Friday, October 1, 2010

Poco Handmade!

JagiBOY and I have decided that when we do eat out these days, we will try a new place. No falling into routines and going back to a certain place just cause 'I like the chicken/ pasta/dumplings/cake etc' or even worse 'It's close by..'. So I did a little research online and found this hidden place in Bangsar- Poco Homemade

Interior of Poco Handmade..

Poco Handmade is- Quaint, original, homely and yummy! Not much variety to the menu but the dishes we ordered were yumss.. their drinks are pretty interesting too. I had a Fairytale- loved it ♥ .

Scraps of cloth make a drink menu..

Their miso soup is unlike the miso served at many other Jap joints- this one really caught my attention because the taste was very subtle yet full and the tofu in it was SMOOTH cubes! And it doesn't taste like the miso you buy from the Jap section of the supermarket (I know because there was a point of time in my life I drank miso soup almost everyday wf wf). I judge a Japanese joint by the miso soup they serve and Poco Handmade gets a bigggg ♥HEART♥.

their food menu is in a photo album!

We had the Omelette rice and the Katsu Curry Rice. Portions are so-so, left feeling just nice- not bloated. The chicken in my Katsu Curry was awesome! Handsdown the best katsu I've had in a while. The chicken was still tender, juicy and crispy on the outside! Again, most Jap places have it too crumbed/it just tastes too dry and hard. Another ♥ for Poco.

okay curry.. yet to find the taste I've grown accustomed to in Melb..

The place is filled with quirky comics and when we were there, the owner was actually drawing. Great music, ambience and plenty of photo ops! ;D

Overall a pretty nice place. Would definitely be back to try their Tofu Cheesecake. The only place I knew which served it disappeared after I returned from Melb.


A snack and the map to our next Jap place to try!

With so many weddings coming up in the month of Oct, hopefully we'll have the time to check it out.


On a separate note, I received a belated (8 mths wf wf!) present from V.. :D thank youuuuu! I ♥ it! Now to scratch another item off my Materialist..

Eiffel tower from my sis and Roy, Red Heels from Veevern, the rest from Mama ♥

Souvenirs from Shanghai!

Can't wait for my next holiday. 9pm traffic in the city shits me. Especially on Fridays.

P/S: It's meimei's birthday today.. she turns 20 this year. I havent been able to celebrate her birthday with her for almost 7 years because we're always in different countries and at this time of the yr, there isn't a break long enough for me to fly home.. regardless of the no-show at your birthdays- I love you mucho, meimei.. can't wait for you to be home!!

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