Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mini Holika Holika Haul & Shoes!

I know I've said ONLY HIGH END BRANDS! on my face but I caved in when Holika Holika opened at Isetan KLCC.

I had zero intention of buying anything but as I played with their products (especially the 3 Seconds Starter) I noticed that the patch of skin I tested it on was significantly supple and hydrated compared to the surrounding skin. I was sold.

I couldn't decide if I wanted the Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen so I got them both. I will be writing a review for this soon, it is actually a light gel which is used after you wash your face, before your toner.

The Water March moisturizer smells really nice, and I am willing to risk it on my face as the texture is light and non-greasy. If it doesn't work out I would be happy to use it on my body. Also in my basket was a concealer (comes in 2 shades only), a foot peel and 3 lip jellies (balm).

The foot mask/peel is AWESOME! It works just the same as the popular Japanese one they sell at SaSa but at half the price. I am not going to post up gross pictures of my feet so you will have to Google it for yourself.

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar in #Cherry

The lip jellies reminded me of the CLARINS ones which have yet to make it to Malaysia. Holika Holika has quite a few interesting products, plus my sensitive face is looking more supple and has not reacted badly to the Hyaluronic Acid lotion at all, so I would definitely recommend it to other people!

Cosmetics aside, my second weakness are shoes! I have a "2 out, 1 in" policy as I am trying to downsize my shoe collection. These are from Charles & Keith, their shoes are very durable and affordable. Guess which 2 I bought? They have been sitting in my room for a month already.. time to break them out!

P/s: There isn't a JagiBOY in my life at the moment, but there may be a Ja**iBOY in the future. HAHAHA. I am over the heartaches, and there hasn't been a tear since the night A* married. Am thankful for my family, my best friend, girlfriends, guyfriends, and especially J* for without his existence, I wouldn't have had so much laughter to pull me through the rougher days. Thank you guys for everything.

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