Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ignorance leads to incompetence..

I wanted to keep this blog free of emo/angsty posts lest it becomes like my old blog but I guess it's human nature to want to vent/rant/bitch or 'express yourself' or whatever you want to call it.

Ignorance and incompetence are almost at the top of my 'List of things which tick me off'. I also believe that they go hand in hand.

Before I begin, I would like to say that there is a difference between 'people who help others' and 'enablers'. The former judges and helps when needed. The latter, who just enjoys the fact that anyone asked them anything and comes running to help- also helps creates an INCOMPETENT person.

What happened: I was driving this morning and I was cutting into the fast lane(note there was a huge gap between motorcyclist and my car)- being a responsible driver, I signalled long enough for him to note before I turned in. So what happens? The minute my car starts to cross the white line, the rider starts blaring his honk. Even when he is a good 2.5 cars away and then speeds up to zoom past me.

To rider: WTH is wrong with you? Which driving school did you attend? Because I sure don't remember anything about taking other cars' signalling as a sign for you to speed up and close any gaps! And you even have the audacity to blare your puny honk at me?! At times like these I wished it rained everyday just so I wouldn't have to put up with you ignorant motorcyclists.

I know not ALL riders are like that BUT it would be safe to say that more than half of the motorcyclists I observe on the road daily are like that! I have yet to have a 'wth is wrong with that rider' day. With so many fatal road accidents involving motorcyclists, you'd think that they would at least be more wary and cautious when they ride with cars. Because of their ignorance, the death toll for motorcyclists rises each year.

(I speak for myself, while OtherXen always tries to empathize with the other party and tries to see where I may have missed out. In other words, making excuses/reasoning why some people are that way. Our conversation..)To motorcyclists: 1. You dont own the roads so please stop using your honk as a signal for us drivers to make way for your highness. OtherXen: But if they don't use the honk, drivers probably can't see them and may hit into them! You may use your honk to create awareness of your presence but other than that, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to start blaring 10 feet away and then zoom past us.

2. You are also not allowed on certain roads and tunnels so stop using them- if not dont come crying/complaining about us drivers who dont 'care' about the poor hurt riders when you get hit/run over. OtherXen: Maybe they missed the signs? The signs are there for a reason so please pay attention. And don't tell me that motorcyclists cant read cause they are poor, hence the bike, and didnt get an education. Cause the sign is a picture of a dude on a bike with a huge red CROSS on it!

3. Also, only 2 people are allowed on a bike at any one time. I find it acceptable to have 3 (if the kid is tiny and puts on a helmet) but not 5!! HOW CAN YOU HAVE 5 PEOPLE ON AT ONE TIME. I don't know if the parents are just slow or what and I dont want to be racist but I have only seen Malays doing this. OtherXen: But you can't blame them, they have a big family and this is their only means of transport. Not everyone can afford cars. Ya ya, if you can't afford so many, then don't have so many. If your religion says you can't use protection then har har no sex for you then. Doesn't your religion teach self control anyway? Stop bringing children into a world where you not only can't provide but you also put their safety at risk. By the way, have you heard of the BUS? I personally don't ride the bus because of many reasons but since you are THAT desperate to get somewhere, I guess the bus is acceptable for you? Cheap, safe and reliable on most days. Heck, it is even FREE for kids to take the bus (or do they charge half price these days? not too sure). So no excuses about why we should be 'compassionate' towards people who have other means.

4. Why do you guys like to hog the road? Can't you just ride back to back as opposed to side by side SLOWLY and TALK to the next bike. Yes! I have seen this before. OtherXen: Maybe they were asking for directions? Should I wind down the window, slow down, forget that I do not own the road and ask the next car when I am lost?

If the Govt. can run ads on the radio to remind us drivers to be wary of motorcyclists, they can also station traffic police at major roads (which are prohibited to the riders) to book offending motorcyclists. If you are going to start an awareness campaign, you have to target it at all parties involved! Dont tell me that they cant book offending riders because they cant afford to pay the fine. Then dont commit the crime! Stop being an enabler and contributing to this. You can warn the drivers but you let these motorcyclists off the hook and roam the streets and when an accident occurs, almost always the finger is pointed at the bigger vehicle just because injuries sustained are not as serious as the rider.

I can try to be more aware of them and 'look out for them on the road' and even put up with their 'I-am-king-of-the-road' attitude but there are people who wont. Ignorant= expecting people to be aware of YOUR circumstances but you don't do the same for someone else. Incompetent= devoid of qualities/skill needed for effective action.

My mama says I have too much rationale in me for my own good. Not everything can be explained rationally(but I can try!) and that I have this perception of how people generally should be. And I shouldn't because I would drive myself crazy wondering why some people just dont have basic common sense.



On a brighter note, Royce' must have read my mind because they brought the COCONUT flavour back! Hoorahhhhh!!

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