Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Empties: February 2012

1. SANA HADANOMY Collagen Mist, 90ml
I am a sucker for packaging, when this line debuted I didn’t even bat an eyelid. But when they came out with the Limited Edition heart packaging, all of a sudden I had to have it! This mist contains collagen and smells of roses but not of the sweet variety. I use this on my face and neck after my toner. It doesn’t break me out and my face does feel more supple when I use it. Repurchase? Maybe after I finish my other mists.

2. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, 30ml
This trial size was a GWP (Gift with Purchase), I took it along to Melbourne in Dec/Jan and this lasted me for more than a month. I use it nightly after my toner (and mist) and sometimes in the morning. This essence is really worth every dollar, while I was using it regularly (a year ago) I did notice my skin to be more refined and radiant. Repurchase? Most definitely! After I get through the unopened bottle first.

3. BATISTE Dry Shampoo (Diva), 150ml
This product is one of my must-haves! I always have a can on my dresser as I only wash my hair about 3x a week. I have long, thick hair which I prefer to air-dry and this takes forever, so if I get home late, I don’t wash my hair. I never really use the hairdryer (though I own one), not even in Winter. This product soaks the oil up and leaves the hair smelling clean and also gives it volume. Comes in a few scents too! My only gripe is that it is not available where I live. Repurchase? YES!! And in bulk!!

4. ADIDAS Women 3 Action Deodorant, 35ml
I received this in a goodie bag, the scent is nice and it is also a good size for travel. However it has been sitting for way too long on my dresser so I used it on my feet as well. Repurchase? No, I still have another can waiting plus I am trying to phase out using deodorant.

5. LANEIGE Star White Cream, 50ml (old formula)
My sister abandoned this whitening face moisturizer a long while ago in favor of Anna Sui’s prettier packaging (sidenote: a nice scent + pretty packaging does not equate to a great product! The Anna Sui was eventually demoted to elbow/foot cream *boo* ) so I picked it up as a neck and elbow cream. While it was great on my face for Melbourne Winters, it feels heavy for the tropical country I live in now. Repurchase? No.

6. HADA LABO Retinol Lotion, 170ml
Touted as the alternative to SK-II’s FTE, I bought this a year ago after I finished my first FTE bottle thinking I could save major moolah. I used it the same way I did the FTE, after toner, before serum. In the first few months my skin did experience smoothness and the fine lines on my forehead seemed to disappear, but after that, nothing. I demoted it to arms/legs lotion status as I do all my other rejected serums and moisturizers. Because it is such a huge bottle and you only need a little bit, it took me AGES to finish this. Repurchase? No.

7. GARNIER Clean Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, 150ml
Not to be mistaken with the awesome 2-in-1 Gentle Make-up Remover, this water-based product was shared between my sister and I when we had our eyelash extensions done (oil-based removers loosen the lash adhesive). This product is so gentle that it couldn't even properly remove my light eyeliner. I gave it a few weeks before I decided to bin it. Repurchase? Neverrrrrr.

Total products emptied: 6
Thrown out: 1

P/s: Happy Birthday to those who only get to celebrate their real birthday once every 4 years!♥  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Empties/Project X Pan

I actually wanted to blog about my new regime (sidenote: so far so good! someone in the office commented on my skin condition yesterday and actually asked if I was doing anything different. YAY!), but before I get to that post I want to share what I have been doing with my beauty products for the month of February.

Not too long ago, I put myself on a shopping ban. I was not to pick up any bags nor cosmetics/beauty products. While I did very well in the bag department, I still found myself splurging at almost every Chanel makeup launch in 2011 on top of the occasional body lotion here, mask there, kinda purchases. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a bag of unopened products while I was cleaning out my room and rearranging furniture. By the way, I am finally getting customized wardrobes for my room, with help from Jagi (where are my 3D drawings?! Haha) and I can’t wait to have them ready!! Anyway, I digress.

I honestly don’t know if I should be happy for “rediscovering” those products or feel guilty for making purchases I don’t remember. Even though I’ve been buying much much less, I’m definitely not using as much/fast as I should.

Quite a few beauty blogs spring clean their stash by doing monthly “Empties” or a “Project 10 Pan”. As the name suggests, Empties is where you’ve managed to “empty” a product and Project 10 Pan is where you “hit-the-pan” on powder pressed products such as eye shadows, powders or even palettes. It’s a great way to finish up products and also keep track of what you’ve used before.

I am thinking of doing this instead and writing shorter reviews of the products. February ends in a day, so we'll see how many products I have gotten through (:

P/s: Project365 has not disappeared, it has just been moved to another site :D

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fixing my skin..

Battling with acne as a teen can be horrible but battling acne as an adult is even worse! I have struggled with acne since I was 14, from the tiny pesky bumps to the cystic painful ones which make you cry, I have had them all.

Along the years I have tried many products: Oxy, Akne-mycin, Proactiv, Clinique, Mario Badescu.. you name it, I most probably have tried it. At 16, I was regularly taking pills from a skin doctor to keep my skin clear. I stopped after 2 years thinking they were gone for good. I was wrong! They came back eventually, and it got so bad- to a point where it hurt so much and there were clusters of bumps on my cheeks, forehead, even chest. Waking up to blood on my pillowcase was nothing new.

One doctor recommended Roaccutane but I was hesitant because of the side effects. After some research I decided to take birth control pills to control my hormones. Within a few months, everything cleared up. They worked very well, my skin looked SO GOOD.

Then about 5 years ago, I started to become more aware of the things which I put in and on my body and I figured if the problem is internal, the more reason for me to heal naturally. Taking pills didn’t fix my acne, it just suppressed it. So I stopped taking the pills and tried more natural approaches. I still get break outs these days, but they aren’t as raging and clustered anymore.

All the harsh acne skincare I used over the years has left my skin very sensitive, dry (on the surface) and to make matters worse there are many tiny bumps under the skin along my jawline. I would upload pics, but I will spare you the horror (note: it looks like milia but dozens and dozens of them. Ick). The beautician whom I visited mentioned that they were all “stuck” under my skin because the surface is too dry and I need to soften the layer of skin before they can pop out.

Many people think that suppressing pimple is better than having it grow and pop. I feel that the saying “better out than in” applies here. The reason why a pimple forms is because the pore is congested, so if all you do is push it back down the hole, it WILL come back out- so why not get it out and let it heal (using the proper products, not squeezing and poking- that only damages your skin).

My skin condition has never bothered me (much) because my cheeks and forehead are relatively clear and who notices/looks under your jaw anyway? But the older I get, the more I feel the need to get rid of these bumps. I want to maintain my skin and let it be the best it can be. I can fake a smooth face with makeup but I would much rather have a smooth canvas to begin with.

So, yesterday I picked up the credit card and signed up for an intensive facial package. A huge chunk of my saving is gone, but it will be worth it. Using luxurious serums and skincare will not get rid of these impurities, and not to mention be a total waste on my current skin condition. Into storage they go.. (waves to SK-II) for now. The beauty house which I signed up with gave me a cleanser and moisturizer which would be better for my skin. I’ve never heard of the brand Tedoger before so I did a little Googling..

“Lab TEGOR was founded in 1933 in Spain. Combining the reach of traditional medicine and naturopathy, the company has developed unique solutions using natural ingredients under professional cosmetological line TEGODER COSMETICS. Created in their own labs, these products which combines skincare, spa therapy and homeopathic remedies are for salon and home use.

Our products are the reflection of the perfect combination of the most modern and rigorous natural active principles.”

I've used them last night and this morning (they smell lovely! despite the weird name) and will write more on the products I am using. Before pictures were also taken this morning so hopefully I will see improvements in a month.

Maybe sometime in the near future I will be able to pluck up the courage to post these pictures. Wish me well on my journey to achieve clear skin!