this post with a picture of my shopping, eating, cooking, everything buddy in Melb. YL aka Misha. We used to see each other so often it was as if we lived together.

She's a real good driver.. steady, able to maneuver tight parking spots in a big car, plus she had an audience in Melb on Lygon street watching her park in a really tight spot without any assistance. She even got a round of applause when she got out. How many girls do you know who can do that? Love her!

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