Sunday, March 30, 2014

Makeup: An evening look (recreated)

This is actually my first time posting a step-by-step of the makeup products I used to recreate a look. I wouldn't call it a tutorial as I am by no means fit to give any makeup advice, the way I have been doing it has been the same for many years (boring!!!) and I very rarely use eyeshadow.

I used to shy away from eyeshadows as I felt they only looked good on double-eyelids and deep-set eyes; I myself have hooded lids/monolids/single-eyelids. And it seemed like so much work, blending and picking colours every morning. On most days I just draw on thick eyeliner and rush off to work. 

Just recently I had my makeup done by a professional for a friend's wedding, the artist was really good and managed to "open up" my eyes without using excessive glitter or shimmer. A reader also liked the look and asked if I remember what colours were used (Hi, Linh!), unfortunately I don't. But the look I recreated below looks somewhat similar, so I hope it helps! 

There will be pictures of my semi-bare face below, so please be kind! LOL. Below is what the makeup artist did for me:

I products that I will be using: 
Clockwise: Chanel Charming palette, Estee Lauder eyeshadow in Pale Moon (shimmery lilac), Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Bone, Bobbi Brown gel liner in Black, Estee Lauder palette 

Here, I already have Clarins BB Cream on my face and lightly drawn in my brows:

For evening looks or dates I usually put on falsies or eyelid stickers as they help create a crease which looks better in pictures. Below, I am using eyelid stickers. I have also used Bobbi Brown Bone on my whole eye area. It acts as a base and evens my skintone.

I don't think there are and rules when it comes to colour selection, I have used as little as 1 colour to up to 3 colours for a look before. As long as the colours match, it should be okay.

I used the shimmery brown, 3rd from right
And the middle colour, a darker brown

I used the shimmery brown first on the entire eyelid, followed by the darker brown which only covers about 3/4 of the eyelid area. 

After blending the eyeshadow so that there are no jarring lines between the two colours, I drew on eyeliner and ended it with a little flick at the end. (Sidenote: After I removed my makeup only did I realize I forgot to use mascara, and also the sunlight has washed out the colours so you can't see the shadows properly! Will aim to take better pictures next time.)

With lippie and contact lenses
The Estee Lauder shadow in Pale Moon, a soft shimmery lilac) was applied last to the inner eyes in a "V" shape. This made my eyes look brighter and in photos it looked really nice as well.

Finished off with Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle, Chanel blusher in Frivole and some contact lenses from Fresh Look in Brown. I only wear my lenses when I attend parties or weddings, so I am not blind when someone across the rooms smiles or waves at me. Also, its so that I don't mistakenly wave at a stranger (it has happened a few times LOL).

So, what do you think? Similar?

I really used to avoid applying eyeshadow as they seemed to make my eyes appear smaller, but I guess it all comes down to knowing what techniques works for your eyeshape. Monolids can look good with eyeshadow too! For me, I never change my eyeliner shape as I am really happy with it.. I just need to practice using eyeshadow to find more colour combinations. 

Hope you enjoyed the post! If you have any tips for monolids, please do share them (:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Little ball of fur!

Presenting the cutest, most adorable, obedient, lovable dog I have ever met... Choko!

Choko is a apricot poodle who wears a tuxedo (white chest and marking on feet), he loves sleeping, car rides, walks in the park, his stinky tennis ball and enjoys eating riceballs.

Choko circa mid 2013

His temperament fits our family dynamics so well and we all love him so much. Choko is also very well-trained and allows us to snuggle him for long periods (something which I enjoy doing every night!). Poodles generally don't shed much, but we do brush him daily- else he looks unruly.

Choko's baby tooth! So cuuuute

Having him in our family has brought nothing but joy to our lives. He's made us laugh so much and even when he does nothing, we can't help but coo over how adorable he is. Understandably, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm I have for dogs, these people don't necessarily hate dogs but would rather just not touch one- stray and domesticated ones alike. I know of friends and even relatives who are like this, but once they meet Choko, they all *LOVE* him! Snuggling him, taking pictures, wanting to kidnap him. He just draws people to him and we can't figure out what it is!

This extends to people who encounter Choko on his daily walks around the park where I live, many not knowing our names (walker of the day would be either my parents, my self or my sister) but would ask us, "Is this Choko?", remembering the dog but not the owners LOL. Strangers have come up asking for pictures, saying he looks like a bear, asking my parents if they could breed Choko. There are also runners who whiz by, but not before waving or smiling to Choko- whilst ignoring the walker-of-the-day. This is the norm and has happened many, many times. LOL.

Choko turned 2 in March, but he will always be a puppy to us..


A week ago, Choko had his first roadtip.. he was so good and we didn't have any issues at all. Everything was on schedule, eating, pooping and even pee-ing (we brought his pee-pads). I did however have a slight concern when we were heading out for dinner.. we were leaving him all alone, free to roam, in a house which he had never visited until that day. We came back 3 hours later to a eager pup sitting by the door and no mess or ripped furniture in sight *phew* I knew you were a good boy!

His favourite neck pillow LOL

Okay, enough of adorable Choko pictures, I shall end the post with the "real" Choko LOL, I laughed so hard..

Why are you laughing at me? What??
BAHAHAH.. we love you Choko!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travels: Melbourne, Sept 2013

Melbourne, a city which will always hold a special place in my heart.

A friend asked why I would revisit Melbourne over and over again, why not spend the money and time exploring another country? There is only so much I can see and do this lifetime, and I am contented revisiting this beautiful place which I once called home. 

I understand the whole idea of a holiday is to travel to places unseen, discover and revel in all that it has to offer, but sometimes I just want to get away and enjoy the familiar things I have come to love. It's like when people who live in the city travel back to their hometowns for some relaxation; a little extravagant but Melbourne is that special happy place for me.

I am forever thankful that my parents gave me the best they could, and gave me their support when I decided to spend those years abroad. The essential years I spent growing up between 18 - 23, discovering who I am and moulding myself were all spent in Melbourne. So many memories I hold dear, places which have stories to tell, experiences which can never be bought.. perhaps it is nostalgia which keeps me going back.. but as long as I have the time and finances for my yearly trips, and as long as it still makes me happy, I will go.

Months overdue, but here are some snippets of what I did my last visit...

I always miss the convenience of trams and trains..
Shopping for a friend..

Friday, March 21, 2014

Empties: January & February 2014

The first Empties post of 2014! I've combined both the months as there weren't many finished in January. My skin hasn't been behaving this well since.. I don't even remember.

My skin has improved so much, and I've learnt that expensive skincare doesn't necessarily mean it works better. I have become one of those purchasers who scrutinize product labels- I have a need to check how high "alcohol" and "parabens" are on the list (the higher volume, the higher it is on the ingredient list). I understand that sometimes alcohol and parabens are necessary to keep the product fresh and stable but I would rather it not be the first few ingredients on the list. From personal experience, my skin reacts very badly and would just turn dry, itchy and then break out.

I am still fine tuning my regime but here are a few things I've been using:

1. Garnier CleanSensitive 2-in-1 Gentle Make-Up Remover, 200ml
My last bottle lugged back from previous Melbourne travels, it is one of the best I have used as it removes both budge-proof Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and even face foundation very well. Not available in KL, but if it was I would definitely repurchase.
2. sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 125ml
3. Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion 200ml
4. Clarins Gentle Refiner 50ml
5. Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel Moisturizer 15ml [Travel]
6. Clarins Multi-Active Day Moisturizer 15ml [Travel]
7. Clarins Multi-Active Night Moisturizer 15ml [Travel]
8. snoxin Serum 30ml

9. Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Creme & Honey Lip Butter
10. Melvita Apicosma Body Milk 30ml [Travel]
11. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Body Lotion 10ml [Sample]
12. Aesop Gentle Scalp Cleansing Shampoo 30ml [Travel] I have been looking for this shampoo but did not see it stocked in the counter, perhaps repackaged/out of stock? It does work well and leaves my scalp feeling clean but not stripped. Will try to hunt this down soon.
13. Clarins Satin Finish Body Oil 

Total January & February: 13

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#Dannisa (Dan & Isa)

2 Sundays ago one of my closest girlfriends got married! She's the second one in the group and it was all very exciting, the customary jip san leong (where Bridesmaids lay out a set of tasks for the Groom and his men to complete before they can get to the Bride), tea ceremony and lastly dinner reception.

Isabel and I met at college and we continued our studies together in Melbourne; funny thing was we both didn't know that the other was going to be in the same city. Nothing happens by coincidence, and from that one Friendster message (yes, Friendster! Not Facebook LOL) our wheels of friendship were already set in motion. I don't think either of us knew then that our friendship would blossom and become what it is today.

She has grown to be a great friend, and I can not thank her enough for the support and crazy laughter she has provided throughout the years. Her husband is an amazing man, kind, thoughtful, turns into a professor when tipsy/drunk but most of all he truly loves her and it is apparent to all around them.

Congratulations, Daniel and Isabel! 

Bridesmaids galore! Ala Oscars selfie style..
Myself, YL, XC
Awaiting the arrival of the Groom & his Men..
SY, an upcoming Bride in August, & I.. can't wait~
Makeup for the morning was kept simple, BB cream, eyeliner, blush and a natural lippie.

The Groom arrives!
Men in tights LOL Gearing up to perform "Can't Touch This"- MC Hammer
We had a few tasks prepared for them and one of the Bride's requests was that the Groom had to dance and sing (separately) as one of the challenges. This isn't to humiliate him and his Men but more to have him do something he otherwise would never. They did get a few weeks to practice so they were sorta prepared. What they didnt expect though, were the colourful pants!

Sundaes on Sunday!
Our version of tim-shuen-fu-latt (sweet-sour-bitter-spicy), very nicely presented, no? Starting at the bottom- chopped bittergourd with square of dark chocolate, Mars bar with caramel sauce, crushed biscuits with wasabi paste and frozen Greek yoghurt with 2 lemons chopped and squeezed in. Yums! LOL

Groom singing One Direction's "One Thing" complete with guitar & backup singers
It was so heart-warming to watch the Groom start off nervous and shaky but towards the end he was so into it and even doing hand gestures! After this last hurdle, there was a tea ceremony with the Bride's family and off we went to the Groom's home.


The Newlyweds!
At the couple's new home..
Blushing bride and I...
After a photo-session we headed to the hotel room to rest, have our hair and makeup done and wait for dinner at night. The ever gracious Bride arranged a room for us to go crazy in (we did; ordered room service, laughed hysterically and squealed like a bunch of highschoolers at a sleepover). It is really rare to get everyone together these days and this was such a good catch up.


Ynez & Nadya


Us on stage after the march-in...
Loved my sister's hair, done by Sato, 76Style Mont Kiara

Party people at Table27! My friends are so pretty!!
First married couple in our group
To-be-married couple!
From Melbourne to KL 
End of the night- tipsy, lying on the plush Shangri-La bed, sniffed my bouquet, ate the deeelicious chocs and fell asleep

But not before capturing some silly antics the guys were up to LOL.

Wishing you both happiness and joy as you start a new chapter in life!!

♥ ♥