Friday, October 15, 2010

All packed..

.. and ready to go!

Another 31897645 hours till I get off work. I predict today to be a looooooong day.

Cant wait to kick off my shoes, lie back, eat some hot pot and drink a mug of hot sweet jasmine green tea. Everyone needs to get away sometimes. I don't like to see myself being caught in the rat race cause there are more important things to me than being a corporate robot.

Rules I follow @ work:
1. Leave on time, but ONLY if I have completed work set out for the day.
2. Prioritize and be efficient to finish work on time. So that No.1 is possible haha
3. Never bring work home. A home is a place to relax.. I dont like to mix it up unless I need to work till 12am. Which would never happen!
4. I don't entertain late requests/last minute work- ESPECIALLY if I know the person(s) could have asked for help sooner. I don't sit around waiting for a charity case.
5. No getting pissed drunk with colleagues/people I work with. Cause shit happens when you get drunk.
6. Don't divulge too much info about yourself. Please keep it professional, I don't want to hear you whine about your day or how your bf forgot to buy you breakfast.
7. Always suck it up and take responsibility for your work.
8. No finger pointing- find a solution, not a scapegoat.
9. ALWAYS stand up for own ideas and talk it out rationally- even with superiors who doubt you. If you doubt yourself, everyone else will too.
10. Enjoy what you're doing and do it happily- if you can't seem to find anything enjoying about your job, I suggest you look for a new one.

You can't buy time. Make the most of it.


On a side note: I am still in disbelief over how you were arrested for drug possession, at a foreign airport no less. It shocks me because you are smart, well-educated, and come from an elite family. It is no secret that you're a user, but you didn't have to be so blatant about it. So much for being streetwise, huh? Some say you're serving 4 years now, others think your dad could've easily got someone to sit in there for you. Either way, the damage is done. What matters now is what you will do when you get out.

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