Thursday, July 25, 2013

Skincare which doesn't cost the Earth

That's sukin's tagline. As I grow older, I find that my skin feels more comfortable with gentle and plant based products. When I was younger all I wanted to see was quick results, it didn't matter what was in the formula as long as it achieved what it promised. These days, I scrutinize ingredient lists, how the formula works, is it harsh and filled with chemicals.. the questions go on.

Sukin's whole range is very affordable, smells beautiful and best part is it doesn't contain parabens. I have tried a few of their products and I honestly think this brand is not getting the recognition it deserves.

The texture and packaging of the Foaming Facial Cleanser really reminds me of Aesop cleansing gels which I have tried (is it a coincidence that both brands are Australian as well?), the only difference is the price, scent and I found sukin to be more gentle on my sensitive skin. I find myself deeply inhaling the scent every morning, and it leaves my skin refreshed and soft but not stripped. I am not searching for a cleanser at the moment as I am very happy with this and have stocked up.

The Facial Moisturizer also smells really nice, I add in a few drops of Clarins' Lotus Oil before I use it. It is lightweight, did not cause my skin further problems but I wouldn't repurchase as I am looking into anti-ageing products more these days.

LOVE the Hydrating Mist Toner. The BEST I have tried, only gripe is that it's 125ml so I have to pour it into a smaller spray for travelling.

The Facial Scrub is also very gentle, it is a creamy paste with fine bits of walnut shells and did not irritate my skin further even when I had nasty bumps all over.

Even the deodorant doesn't smell offensive (I had to hold my breath previously when I used aerosols), doesn't make ME smell offensive and best of all there is no residue. The scent is very similar in all their products; comforting, clean, but not herbal.

Sukin also has a range of shampoos, masks and shower products in their range but I have yet to check those out. This brand is definitely a keeper!

*Please note that some of these products are already in my previous Empties, I currently only have the Cleanser and Deodorant in use.


  1. I haven't tried many Sukin products before, but the ones I have tried, I really liked! Must check out some of these other products! Thanks for the reviews! xx

    1. Hi Jasmine, you're welcome! It was the same with me, I really liked that one products (Hydrating Mist Toner) and then I thought why not check out the whole range! They really do not get enough raves love love love! ;D

  2. I love your posts about skin care. I have never heard of Sukiri before, now I wonder if they are available in Europe... Thanks very much for the review!

    1. Hi Sara, Thank you! sukin is an Australian drugstore brand, I would imagine it would be harder to locate in Europe. Just like how it is almost impossible to find Bioderma or La roche posay here (: