Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Things I ♥

I was tagged by Lippi and to narrow down all the things I love into 10 points is no small feat, because I do enjoy a lot of things- but here are my top LOVES in no particular order ♥.

1. SHOES! ♥
circa 2008 in Melbourne
I go a little weak in the knees whenever I walk past a Shoe shop on SALE. Cheap, expensive, heels, flats.. they all appeal to me. Super high were my favourite in the past, but these days I stick to platforms and moderate heels.

Taiwan streets
Every year I try to do a bit of travelling (with great company of course!)- it doesn't have to be somewhere exotic or foreign. I just love soaking up the culture, food, people, lifestyle and everything my destination offers. It is interesting to see how in different parts of the world and country, things are done differently than where I live. I would want to try everything once but I am not very open to (unusual) local delicacies- I generally won't do insects, testicles, brains or eyeballs. Other meat/body parts I think I can handle.

Never ceases to amaze me, the things we are able to do today compared to 10 years ago. I can communicate with my sister who is an 8-hr plane ride away for FREE. Voice, messages, videos, games before we sleep. It's like she never left home. I can get shopping advice from Jargs/request to see Melbieco even late at night. Browsing the Internet and shopping is even possible via a mobile phone these days! Totally unheard of back in 2001! 

4. CHANEL! ♥
Mine someday (:
I probably sound materialistic, but I really do love Chanel, the brand, for both beauty and fashion. Bags, makeup, fragrance, nail polish, earrings and necklaces. I spent a small fortune on these things even before I started earning my own money (I saved up from my monthly allowance), I consider bags and accessories from this brand an investment- they will last me for many years to come.

*pic not mine*
When I own my first home, I would most definitely want a bathtub to go with. I find it so relaxing and for that 20 mins I only focus on how the water temperature feels, the tension melting away.. bliss!

I enjoy being behind the lens as much as being in front. Moments are really hard to capture but when I manage to get that one perfect/imperfect shot, its gold. These pictures tell a story and each time I look at it, the memory plays back like a tape. I can feel the laughter, scent, and emotion when that particular shot was taken. The same goes for great shots by other people- sometimes you can just feel what the subject/photographer is trying to photograph.

My current makeup/skincare drawer of new products
When I just came home 2 yrs ago *read*
No explanation necessary.

*pic not mine*
Little balls of fur! Dogs are the cutest when they are puppies because they do the silliest things. They walk clumsily, have no coordination with their paws and playthings, they eat so enthusiastically, soft paws, they are just cute! *snuggles* So amusing to watch them play on their own.

Bourke Street
Shira Nui, Melbourne
I have never been to a more well-planned and convenient city, everything you would need is within your fingertips. Public transportation is readily available and most tram lines run past your doorstep (if you live in the city). The food is excellent, because they have so many different nationalities which migrated there, you can find authentic Japanese, Korean, Greek, Italian, French, Thai.. the list goes on. They have beautiful parks and old buildings within the city and shopping is great too.

10. FOIE GRAS! ♥
This is the last on my list but it doesn't mean anything- I really enjoy foie gras, duck and goose. The texture, the taste, oh I can't even describe it. It is so rich, but not disgustingly so. Most people think that it is cruel to force feed an animal to fatten it up, but did you know that ducks and geese have no gag reflex nor do they feel any pain during the process? It is no different from rearing chickens in coops or injecting cows with rGBH for their milk.

Those are my top 10s, and I am now tagging Jagi, BabySen & JagiBOY.

Note: I purposely left out friends and family from my list, but it doesn't mean I don't love them! :D


  1. Was amazed with your shoe, make up and skin care collection! Can't say more! :)


  2. hope you had fun doing the tag game XD omg your shoe collection is HUGE (but still very nicely organized)!! and it even says 2008 which means by now it's even huger :O i'm definitely a shoe-holic too :D shoes and handbags! the photo with the jumping person is really cool :)

  3. Krizza: Thank you! I am trying to downsize though, and curb unnecessary spending (:

    Lippi: I did have fun! :D my shoe collection might have gotten smaller because I have been throwing out the old ones and I have also stopped impulsive shoe shopping. the cool photograph is of my sister's bf.. he was doing all sorts of crazy poses i am just glad i managed to get a few good shots! hehe