Friday, October 22, 2010

Sanuki Udon @ Jaya One

Woot! Remember the map to my next Jap eatery to try out? Turns out I didnt have to travel all the way to Taman Desa OR speed eat at Wisma Cosway!

The infamous Sanuki Udon made by chef Fujimoto (namedropping wf! he used to be a Manager where I work) is now available at Marufuku! They officially opened yesterday at Jaya One and it's just behind Fontera and Muse. It is kinda hidden and if you're unfamiliar with the place you might just miss it.

Have been thinking of popping my Sanuki Udon cherry for some time but just didn't have the time to go all the way to Taman Desa. I was doubtful when JagiBOY told me early this week that the new restaurant in Jaya One (cause of his job, he knows whowhatwhich outlets are opening/closing) may very well be the much raved about Sanuki Udon. So we gave it a go last night after my BB treatment.

I had the House Special Udon. I am a meatlover but this is so good! Was pleasantly surprised. Their Chilli flakes are yums too! You can have it hot or cold and its only MYR6.

JagiBOY had the Original Soup Udon.. the broth was light and full of flavour. We also ordered a serve of Karaage and a Momo Yakitori, it was good! The yakitori smelled like satay BUT the taste is completely different. Tender and juicy /om nom nom.

*All photos above courtesy of Marufuku's Facebook page.

Total damage done was only MYR20 for 2 teas, 2 udons, a stick of yakitori and a serve of karaage. Left feeling just nice but not overly full. Prices are very affordable for the quality of food- the most expensive udon on the menu is MYR10.

Would definitely be back to try the other varieties! ♥
Sidetracking: At our recent company dinner, he was present and it was very obvious how well-received he was by the ladies ;D Well, what is there not to like about a tan, well built, good looking guy, and he cooks too!

He doesnt look his age AT ALL! JagiBOY said he saw a bunch of girls ogling a hidden chef as he walked past in the afternoon. I don't blame them. One colleague was even brazen enough to ask him for a ride home! HAHA.


P/s: Tickets to Wonder Girls 2010 Live have been secured! Dec 11, 8pm. Hurrahhhh!


  1. myr 6?!?! *rushes home *om nom nom nom*

    we gotta start learning lyrics for their songs! HAHAHA.. all i know is


  2. i think you are the 1st one who blog about marufuku

  3. sounds good.. noodles are not part of coffee diet tho.. WTF.. *nudge nudge..* i had pork noodles straight for one whole week in diff places.. i should review food too.. haha!