Monday, May 21, 2012


"Karma is an "intentional action" and refers to the universal law of cause and effect. Karma is created not only by physical action but also by thoughts and words. 

Just as action causes reaction, karma causes effects that come back to the original actor. Karma also tends to generate more karma that reaches out in all directions. We bear the consequences of the karma we create, but everyone around us is affected by our intentional acts as well, just as we are affected by theirs."

I believe in karma, and how everything we do unknowingly affects others but ultimately it ends with us again. Something like the butterfly effect.

This is what happened over the weekend at a dog-friendly park where I live:

A Husky was waiting quietly tied to a pole when TinyDog (unleashed) came along. TinyDog started barking at Husky non-stop and after a while, Husky started barking back too. They were such a nuisance because they were so loud! Throughout the barking competition, TinyDog's owner was just standing at by side smoking his cigarette. Not once did he pull his dog away nor did he attempt to placate it. It was very obvious TinyDog was provoking Husky (whose owner was probably in the convenience store nearby).

A while later, TinyDog finally stopped barking and huddled towards the owner, only to take a dump. Any responsible owner would know to clean up the mess, but not this owner. He completely ignored what TinyDog did and continued on puffing away. When he was done, the threw the cigarette butt on the floor (there is a trashcan nearby) and stepped on it. It was obvious he was waiting for someone because once he spotted his lady friend coming out of the store, he quickly motioned for her to get into the car (parked very close). He hopped on with TinyDog and the lady came soon enough. 

As luck would have it, she stepped directly into the poo. I swear. The same dog poo that the man refused to pick up. And she didnt even bat an eyelid and got up the car. With the soiled shoes. How gross is that? #1, how can someone not realize they just stepped in some squishy pile? #2, she brought poo INTO the car!!

I laughed out SO LOUD! Not only will the car be soiled, the couple would have to sit through their journey smelling poo. Think of the mess they'd have to clean up. Hilarious!

Never have I seen/heard Karma make its way around SO quickly. Insta-Karma!

Lesson: If you choose to be ignorant, be prepared to face the consequences. For every action has an equal or greater reaction. You are accountable for everything that you do.

I am accountable for everything that I have done. There are no fingers to be pointed, no one to place the blame on. So people, let's be a little kinder with our words and a little more conscious in our actions and thoughts.

Spread positivity rather than negativity!

One of my fave songs! 

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