Monday, April 26, 2010

Stop calling, I dont wanna talk anymore..

Its been too long since my last post!

Just a quick update, I am currently agonizing over which phone to get..

Currently in my bag:

Nokia E71
Age: 1 year
Time in my hands: 4 months+

The Nokia E71 I traded my sister for. Best trade ever I tell you, a piece of clothing for this phone? ;D Well to be fair, it was a really gorgeous piece lying in my closet that she had been eyeing for a while.

Am considering (in no particular order):

Apple iPhone 3Gs 16GB

As much as I think that it's overrated, it IS a pretty cool phone and doubles as a mini movie player/game console. Plus it has so many apps to be explored! One down side is that I like my nails long and fake haha, so texting may be a problem. Check out the pretty cases you can get..

How pretty!

Second choice:

Blackberry Bold 9700

If I do get this, I will be able to text the whole day with my sister in Melbourne.. however I don't really like open keypad phones, cause I tend to accidentally pick up calls esp when I'm fumbling around for it in my bag (eeeekkssss). But, you can also dress it up.. so I guess it's bearable.

Barbie, Chanel, Bows, Crown.. ooh la love~

Last but not least:

LG Lollipop

Okay I know, I know, this phone may pale in comparison to the other two but I really like it! I've always had an affinity for flip phones and this one is no exception. You can customize the front screen and the profiles are really cute too. Plus they have this function where if your phone rings and you cant/dont want to pick up.. just flip it over on the table and it will go on silent mode.

Hmmn.. I really can't decide. Help, anyone? I havent really checked out reviews of pros and cons of these phones, maybe I'll do so tonight.

On a side note, I'm really happy with where I am right now, and with the people I have around me and with me. I don't need trash talking people who pretend to be everyone's friend, but in reality just wants to dig up news to broadcast. So please, stop calling cause I dont wanna talk anymore. I don't need them, and neither do you (: