Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2012 whizzed by so quickly, I don't even know how 12 months went by just like that.

For me, I really stepped out of my bubble and comfort zone the last year. So many changes took place in my life; I got out of a long-term relationship, my family welcomed a puppy into our home, I put my career on hold to travel solo to Nepal for a few months and taught English there- one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

Career-wise, I count myself lucky to love what I do now. I don't want to share too much, but I can say that as a reformed beauty products hoarder, I am really happy to be offered a job where I can explore and learn more about the industry. The brand which I work for is also one which I hold very high in regard even before I was an employee. Their products as well as what the brand stands for truly impresses and strikes a chord with me.

I've learnt to let go of many things, material-wise and mentally; and have also begun to appreciate life even more. I find that I am a much happier person in the past months, harping on what has passed doesn't change nor solve anything. The key lies in myself, my thoughts, and my actions.  

Growing up and accepting my responsibilities as an adult is something I would need to catch up on, watching my sister get her finances on track has really inspired me to work out my own as well.

So! In 2013, I aim to achieve the following:

1. Get my finances on track- it's time for some real (bags and shoes don't count) investments
2. To visit at least one foreign place/country and maybe Melbourne as well
3. Get more active (yoga, tennis, badminton!)
4. Read more! In 2012, I read a pathetic number of 4 books- one of which was a Lonely Planet Nepal.
5. To significantly downsize my beauty stash by end 2013 (or sooner)

Material wants will take a fallback in 2013 *fingers crossed*, priorities have to be set straight. Can I just mention that one thing I am really proud of myself for is that the whole of 2012, I did not buy any bags. Not a single one. I even made my sister run through my things just to be sure. Well, I did get a overnight bag but that doesn't count.

One pair of shoes in, two pairs out doesn't seem to make a dent in my shoe cabinet so I am declaring it a 3 pairs out minimum instead. I hope to make more progress in the shoes department.

The one thing I am allowing myself to indulge in is Chanel makeup releases, especially their polishes. Other than that, all my extra moolah would be going into the bank.

Gratitude and patience are two things which I will practice more this year; I have so much to be grateful for; and well, patience is a virtue, not to mention something which I lack.

Changes are inevitable, but how you choose to react ultimately determines how the situation turns out.
Here's to another awesome year ahead!



  1. i wish i had half as much as self control as you did (re: shoes and bags!) in 2012 T______T

    happy new year, better things are yet to come!

    1. Well if i had been doing as much travelling as you, i wouldve done the same as you did hehe :D

      happy new year to you too! and yes, better things are to come our way (:

  2. I was looking for nail polish and Google has sent me to you. :) You have a lovely blog.
    Have a great 2013!!!
    Greetings from Germany, Mariana

    1. Hi Mariana, thank you for dropping by (: Happy New Year to you too!