Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pies & Cake

Simple ingredients, easy to put together and so delicious.
Bacon & egg pies, egg hearts for Choko
Bacon & Egg pie with cheese, cracked pepper and rosemary
(Need: Bacon, bread, eggs, cheese, butter- the rest optional)
1. Butter/Grease a muffin tray, line with bread or pastry sheet
2. Add a rasher of bacon, crack an egg into it (there may be excess egg white, keep aside for egg hearts)
3. Sprinkle some cheese, cracked pepper and rosemary
4. Shove into oven and bake for about 15 minutes
5. Eat!

Egg hearts
1. Whisk remaining egg whites from above and pour into moulds (no butter if serving to furry friends)
2. Bake until set
3. Serve to friends, family or even doggies!

Different colours of cake batter

Pink ombre butter cake with cream cheese frosting
(Need: Butter, flour, cream cheese, food colouring, sugar, vanilla pod/essence, eggs)
1. Use a butter cake recipe of your choice and whip up batter
2. Separate batter into 4 bowls, add food colouring (a little goes a loooongg way)
3. Bake cake layers
4. Once done, wrap in clingwrap and refrigerate overnight
5. For frosting, use a firm cream cheese recipe so it holds shape
6. Layer away!

*Tip: Frost your cake layer by layer and refrigerate at least an hour before adding next layer of cake. This prevents the top layers from "sinking" to the bottom.

I used a mixture of Betty Crocker's Cream Cheese frosting + normal cream cheese + confectioners sugar to make my frosting. Never again will I use store-bought frosting! It tastes so much better made with 100% real cream cheese and vanilla.

I will attempt this cake again because I wan't happy with neither the taste nor texture.

Any ideas what to do with the remaining 1.5 tubs of Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting?


  1. Hi Xen!
    WOW ... the Bacon and Egg Pie looks sooo great. I will definitely bake. The cake is beautiful but I can not bake biscuit ... always fails me.

    Greets Mariana

    1. Hi Mariana! The recipes I use are always the fail-proof ones, do let me know how you get on with the Bacon and egg pies if you do attempt them :D

  2. That looks like such a beauty! Xennnn, you're making me hungry ^_*


    1. Hi Huong, your food posts which I read through at night are no better! Leaves my tummy growling away ;D