Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chanel White Essentiel Lightening Make-up Remover Review!

Chanel White Essentiel Lightening Make-up Remover,
MYR152 for 150mL

What is it?
An oil-gel makeup remover to be used before nightly cleanser. 

Claims? (from website)
This oil-gel perfectly eliminates the most resistant makeup pigments and pollutants.

How to use it? (from website)
The fresh and transparent gel texture transforms into a rich oil on contact with the warmth created as it is massaged over the skin. When mixed with water, it changes once more to become a fluid lotion. The skin is deliciously smooth and pure. 

Things to note?
Has a very strong but nice perfume-y scent.

My review:
This tube lasted me a long while, I only needed less than 2cm of product for every wash and I used it nightly to remove my makeup. I usually have on eyeliner, concealer, BB cream, sometimes foundation, loose powder, and blush- all my makeup is heavy duty as I am out the door from 8.30am till 7.30pm at the least.  Now, I am pretty sure this product is not intended for the eyes, but I have been using it for the past 2 months to rub off my Bobbi Brown gel liner as well. This product HAS to be used on a dry face with dry hands or the oil will not dissolve your makeup well. Despite the fragrance in this product, it did not break out my skin at all and it did leave it feeling soft and clean- no tightness or greasy film leftover. It removes my makeup really well without causing irritation to both my eyes and skin. I still follow up with a foaming cleanser as I believe in double cleansing at night. My only gripe is that the tube is not travel-friendly, too large for my liking. Other than that, I like it!

Conclusion: It is a little on the expensive side, but the size of the tube makes up for it and it lasted me for a long while. I might purchase this again in the future but for now, there are other cleaners which I would like to try. A good product, just not an "excellent" one.


  1. hi xen!!
    thanks for the great review!
    i never tried any chanel products except for the perfumes. they're just waaaay too expensive for me :'C
    anyways, i just wanted to say thanks for the tip about the hadanomy collagen mist!!! i tried it out your way and it works so much better ^__^ i'll edit my review on that!
    have you tried the cream yet?

  2. Lippi: To be honest, Chanel products aren't very expensive if you work out the avg cost per day! Also cause they come in such a huge bottle, i find the price justified. Glad the mist works better for you that way (: By the way, no I haven't started on the cream yet!! I should soonn :D

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