Thursday, October 28, 2010


Running out of oil makeup remover- currently using CHANEL White Essentiel Gel Makeup Remover.

Pretty good, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, it's not cheap but comes in a huge tube so it works out fine. Some people might not like it as it's scented- kinda perfumey.

Its the launch of Japan Week where I work and I couldn't resist the Shu Uemura x Aya Takano Christmas 2010 collection. They had so many cute items- eyelashes, eyeliners, brush set and eye colours but I was good and only picked what I need.

Cleansing oil and a gel blusher.

My one and only pink blush (I have had this since yr 2000) from Red Earth is finally starting to crumble and what a good time to replace it! One of the better collections from Shu Uemura, I love it! MYR 110 for the cleansing oil 150ml and MYR 90 for the gel blush.

This would be my first time using Shu products, I hope I don't break out or anything.

P/s: I don't know how to rotate pics on my phone. Will fix the pics later..

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pump it up

Fugg me.

Didnt think i'd make it back home.
I didn't stop for gas because *gasp* I don't know how to fill my own tank. That night was the first time I learned how.

Me: is it in all the way? (refering to gas pump)
Mama: yes, just press on it..
Me: how do you know it's in all the way?
Mama: it is! now hurry and fill it up before the cc transaction voids
Me: what if the petrol sprays all over the car cause it's not in properly?
Mama: *clearly annoyed* (walks over to press..)
Me: it won't budge!
Mama: put some strength in it! It's not gonna spray out..
Me: there's a reason why they put paper towels and a bucket of water at each station..
Mama: I can't believe you don't know how to do this..

God I can be annoying.

I remember one time Jagi told me to fill her tank while she grabbed something from the kiosk..
Jagi: it will automatically release and bounce up when it's full
Me: ok!
(less than 1min later it bounced up so I hopped back in the car to wait)
Jagi: (turns on engine) did you even fill the tank?
Me: *confidently* Yah, it bounced up already.. Very fast too!
Jagi: Did you press it again?
Me: No?
Jagi: -_-" you didn't fill the tank full..

Lesson of the day:
I am a bimbo when you least expect it so be concise with your words because I take it very literally!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Never had the chance to meet you but I'm sure you would've been a dear.

I believe in reincarnation.
I believe that this life is only one of the many lifetimes I have already been through.
I believe that everyone has a lesson to learn this lifetime and if you don't truly make amends, you will keep coming back to the same mistakes you have made.
I believe in karma.
I believe that all the things I have or don't have are all due to my past decisions.
I believe that if you don't appreciate all that you have this lifetime and make full use of it to move on to the next level, you may very well have to go through it all again.
I believe that all things living have a spirit as I do, only difference is the form we take.
I am very lucky to have this perfectly healthy 'human' body and I really shouldn't abuse it.

Hell to me is not as portrayed in the movies, where there is eternal fire and the devil rules. Hell is our present state. Here, now. There is a saying that newborns cry when they are born because they realize they have to walk this Earth again.
I am no Christian, neither am I a Buddhist, Hindu nor am I a Muslim- why do we need labels to define what we believe in? Should one religion exclude the other just because they seem to believe in a different 'God'? The ultimate basis of each religion is LOVE.

"You have created a culture based on exclusion, and supported it with a cultural myth of a God who excludes.

Yet the culture of God is based on inclusion.

In God's love, everyone is included. Into God's Kingdom everyone is invited.

And this truth is what you call a blasphemy. And you must. Because if it is true, then everything you have created in your life is false. All human conventions and all human constructions are faulty to the degree that they are not unlimited, eternal, and free."

-Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God, Book 3)

I won't judge you for what you believe in but everyone has a right the right to question what they doubt. You have your beliefs as have I, but blind faith is a form of ignorance to me. Who's to say that a blind isn't leading the blind? Again- not judging, merely stating what I see. Religion is such a sensitive subject to talk about without offending someone.

Look at things with an open mind and heart, there is no need for such hatred and misunderstanding to go around.

Fresh blood

Fugg you DVD player!!

Hope it doesn't scar T_T

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tough choice..

I can't decide.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sanuki Udon @ Jaya One

Woot! Remember the map to my next Jap eatery to try out? Turns out I didnt have to travel all the way to Taman Desa OR speed eat at Wisma Cosway!

The infamous Sanuki Udon made by chef Fujimoto (namedropping wf! he used to be a Manager where I work) is now available at Marufuku! They officially opened yesterday at Jaya One and it's just behind Fontera and Muse. It is kinda hidden and if you're unfamiliar with the place you might just miss it.

Have been thinking of popping my Sanuki Udon cherry for some time but just didn't have the time to go all the way to Taman Desa. I was doubtful when JagiBOY told me early this week that the new restaurant in Jaya One (cause of his job, he knows whowhatwhich outlets are opening/closing) may very well be the much raved about Sanuki Udon. So we gave it a go last night after my BB treatment.

I had the House Special Udon. I am a meatlover but this is so good! Was pleasantly surprised. Their Chilli flakes are yums too! You can have it hot or cold and its only MYR6.

JagiBOY had the Original Soup Udon.. the broth was light and full of flavour. We also ordered a serve of Karaage and a Momo Yakitori, it was good! The yakitori smelled like satay BUT the taste is completely different. Tender and juicy /om nom nom.

*All photos above courtesy of Marufuku's Facebook page.

Total damage done was only MYR20 for 2 teas, 2 udons, a stick of yakitori and a serve of karaage. Left feeling just nice but not overly full. Prices are very affordable for the quality of food- the most expensive udon on the menu is MYR10.

Would definitely be back to try the other varieties! ♥
Sidetracking: At our recent company dinner, he was present and it was very obvious how well-received he was by the ladies ;D Well, what is there not to like about a tan, well built, good looking guy, and he cooks too!

He doesnt look his age AT ALL! JagiBOY said he saw a bunch of girls ogling a hidden chef as he walked past in the afternoon. I don't blame them. One colleague was even brazen enough to ask him for a ride home! HAHA.


P/s: Tickets to Wonder Girls 2010 Live have been secured! Dec 11, 8pm. Hurrahhhh!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Telephone #1

A compilation of conversations I've had at work.

PrintingCo: Hello?
Me: May I speak to MrX?
Printer: He's on the other line. Who's this?
Me: This Xen from..
PrintingCo: (cuts in) He's on the other line.
Me: (about to say something)
PrintingCo: He's on the other line. I'll get him to call you back.
Me: Ok
*I hang up*

Me: Hello, Xen speaking.
Lady: Ms D!
Me: Sorry? (on purpose)
Lady: Ms D!
Me: What?
Lady: Ms D?
Me: This is Xen.
Lady: Is Ms D there?
Me: Hold on
*transfers call*

Me: Good Afternoon, XXCompany, Xen speaking.
Lady: Who's this?
Me: Who are you looking for?
Lady: MrK.
Me: MrK is in a discussion..
Lady: (cuts in) He is the Dept. Manager right? Are you his executive?
Me: Yes..
Lady: Who's this?
Me: Xen.
Lady: Jen?
Me: Zen.
Lady: Jian?
Me: ZZZZZennnnn.
Lady: Oh Jen.. (airport announcement can be heard)
(Lady keeps quiet to listen)
Me: .... (about to hang up)
Lady: (continues without an apology) Is it possible for me to meet you and MrK?
Me: What is this regarding?
Lady: We are actually seeking a sponsorship.. yadayada
Me: (cuts in) Sorry this is the XX Dept. You need to look for MrW.
*transfers call*

Girl: Hi may I speak to Xen?
Me: Speaking.
Girl: Hi Xen, this is XX calling to enquire about the proposed project?
Me: Yes, you called yesterday.
Girl: Oh, I did? So have you taken a look at the proposal?
Me: *indisbelief* Yes I did and I gave you my reply yesterday.
Girl: *chirpily* Oh! So what was your reply?
Me: Since you have forgotten that we spoke, I guess you are not as keen on the project. We would not be interested anymore. Thank you for your proposal.
Girl: ... (at a loss for words)
Me: Goodbye.

Have we lost our phone etiquette in the 21st century?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sealed with a kiss

Yummy creamy cubes of love..

Coconut flavour, sealed until Nov 19. Can't wait!

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Ignorance leads to incompetence..

I wanted to keep this blog free of emo/angsty posts lest it becomes like my old blog but I guess it's human nature to want to vent/rant/bitch or 'express yourself' or whatever you want to call it.

Ignorance and incompetence are almost at the top of my 'List of things which tick me off'. I also believe that they go hand in hand.

Before I begin, I would like to say that there is a difference between 'people who help others' and 'enablers'. The former judges and helps when needed. The latter, who just enjoys the fact that anyone asked them anything and comes running to help- also helps creates an INCOMPETENT person.

What happened: I was driving this morning and I was cutting into the fast lane(note there was a huge gap between motorcyclist and my car)- being a responsible driver, I signalled long enough for him to note before I turned in. So what happens? The minute my car starts to cross the white line, the rider starts blaring his honk. Even when he is a good 2.5 cars away and then speeds up to zoom past me.

To rider: WTH is wrong with you? Which driving school did you attend? Because I sure don't remember anything about taking other cars' signalling as a sign for you to speed up and close any gaps! And you even have the audacity to blare your puny honk at me?! At times like these I wished it rained everyday just so I wouldn't have to put up with you ignorant motorcyclists.

I know not ALL riders are like that BUT it would be safe to say that more than half of the motorcyclists I observe on the road daily are like that! I have yet to have a 'wth is wrong with that rider' day. With so many fatal road accidents involving motorcyclists, you'd think that they would at least be more wary and cautious when they ride with cars. Because of their ignorance, the death toll for motorcyclists rises each year.

(I speak for myself, while OtherXen always tries to empathize with the other party and tries to see where I may have missed out. In other words, making excuses/reasoning why some people are that way. Our conversation..)To motorcyclists: 1. You dont own the roads so please stop using your honk as a signal for us drivers to make way for your highness. OtherXen: But if they don't use the honk, drivers probably can't see them and may hit into them! You may use your honk to create awareness of your presence but other than that, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to start blaring 10 feet away and then zoom past us.

2. You are also not allowed on certain roads and tunnels so stop using them- if not dont come crying/complaining about us drivers who dont 'care' about the poor hurt riders when you get hit/run over. OtherXen: Maybe they missed the signs? The signs are there for a reason so please pay attention. And don't tell me that motorcyclists cant read cause they are poor, hence the bike, and didnt get an education. Cause the sign is a picture of a dude on a bike with a huge red CROSS on it!

3. Also, only 2 people are allowed on a bike at any one time. I find it acceptable to have 3 (if the kid is tiny and puts on a helmet) but not 5!! HOW CAN YOU HAVE 5 PEOPLE ON AT ONE TIME. I don't know if the parents are just slow or what and I dont want to be racist but I have only seen Malays doing this. OtherXen: But you can't blame them, they have a big family and this is their only means of transport. Not everyone can afford cars. Ya ya, if you can't afford so many, then don't have so many. If your religion says you can't use protection then har har no sex for you then. Doesn't your religion teach self control anyway? Stop bringing children into a world where you not only can't provide but you also put their safety at risk. By the way, have you heard of the BUS? I personally don't ride the bus because of many reasons but since you are THAT desperate to get somewhere, I guess the bus is acceptable for you? Cheap, safe and reliable on most days. Heck, it is even FREE for kids to take the bus (or do they charge half price these days? not too sure). So no excuses about why we should be 'compassionate' towards people who have other means.

4. Why do you guys like to hog the road? Can't you just ride back to back as opposed to side by side SLOWLY and TALK to the next bike. Yes! I have seen this before. OtherXen: Maybe they were asking for directions? Should I wind down the window, slow down, forget that I do not own the road and ask the next car when I am lost?

If the Govt. can run ads on the radio to remind us drivers to be wary of motorcyclists, they can also station traffic police at major roads (which are prohibited to the riders) to book offending motorcyclists. If you are going to start an awareness campaign, you have to target it at all parties involved! Dont tell me that they cant book offending riders because they cant afford to pay the fine. Then dont commit the crime! Stop being an enabler and contributing to this. You can warn the drivers but you let these motorcyclists off the hook and roam the streets and when an accident occurs, almost always the finger is pointed at the bigger vehicle just because injuries sustained are not as serious as the rider.

I can try to be more aware of them and 'look out for them on the road' and even put up with their 'I-am-king-of-the-road' attitude but there are people who wont. Ignorant= expecting people to be aware of YOUR circumstances but you don't do the same for someone else. Incompetent= devoid of qualities/skill needed for effective action.

My mama says I have too much rationale in me for my own good. Not everything can be explained rationally(but I can try!) and that I have this perception of how people generally should be. And I shouldn't because I would drive myself crazy wondering why some people just dont have basic common sense.



On a brighter note, Royce' must have read my mind because they brought the COCONUT flavour back! Hoorahhhhh!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Can I take one home?

Casting at the Dance Studio..

...very well behaved and sweet.
My first time working with kids, am glad it went well.


End product..

Sisters Mayumi & Miyuki..

Eibhie & Angelene..

Can you guess who I'd like to take home?

Friday, October 15, 2010

All packed..

.. and ready to go!

Another 31897645 hours till I get off work. I predict today to be a looooooong day.

Cant wait to kick off my shoes, lie back, eat some hot pot and drink a mug of hot sweet jasmine green tea. Everyone needs to get away sometimes. I don't like to see myself being caught in the rat race cause there are more important things to me than being a corporate robot.

Rules I follow @ work:
1. Leave on time, but ONLY if I have completed work set out for the day.
2. Prioritize and be efficient to finish work on time. So that No.1 is possible haha
3. Never bring work home. A home is a place to relax.. I dont like to mix it up unless I need to work till 12am. Which would never happen!
4. I don't entertain late requests/last minute work- ESPECIALLY if I know the person(s) could have asked for help sooner. I don't sit around waiting for a charity case.
5. No getting pissed drunk with colleagues/people I work with. Cause shit happens when you get drunk.
6. Don't divulge too much info about yourself. Please keep it professional, I don't want to hear you whine about your day or how your bf forgot to buy you breakfast.
7. Always suck it up and take responsibility for your work.
8. No finger pointing- find a solution, not a scapegoat.
9. ALWAYS stand up for own ideas and talk it out rationally- even with superiors who doubt you. If you doubt yourself, everyone else will too.
10. Enjoy what you're doing and do it happily- if you can't seem to find anything enjoying about your job, I suggest you look for a new one.

You can't buy time. Make the most of it.


On a side note: I am still in disbelief over how you were arrested for drug possession, at a foreign airport no less. It shocks me because you are smart, well-educated, and come from an elite family. It is no secret that you're a user, but you didn't have to be so blatant about it. So much for being streetwise, huh? Some say you're serving 4 years now, others think your dad could've easily got someone to sit in there for you. Either way, the damage is done. What matters now is what you will do when you get out.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Green Tea!

Way back before they started bottling sweet Jasmine Green Tea/adding milk/making green tea fraps at Starbucks, I had my first mug made by Kim and I fell in ♥ love.

I used to be a purist with food and drinks. I couldn't have sweet before salty/savoury, and I would only have my green teas without anything in it, and I also refused to eat anything chocolate flavoured because it's just wrong. Okay, I still don't eat (much) chocolate flavoured food because I believe chocolate is meant to be savoured and enjoyed in huge chunks and blocks. Like foie gras. And raw salmon. Mmmmm. But I think I am more accepting these days.. I can accept salmon which is not too cooked, having my egg tarts before siew mais at dim sum and I now have copious amounts of milk and sugar in my green teas (:

Today's tea is TenRen's Jasmine Green Tea with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar in my 11 yr old Harro Kitty mug.

While on the topic of green tea, I wish Royce' would make this flavour permanent:

Royce' Green Tea Soft Chocolate.. ♥
I bought like a box each week just cause we finished them too quickly and I was craving for more. They have a limited flavour each month, and last month's was Rum. Tried it, me no likey. Pleasepleaseplease bring this flavour back. And while you're at it, could you make the Coconut permanent too? Smooth, milky, creamy and devoid of any dried coconut flakes. ♥ Lovelovelove. Bring these flavas back, Royce'! For those who don't already know, I don't like coconut flakes at all. I would pick them off slowly and meticulously from my Ondeh-ondeh until it shines and shows only smooth green skin.

Enough food talk. I'm supposed to be on a diet, but I've attended 2 wedding dinners 2 weekends in a row. This Sunday will be my 3rd. And another at the end of the month :C How am I going to lose enough weight for Christmas? At this point, I am so upset I am just going to open a pack of Tim Tams (imported, and so not worth it) and stuff myself.

I kid, I kid. Will just finish up my tea and be good.

For now. ;D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 ♥ Loves...

1. Alice of Wonderland in Paris!! ♥ ♥
This came in the mail a few weeks ago, can't wait to rewatch with Meimei and jagiBOY.

2. I finally bought a set of Acca Kappa brushes.
They don't come cheap but soooo worth it. The bristles really feel different on your scalp! When I was 14 or 15 I used to brush my hair 100x before I slept.. I really did count. Used a few TheBodyShop brushes previously but these are so much better!

3. The best Mushroom Salad hands down.
Where to find it? At any Delicious Cafe. If you like mushrooms (fungus har har) go for it! I want some nowww.. :C

Friday, October 1, 2010

Poco Handmade!

JagiBOY and I have decided that when we do eat out these days, we will try a new place. No falling into routines and going back to a certain place just cause 'I like the chicken/ pasta/dumplings/cake etc' or even worse 'It's close by..'. So I did a little research online and found this hidden place in Bangsar- Poco Homemade

Interior of Poco Handmade..

Poco Handmade is- Quaint, original, homely and yummy! Not much variety to the menu but the dishes we ordered were yumss.. their drinks are pretty interesting too. I had a Fairytale- loved it ♥ .

Scraps of cloth make a drink menu..

Their miso soup is unlike the miso served at many other Jap joints- this one really caught my attention because the taste was very subtle yet full and the tofu in it was SMOOTH cubes! And it doesn't taste like the miso you buy from the Jap section of the supermarket (I know because there was a point of time in my life I drank miso soup almost everyday wf wf). I judge a Japanese joint by the miso soup they serve and Poco Handmade gets a bigggg ♥HEART♥.

their food menu is in a photo album!

We had the Omelette rice and the Katsu Curry Rice. Portions are so-so, left feeling just nice- not bloated. The chicken in my Katsu Curry was awesome! Handsdown the best katsu I've had in a while. The chicken was still tender, juicy and crispy on the outside! Again, most Jap places have it too crumbed/it just tastes too dry and hard. Another ♥ for Poco.

okay curry.. yet to find the taste I've grown accustomed to in Melb..

The place is filled with quirky comics and when we were there, the owner was actually drawing. Great music, ambience and plenty of photo ops! ;D

Overall a pretty nice place. Would definitely be back to try their Tofu Cheesecake. The only place I knew which served it disappeared after I returned from Melb.


A snack and the map to our next Jap place to try!

With so many weddings coming up in the month of Oct, hopefully we'll have the time to check it out.


On a separate note, I received a belated (8 mths wf wf!) present from V.. :D thank youuuuu! I ♥ it! Now to scratch another item off my Materialist..

Eiffel tower from my sis and Roy, Red Heels from Veevern, the rest from Mama ♥

Souvenirs from Shanghai!

Can't wait for my next holiday. 9pm traffic in the city shits me. Especially on Fridays.

P/S: It's meimei's birthday today.. she turns 20 this year. I havent been able to celebrate her birthday with her for almost 7 years because we're always in different countries and at this time of the yr, there isn't a break long enough for me to fly home.. regardless of the no-show at your birthdays- I love you mucho, meimei.. can't wait for you to be home!!