Saturday, June 30, 2012

Empties: June 2012

Just a quickie this month..

They were all good except for the Maybelline Nude Glow(200) lipstick which I had to throw out because the colour just did not suit me nor anyone else in the house. It was a gift and though it looks really nice in the tube, it actually applies on a bit pale on my lips; making me look sickly.

SK-II cleanser was great, so was the CLARINS Whitening Velvet Emulsion which absorbs really quick and leaves a velvety feeling on your face.

I also went through another can of Batiste dry shampoo, LOVE this stuff. My fave scent would probably be a toss between Diva and Blush.

The rest of the products were okay, but I probably wouldn't repurchase them.

Total products emptied: 6
Total thrown out: 1
Total: 7
Total Feb- June: 51


  1. Xen!! This is Ee Wen!! How are you? Love your Empties post.

    1. Hey Ee Wen, you found me! hehe Its awesome hereeee

  2. Fast and prompt even while you are away! well prepared.. shame on myself *slap forehead*

  3. Hi, can i kno where u gt urs Batiste dry shampoo? TIA!

    1. Hi Lilash, I bought Batiste from Priceline in Australia. I don't think they are available in KL at the moment. Thanks for dropping by!