Monday, March 3, 2014

Roses de Chloe

I've never come across a rose scent which I loved until I sniffed Roses de Chloe (and Paul Smith Rose but that bottle was gifted and that's another story).

Most perfumes do not agree with me as I have a sensitive nose and would often get migraines due to certain flowers used or if the scent was too strong. A perfume is special, unique as it smells different on everyone after it settles and warms into your skin. Which is why I always test-run a fragrance, either by sample vial or spraying at the counter, and walking around before committing.

Instagram version with filter
Original shot
Posting two of the same picture as I think I took a good shot LOL

Many rose-based scents do not smell nice on me, even diptyque's rose which is a beautiful scent (on paper) left me with a grassy note.

Roses de Chloe is a scent I enjoy sniffing over and over again, the rose-note isn't overpowering and leaves me feeling warm and comforted inside. Funny way of describing it but most of my floral perfumes make me feel this way.

I was going to hold off buying any perfumes until I finished one more but I couldn't resist when I saw the freebies on offer! A 75ml perfume, coin purse, body lotion and vial.. selling for the same price as a single 75ml? Too good to pass up.

Female rationality: Spending to save.

No more perfume purchases for a long time!


  1. ohhh xen you're so lucky!! this set looks AMAZING!! omgosh i wish i lived in asia.. they dont have freebies like this here.. or in the US.. every time i go to asia i always end up buying so much cosmetic/beauty because they tell me i'm going to get something free lol! i think they know how much we asian people love free things HAHA.

    i loveeee love rose scents!!! i'll have to check this out next time i'm shopping!! thanks for the review :)

    lol yes.. reveal soon!! hehehe

    well i have gotten the wet & wild in my eye once or twice.. it's not so bad for me i don't think it stings very much.. but the reason i really use it because it's waterproof. you definitely want to get the H2O one.. because it's SOOO waterproof.. like i have super oily lids.. and eyeliner use to run and smudge everywhere.. but with this.. it actually takes me a lot of work to get my eyeliner off at the end of the day lol!!

    lol yes my husband the romantic.. lol.. he just likes being fed hahaha!

  2. I've never smelled that perfume before, but the bottle sure is pretty. I think that way too, telling myself that you have to buy something because it's so inexpensive or such a good price. It's definitely a sign that the marketing guy is doing a good job.

  3. I've smelled the original and classic Chloe scent before but not their rose version. I have the same problem as you. I cant have all fragrance on me as I would tend to get very nauseated by the scent and might even suffer from headache. I've only found a few scent that work well on me. There's a love-hate relationship with rose perfume too. I really love rose out of all the flower scent but somehow, they have a very bad after-note that smells. Chloe rose sounds promising especially since we suffer from the same problem!

    BTW, I'm holding my 2nd blog giveaway. There are Kimmidoll, L'Occitane, Crabtree n Evelyn and Fleurfaerie stuff to be won. Feel free to check it out and participate if keen. Have a lovely Sunday!