Thursday, October 21, 2010

Telephone #1

A compilation of conversations I've had at work.

PrintingCo: Hello?
Me: May I speak to MrX?
Printer: He's on the other line. Who's this?
Me: This Xen from..
PrintingCo: (cuts in) He's on the other line.
Me: (about to say something)
PrintingCo: He's on the other line. I'll get him to call you back.
Me: Ok
*I hang up*

Me: Hello, Xen speaking.
Lady: Ms D!
Me: Sorry? (on purpose)
Lady: Ms D!
Me: What?
Lady: Ms D?
Me: This is Xen.
Lady: Is Ms D there?
Me: Hold on
*transfers call*

Me: Good Afternoon, XXCompany, Xen speaking.
Lady: Who's this?
Me: Who are you looking for?
Lady: MrK.
Me: MrK is in a discussion..
Lady: (cuts in) He is the Dept. Manager right? Are you his executive?
Me: Yes..
Lady: Who's this?
Me: Xen.
Lady: Jen?
Me: Zen.
Lady: Jian?
Me: ZZZZZennnnn.
Lady: Oh Jen.. (airport announcement can be heard)
(Lady keeps quiet to listen)
Me: .... (about to hang up)
Lady: (continues without an apology) Is it possible for me to meet you and MrK?
Me: What is this regarding?
Lady: We are actually seeking a sponsorship.. yadayada
Me: (cuts in) Sorry this is the XX Dept. You need to look for MrW.
*transfers call*

Girl: Hi may I speak to Xen?
Me: Speaking.
Girl: Hi Xen, this is XX calling to enquire about the proposed project?
Me: Yes, you called yesterday.
Girl: Oh, I did? So have you taken a look at the proposal?
Me: *indisbelief* Yes I did and I gave you my reply yesterday.
Girl: *chirpily* Oh! So what was your reply?
Me: Since you have forgotten that we spoke, I guess you are not as keen on the project. We would not be interested anymore. Thank you for your proposal.
Girl: ... (at a loss for words)
Me: Goodbye.

Have we lost our phone etiquette in the 21st century?

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