Thursday, July 21, 2011


I only intended to pick up the Avene Cleanance K moisturizer but I got stuck at the Liese section looking longingly at the Chiffon Beige dyes. The B-liv masks (only MYR 5) were screaming to be picked up at the cashier counter and after resisting the Skinlite cucumber pads for many months I finally caved in. They were on Sale too (MYR 8 I think?). I do use face mists and this Caudalie Grape Water spray looked so lonely sitting by itself on the shelf (last bottle) plus it was cheaper than Avene so I grabbed it too.

Staff purchase week ends tomorrow and I cant believe it slipped my mind. Am thinking of a Shu Uemura cleansing oil, maybe a day moisturizer, or a Chanel lippie?

Must. Resist. Temptation!

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  1. so what did u get for staff purchase? i have caudalie too, and i think its better than avene! also also that bliv mask! hehe. it's my turn tmr. i've stayed in control for way too long~~ *feels like forever*

  2. oooh do share how it all goes! esp the masks!

  3. hey xen!
    it goes that way for me every single time i shop! sometimes i buy so much stuff that i forget to get the thing i actually wanted to buy >__>
    about the eyeliner: it's pretty easy to remove because it's not waterproof! it's actually summer in germany right now but it doesn't really get hot these days :C it's so rainy and cold right now it's ridiculous! if you want to try the liner, i can send you one ;)

  4. xc: just a Shu Uemura cleanser! haha these sheet masks are really piling up in the drawer.. how many MBDMs do you have left?

    yumeko: all sheet masks feel the same to me, but i will report back if there is any irritation or if they are super awesome (:

    lippi: thats so sweet of you! :D i will keep your offer in mind. thank you (: