Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And they say..

Am a month late but one of my bestest friends got married recently!

The ceremony took place in a Buddhist temple; it was an intimate event with close family and friends present. Vows were read, rings were exchanged, signatures were penned, and many many pictures were taken.

I teared when the groom (also a long time friend) gave a mini speech proclaiming his love for her. It was short and sweet but very touching mainly because I was there watching their relationship grow. From US to Melbourne back to KL, it feels like just yesterday we were partying it up in Melbourne!

The celebrations continued with lunch at Shangri-La, where the hotel set us up in a private area facing the gardens.

She is the first in the group to tie the knot, and I am so happy for her to find someone who will love her unconditionally. I know married women are usually not asked to be bridesmaids but I will most definitely have her as one of mine (when I do get married) because she is someone I hold very dear. We have known each other for almost 15 years now; and whoever said "Time flies when you are having fun" wasn't kidding.

I am so grateful and blessed to have someone like her in my life.

True love isn't solely about wanting to be with each other, but how your partner makes you want to be a better person for yourself, and each other. To have someone who believes that you can achieve so much more than you dare to imagine is someone worth having and loving.

Congratulations to two dear friends!


  1. i've never been to a 'real' wedding with church and all :'c only register office weddings lol :D everyone looks so lovely and happy!! oh please don't tell me this is a samantha thavasa X hello kitty bag @_@ i love it!!!! i want one too! you look so cute with it ^_^
    btw don't worry about the shirt haha, i'm not blogging right now either because i'm so stressed out with university stuff x_x i've got to read your other blogsposts soon!

  2. i look faddy jargers.. isabelle's right! no leaning front/hunch! gross.. i teared abit reading your post cos i remembered how true and real every single moment was.. u know how some weddings feel fake right wf. cant wait for the next wedding :D

  3. Lippi: Yes, it's a ST x HK hehe :D This is actually a registration/signing ceremony.. the wedding dinner is to come in Nov! Cant wait :D

    Xc: You got your wish :D