Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chanel Polish: Rouge Allure Gloss Collection

Was shown these swatch sticks over the weekend, but even the SA had no idea which collection it will be from.

They haven't had their training done so she wasn't able to share any details, only that this collection will be launched after the Fall Collection États Poétiques. These Chanel nail polishes kinda remind me of previous ones- Cinema, Accessoire and a basic Beige-y tone.

635 Expression
639 Exception  
633 Intention   

They don't look unique from the swatches, might just pass on the whole collection. Anyone has any ideas which collection they may fall under?

edit: These polishes fall under the Rouge Allure Gloss Collection and will be launched in October. Thank you, Sara for tracking down the info!


  1. OMG!
    This is a great sneek peak you got there!
    Let me post your blog all over internet, right now ;-)

    I am sure these are from Spring 2015, which will be released in 4 months from now.
    I hope you are doing fine, long time no hear but I check your blog frequently :-*

  2. Hi Xen,
    I just got the information and thought I would let you know.
    These are from Rouge Allure Gloss Collection which will be released in October.
    You can find more information about it here;

    1. Thank you for the info!! I love how the other Chanel enthusiasts are often more aware of new launches/colours compared to the SAs.

      Wow those lip allures look so good! I've been slacking on commenting, just reading through these days :X hehe Hope you've been well, Sara!