Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pump it up

Fugg me.

Didnt think i'd make it back home.
I didn't stop for gas because *gasp* I don't know how to fill my own tank. That night was the first time I learned how.

Me: is it in all the way? (refering to gas pump)
Mama: yes, just press on it..
Me: how do you know it's in all the way?
Mama: it is! now hurry and fill it up before the cc transaction voids
Me: what if the petrol sprays all over the car cause it's not in properly?
Mama: *clearly annoyed* (walks over to press..)
Me: it won't budge!
Mama: put some strength in it! It's not gonna spray out..
Me: there's a reason why they put paper towels and a bucket of water at each station..
Mama: I can't believe you don't know how to do this..

God I can be annoying.

I remember one time Jagi told me to fill her tank while she grabbed something from the kiosk..
Jagi: it will automatically release and bounce up when it's full
Me: ok!
(less than 1min later it bounced up so I hopped back in the car to wait)
Jagi: (turns on engine) did you even fill the tank?
Me: *confidently* Yah, it bounced up already.. Very fast too!
Jagi: Did you press it again?
Me: No?
Jagi: -_-" you didn't fill the tank full..

Lesson of the day:
I am a bimbo when you least expect it so be concise with your words because I take it very literally!

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