Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Empties: June 2014

Finished up another bottle of Clarins Lotus Face Oil, I really love this face oil! I've gone through so many bottles that I've actually lost count. This is one of the best products I have ever used on my (then) acne-prone, congested and sensitive skin. Love love love!

When I was younger I had really bad acne and tried the whole Proactiv range for about a year (saw it on late night tv and signed up after watching all the amazing results and testimonials lol). It was one of the worst things I did for my skin honestly, the formula was too drying for my face. It did clear up the small little yellowheads but it dried my skin out so bad and I was left with a tight face, and cystic acne instead. I received the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash as a gift and was a little apprehensive at first (I vowed not to use Proactiv ever again) but I'm glad I tried this! I started slow, once a week, then a few days and finally when my night cleanser (REN Clay Cleanser) ran out, I used it nightly. My skin is relatively clear, so I can't tell if it does help with acne, but they have definitely improved the formula as there is no tight feeling and my skin does feel smoother and clean.

I have been using the Clarins Total Cleansing Oil for quite some time now and I quite like it so I will continue to repurchase. It takes off my makeup very well and doesn't clog or irritate my skin.

The Melvita Organic Cornflower Floral Water came in handy for mornings when I get too lazy to properly tone with a cotton pad. It is supposed to be soothing and can be used on the eye area. Nice, but I prefer the Rose Water.

Lastly, is a Sohum Sugar Musk & Grenadine Body Cream which I was very reluctant to finish. There was a period when my room used to be scented the same as I was always burning a candle from the range. Brings back so many sweet memories. Aside from that, the formula is also lovely, like whipped butter but not at all greasy and leaves the skin so soft and supple. Might repurchase when I visit Melbourne!

And that's all for the month of June~

Total January - June: 63

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