Friday, December 21, 2012

Empties: November 2012

At my peak, I had about 8 different cleansers open and now it is down to 2! YAY! A friend commented that it's a mystery how I manage to go through so many products a month. Its simple, really- they are mostly half-used products which I "saved" because I liked, or cast aside because they were mediocre. Which explains why sometimes you'll see 3 cleansers, or 2 moisturizers in my Empties post.. they weren't actually opened in the same month!

I am proud to announce I currently only have ONE unopened full-sized cleanser (I count makeup removers separately) left in my stash and the rest are trial/sample sizes! However I am going through a bit of mixed feelings at the moment; whilst I am excited that my Cleanser Inventory is low, a part of me is going that's all that's left?!?? Should I get one more just for backup?? Silly, I know.

But yes, am really pleased with the progress and after this November Empties post, there will only be one more Empties post for 2012!

*Due to the high volume of products I am going through, reviews will only be written for interesting or outstanding products.
Full sizes: HOLIKAHOLIKA, Dr Young, Jurlique, NutriSkin++, CHANEL, Tegoder, Pod Puraceuticals
1. Dr. Young Pore Eraser Balm, 15g
On the box it states "This soft-textured pore-managing balm is highly effective in filling up rough surface of skin, tightening pores and controlling sebum." This is meant to be used after skincare, before makeup to cover enlarged pores. It does cover up the uneven surfaces on my skin and leaves it smooth and matte but I found it also pills when used over certain moisturizers (I sometimes rotate moisturizers) and same applies when I use a compact foundation instead of liquid. Repurchase? No, took me forever to finish this plus it made my face oil more instead. Though it could just be me, others give glowing reviews for this product.

2. HOLIKA HOLIKA Water March Moisture Full Cream, 120ml
Despite being a moisturizer for dry skin, I bought it anyway as it was on promotion and smelled nice. I told myself if it doesn't work for my face, it would be a body cream. For 120ml it was really a steal, true enough it was way too heavy (and scented) for my face. Not the best body moisturizer but it did leave my skin nicely scented. Repurchase? No.

3. Jurlique Chamomile Soothing Mist, 100ml
Went through a crazy skin mist phase, this was put into my basket after I noted the word Soothing in the product name. My thoughts? Overpriced, and when it accidentally got into my eyes it stung! Not that I am spraying directly into my eye but when I reopen my eyes and the fine mist settles in, it really does sting. No other soothing mist has done this to me. Not Aesop, not sukin, not L'Occitane. Aside from that, the dispenser doesn't mist well, I find myself using more than necessary and this 100ml bottle was finished in less than 3 weeks. Repurchase? NO! Overpriced and doesn't even soothe my skin as well as cheaper alternatives.

4. NutriSkin+ Alpha Brightening Essence, 30ml

5. CHANEL Precision Lait Confort, 150ml
"An ultra-gentle milk cleanser and makeup remover for dry or sensitive skin with the de-polluting power of Tulip Tree Extract and the hydrating properties of Arum Lily Extract. Non-drying formula thoroughly and comfortably cleanses, soothes and tones, with deep moisturizing effects." This is the first milk cleanser I tried and although it is meant for dry skin, it works well for my sensitive/combination skin! This product really surprised me as I didn't expect a quality skincare product from CHANEL. I use it on a dry face at night to remove my makeup and I then follow up with a foaming cleanser. Cleanses well and leaves my skin supple. LOVE! Repurchase? It is a great product but I am also having similar results with another milk cleanser. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking into skincare from this brand.

6. Tegoder Desincrustant Gel Cleanser, 200ml
7. POD Puraceuticals Liquid Detox Cleanser, 150ml

Trial sizes: CLARINS, shu uemura, CHANEL, LA MER
8. & 9. CLARINS White Plus HP Pearl-to-Cream Cleanser & Velvet Emulsion SPF20 [trial]
10. shu uemura red:juvenus Toner [trial]
11. CHANEL White Essentiel Lightening Cleansing Foam [trial]
12. & 13. LA MER Moisturizing Cream & Moisturizing Lotion [trial]
Though I did enjoy these two products, I am not sure if I would want to spend so much on a face cream. Granted, it does soothe the skin (I used it on my super sensitive/red/painful face) and it did absorb well if applied correctly. I initially thought my skin would prefer the lighter lotion but it actually feels more comfortable with the cream. Repurchase? Am on the fence with this, maybe when my skin is older.

laura mercier, CLARINS, shu uemura
14. laura mercier Mineral powder [trial]
15. & 16. CLARINS UV Plus HP Day Screen SPF40 Tinted & Beige [sample]
A oil-free sunscreen, I have tried all variants of this UV product: Neutral (white, no colour), Tinted (pink) and Beige. I like all 3 but my faves are Neutral and Beige. It absorbs well, and does not cause skin irritation nor clog my pores. Some sunscreen either dry me out or just sit atop my skin, turning my face into a frying pan but this product felt comfortable, and it did not irritate my eyes as well. On good skin days, I can get away with just using the Beige and no foundation/BB cream, the coverage is actually good enough to conceal redness. Repurchase? Definitely!

17. shu uemura UV Underbase mousseSPF30 Pink [trial]
I like the novelty of this product, how often do you get to put a mousse-texture on your face. The texture is light but I had to work fast with it as it dried rather quick. Performance wise, I still prefer the CLARINS UV above, as this actually stings my eyes (like regular sunscreen) even when I don't use it close to my eyes. Yes, my eyes are that sensitive. Repurchase? No.

Etude House, Vaseline, Sisley, KAO Essentiel
18. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #3 Panda, 19. Petit Bijou Intensive Care Cream, 20. Petit Bijou Soft Body Wash
21. KAO Essentiel Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Reviewed here.
22. sisley Eau de Sisley #3

Thrown out!
23. HOLIKA HOLIKA Aqua Petit Jelly
Bought back in May, it gives a tingly sensation on the lips and is supposed to plump it up but I didn't notice any difference. Goes on clear and a little waxy. Repurchase? No, doesn't moisturize nor plump up my lips. The other versions (red and coral) are better.

24. Johnson's baby bedtime oil
Despite the relaxing scent, this would not absorb into my skin no matter how I tried rubbing it in; warming up between my hands, pat in, using less.. it still just sat on my skin. Out it goes!

25. THEFACESHOP White Mud Nose Pack

26. CHANEL Maximum Radiance Exfoliating Gel
This has been open for more than 2 years and left untouched for at least 6 months. It is a fine exfoliator which was gentle on my sensitive skin. I can not tolerate rough grains on my face, this is good as it is very fine and non-irritating. It is scented as is all CHANEL products and I found it a bit heavy and disturbing. Repurchase? No, am moving towards more natural face scrubs.

Total products emptied: 22
Total thrown out: 4
Total: 26
Total Feb - November: 133!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CHANEL Spring 2013 Printemps Precieux Makeup Collection

Printemps Precieux de Chanel for Spring 2013 

Nothing is calling my name really, the highlighting powder above is beauuuutiful and I would love to add it to my dresser but it's more of a want than a need. It is so pretty to look at!

Have decided I am only going home with the polishes- currently leaning towards Emprise and Fracas (limited edition), however if Accessoire turns out to be the perfect ox-blood creme I would pick it up too.

Real pictures from TheBeautyLookBook as well as comparisons to other CHANEL polishes.

P/S: 2013 happens in less than 2 weeks!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Best Red Velvet in KL!!

My quest for the best Red Velvet cake in KL is over.

The Red Velvet from Just Heavenly wins hands down.

Perfect ratio of scrumptious cream cheese to cake with a little extra cream cheese to savour at the end.


*All pictures taken on iPhone 4S (am still very much amazed by the image quality of camera-phones these days).

Monday, December 3, 2012

November Purchases & Gifts!

I am developing a liking for a CHANEL blushers! Last month I bought myself two, the Ombre Contraste in Notorious which is a limited edition sculpting powder (from Les Essentiels Fall/Winter 2012) and 73 Star Dust from the Eclats du soir de Chanel Holiday 2012 collection. 

Notorious is perfect for contouring and initially, I sniggered at the morbid colour, wondering who would want to look ashen and dull. But I take it all back!! It is the perfect shade of "shadow" and looks so good on. 

Star Dust was a bit of an impulse buy, I grabbed it without testing it out. It gave off a daytime appropriate glow which I used for friend's morning wedding gatecrash. The fine sparkles gave me a nice subtle glow look when dusted over my cheeks. I really like the quality of these blushers and would love to add a few more colours to my stash.

Rouge, a deep red, from the Byzance collection (pre-Fall 2011) is one that I missed out on and have been eyeing for a piece to pop up on eBay to no avail. When I read that they re-released it in Australia as part of the permanent line, I got a friend to pick it up. So happy!! I will have my Rouge end of this month!! I also picked up the polish in Malice and a CLARINS lippie in Lilac Pink.

I am still on a skincare/bodycare ban- all of the below were either gifted to me or samples from counters.
Random items from DAISO, the best place for cheap thrills. At MYR5 a pop I picked up Hello Kitty plastic bags, a mouspad, bunny aluminium foil.. and other odd bits.

Haven't bought clothes for the longest time ever! H&M x Maison Martin Margiela belt and leggings, H&M basic dresses for work- so affordable plus good quality too. The last I visited, the MMM collaboration was being sold at 50% off, a little less than 3 weeks after it launched! I only picked up a belt and leggings so I didn't feel the burn. But for those who splurged especially on the leather pants and shoes, OUCH! Sparkly belts from Dorothy Perkins.
A pile of clothes from Kenanga Wholesale City- this place is crazyyyyy, 8 floors of shopping- super affordable and surprisingly good quality for the price, the fabric used are thick and heavy. Items I picked were going for MYR25-35 per piece (around USD8-12). The only downside to the place is that you'd have to buy ALL the colours/sizes to get the low prices. And not all shops are of the same quality so you have to check each piece. But all-in-all, it was a good deal! 

December is here which means 2013 is just around the corner. The older I get, the faster time flies I swear.